So is the title race over? It’s the hope that kills…

So with Wednesday’s 3-3 draw with Spurs, and us slipping down to 3rd on goal difference, it seems the title race is all but over. 5 games to go, and we’re how many points behind United? 6 points. Is it over? Who knows. 6 points is doable, but with our current inability to win games, even though we’re unbeaten in 17 league games (my counting’s is awful, but we haven’t lost in the league since the Old Trafford game), I’m worried we’ll just draw the rest of our games! Chelsea look more likely than us, seeing as they’ve finally remembered how to win games. United keep chugging along, picking up points here and there, no matter how undeserved. So what, are we destined to settle for 3rd place? Is that the way it’s going to pan out? Are we just going to take 3rd place lying down?

Ofcourse not!

This has been one hell of an unpredictable season! We started off with Chelsea blitzing all in their way, and it looked like all that’d be left to fight over at this stage of the season would be 2nd and beyond. Well, that obviously hasn’t panned out. It looks that way with Man U now, but the main reason we all love football, I’m sure, is it’s unpredictability. 5 games seems like not enough games to blow a 6-point lead, and they might well go on and win their 19th league title. But so long as there’s that possibility, we HAVE to be in the position to mop up. There’s no point in giving up now and letting them canter to a win. The only thing that’ll make them slip up is if someone puts pressure on them. Chelsea look like they’re definitely up for doing so, but we have to be as well. Man U still have to play us and Chelsea. Lose those 2, and there’s our 6 points. But as they say, it’s the hope that kills!

When United drew with Newcastle the other day, after our own draw with Liverpool, everyone felt back in the race! And we had to do was beat Spurs and get even more back into it! What a cracking game, but only one point from it felt like a killer blow. We really ought to have won that game. But there’s still hope left, meaning more opportunity to get crushed.  But that’s football. As Dev said, we’ve been given chance after chance, but keep blowing it. We are running out of chances, but so long as there’s still a chance… Sigh, it’s really the hope that kills.

I’d really love us to win the title, and I’m sure it’ll get even tighter, but we have no one to blame but ourselves, if we fall short. The title has been and is for the taking, but there just seems to be something that makes us fall just short. We seem pretty good at coming second-best nowadays, but that’s just how it feels, I certainly don’t believe it. All we can do now is win our remaining 5 games. Hard task. But if we want to be Champions, we have no choice. Two home games and 3 away games left. Personally I’m glad we have more away games than home games left, but that discussion is for another day. If we lose away to Bolton on Sunday, it’s definitely over. I don’t know if I’d rather we lost (or drew) on Sunday, ruling us out of the title race, than for us to win and get very close, then lose the title by a point on the final day, or something. If we aren’t going to win the title, isn’t it better to put us out of our misery as soon as possible? Maybe not.

There’s only two things we can really do. The players have to give their all for the rest of the season, regardless, and we as supporters have to give our all as well, regardless. Oh, there’s a third. Hope.

Short post today, because there is only so much one can say at this stage, it’s results that matter. 5 games, 5 wins. Nothing less. Let’s see how it goes, but as long as there’s still that possibility, we don’t have much choice than to continue in hope, and hope that it doesn’t kill!

  • DF

    I don’t think we still have 5 games to cheer up. If we win the game at Bolton tomorrow, we will face the truth on May 1 when we face the Red Devils. We wont be able to beat them; so our season will be over after that game. We can always go through the motions after that, just like last season.

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    nah DF youve got it all wreong, we win today vs bolton , we beat the red devils, then chelsea beat the red devils, then chelsea slip up somewhere else and we take the league. SORTED.

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    addition to my comment, it isnt strictly in our hands but in a way it kind of is, man utd aint playing well and we can beat them next week. And its just like arsene said if we take 15 points from 5 games weve done it and i agree.