Tottz82 Exclusive: Friday frolicks and the elephant in the room

Afternoon Gooners, a Royal Wedding WOA special, I am your guest blogger for the day, HRH Tottz.

Ok, I’ll come clean there’s nothing special about today’s blog apart from my ‘special’ English grammar. The captain of the WOA ship, Dev, is away singing hymns and rubbing shoulders at Westminster Abbey, where do you think he was?

I was ready to get up this morning and write a quick fire update while being patriotic watching the Royal Wedding. However, after a fairly quiet dormant week for news at the Arsenal after the Bolton embarrassment, the Arsenal world has awoken like Jens Lehmann’s slumber after feasting on a man bear pig he killed with his own hands.

First place to start is with the boss, who had his press conference yesterday. Quotes that are worth immediate attention and comment as they are admission to what all fans have known for over a month, we have never recovered from losing in the Carling Cup Final.

‘Since we lost in the Carling Cup, everything has turned a little bit against us.’

‘When we were on all fronts this team had fought very well. I just feel that after the Carling Cup we continued to be absolutely spot-on with our attitude, but we missed a little bit of that subconscious belief which makes you win.’

Well there we go. Does it make you feel better hearing it out loud from the boss or does it frustrate you that the boss has actually admitted this? I can obviously only talk for myself and my reaction has elements of both appreciation for realisation and anger that it was allowed to happen.

I am a season ticket holder and travel to as many away games as logistically and financially possible. I was at the Carling Cup Final and it was a horrible, horrible day. The rain, queue to get into the pub and then watching the 90mins of the Arsenal we hate turning up. The cup final had been billed as the moment this squad ‘won something’; ‘the beginning of an era’ but as I have felt for a few years now, there is too much talk from the club and players to the press before the main event.

As the old adage says; Let your football do the talking…

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