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Morning All…

The season isn’t technically over yet, but for most Arsenal fans, it has recently felt like it is – with the remaining games, it is highly unlikely that we will now finish in the top two. At the minimum, we should try and regain 2nd spot and ensure we don’t finish fourth. I can’t believe that I am writing this so soon after being a position to challenge.

In yesterday’s comments, it was interesting to see the views of others and it’s clear that there is a lot of voice in regards to changing players this summer. I know Arsene isn’t a massive fan of a lot of changes, but I really think that now, more than ever, the manager has to be ruthless both with his existing players and in the transfer market.

Forget the desire and want to save money and sacrifice the quality of the player. If we need to buy someone and it will cost £1m more than Arsene thinks it should then we need to do it anyway. As we’ve seen first hand, goalkeeping blunders this season have cost us dear. Almunia, Fabianksi and more recently Szcznesy have lost us points. If we had spent that extra £1m (reportedly) this summer, on a proper keeper, those points lost would have seen us still challenging. Yes, it’s speculation, but when you don’t buy a goalkeeper and then you have major goalkeeping issues all season, it isn’t hard to presume it’s correct to speculate.

Arsene has to change his “soft” methods in the transfer markets. Back in the day, the likes of David Dein would have been handling transfers, but now, Arsene has too much say in the bargaining process – something he shouldn’t worry himself with. £11m for Thierry Henry 10 years ago is similar to £27m on a top player in these markets. Back then, Arsene wouldn’t have been so close to the pennies to reject the deal – and it gave us a player who light up our stadium for years.

There is a lot of talk that Arshavin is a player who will be leaving this summer. His desire to leave may have increase more recently as his appearances have been limited to the substitute bench this close season. And Zenit – the club we bought him from have publicly stated they would love to take him back. Our manager and many a pundit talk about our lack of experience but in the run in, we’ve put our most experienced player in Arshavin, on the bench – and he’s the name that looks to leave the Emirates. Makes no sense to me.

Zenit St. Petersburg’s sporting director Igor Korneev said:

“Zenit’s doors are always open for Andrei. If his situation at Arsenal does not improve and he’s not comfortable in London, we can study this issue in time for next season”.

We’ll see what happens there.

The sentiment of many people is that a few players must move on, but more importantly, the players we bring in will make the biggest difference. The question is which players can make a difference? I’m been really trying to figure this out. It’s a tough one. Something that I want to get your opinion on… a little bit of football manager fun… for a £40m budget, who would you bring in that would make that difference that we really need?

Which player, which two players or which three players could come in on a relatively mediocre budget and turn our also rans into title winners?

I’ll join you in the comments later today to debate…

  • bulime solomon

    if am given 40m to spend in the summer i would buy stekenberg for 8m,subotic12.5m,gohan inlar for 9m,milto for 8m,canales for 3m.

  • Arsefan101

    In: Neuer (schalke GK) Gary Cahill, Ashley Young, Jeremy Menez

    Out: Fabianski, Almunia, Lehmann, Denilson, Arshavin, Diaby, Bendtner, Squillaci

    Come back to team: Wellington Silva, Miyachi and Vela

    Back from injury: Vermaelen

  • JTGunner

    Arsefan101 – Neuer would be a dream but hes already agreed to sign for Bayern

    In: Gary Cahill,Gokhan Inler, Hazard, Kevin Gameiro
    Out: Almunia, Squillaci, Denilson, Rosicky, Bendtner/Chamakh
    Promote: Landsbury, Miyaichi, Vela (play more)

    5CB’s: Vermaelen, Cahill, Djourou, Koscielny, Bartley
    2DM’s: Inler and Song
    Front 3: RVP, Nasri, Walcott, Hazard, Vela, Bendtner/Chamakh, Landsbury, Miyaichi and possibly JET

  • Kieran

    Why are you guys talking about goalkeepers? Mental! Chesney is one of the best keepers in the league – why would you want to replace him?

    There are far more pressing deficiencies in the team.

  • yemi

    I can’t but wonder how we changed from a team that scored in the dying minutes of a game (last season/2 seasons ago) to a team that concedes late this season.

    OUT = Alumina, Manone
    STAY = Sczezny, Fabianski,
    IN = Neuer or buffon or Enyeama

    OUT = squilacci
    STAY = All others
    IN = Gary Cahill and baines or Sakho plus one other RB
    promote =Miguel
    Undecided = bartley, Gibbs

    OUT = Denilson, Diaby, Rosisky
    STAY = Rambo, Jack, Nasri, Song
    IN = inler, Schneider or parker
    promote =Frimpong, Wellington Silva, Miyachi
    Undecided = Ebuoue, Cesc

    OUT = B52,
    STAY = Theo (play him centrally), RVP,
    IN = Odemwingie, Carlton cole , Falcao
    promote = JET,
    Undecided = Arshavin, Vela, Chamack

    Then get 2 Wingers who can actually cross !!!!!!!

  • Josiah

    OUT: Fabianski Mannone Almunia Lehmann
    IN: Given/Reina/Enyeama

    OUT: Squillaci
    IN: Cahill/Jagielka

    OUT: Denilson, diaby, rosicky
    IN: Depends if cesc leaves

    OUT: B52
    IN: Asamoah Gyan

  • Kodjo

    I think the we need 2 kind of strikers…one with big physical presence upfront and a pure poacher like Eduardo.

    In truth had things gone the way Wenger probably planned it arsenal w’d have been champions by now. He brought in Ade to offer that presence upfront …then in 1 season he felt too big for his shoes…then Edu got his legs smashed!

    Flamini & Hleb left for ‘bigger and better things’.

    The other issue is the huge wage bill…on a lot of fringe players. What happens with the likes of JET, Frimpong, Lansbury, Miquel, Henderson, Coquelin, Wellington, Miyiachi etc

  • Berth

    Arshavin has to stay his experience is vital. We have no need for a gk.

  • vj

    What we need, One ST, one GK, 2 CB, one DM, two wingers.

    Players who should leave: Almunia, Fabianski, Squillaci, Rosicky, Denilson, Arshavin, B52, Vela.

    Players in: Neuer, Cahill/Jagielka/Sakho/Mertesacker, Inler/Matuidi, Gourcuff

    What’s likely to happen: maybe a CB and a striker, not expecting arsene to sign more than two players if he stays…

  • JDD

    yes we do need to be busy in the transfer window but i dont feel wholesale changes are needed e.g 10-15 players out and 8+ in. 1.because reshuffling the team so much especially the startong 11 could result in them taking time to gel therefore increasing the time before we start winning trophies and 2. we havent got the money to do this.of course we are not poor but we dont have hundreds of millions of pounds to buy so many players of the highest quality. i also disagree that our starting is far from being good enough in our starting 11 there are probly 2 or 3 positions that should be improved maybe 4 depending on our is clear that it is our back up that isnt good enough and with are disastrous injury history it is obvious that our key startong players are unlikely to go through a whole season fit.

    GK IN-SCHWARZER(i dont think we desperately need a gk as some people make out but buying someone experienced as cover who wouldnt mind being that as he would finally have got his big move would be no harm)