We don’t deserve to be champions…

Yes, it’s a bold statement, but simply put, do we deserve to be Champions? Many people say that United are having one of their most boring unadventurous seasons, winning games that they’re not playing well in and therefore don’t really deserve to win the title. But, they’ve given us chance after chance after chance – but we’ve drawn five and won only one of our last 6 games. That’s 10 points dropped in the last 6 games.

We’ve been in winning positions in the last two league games, and yesterday by 2 goals, but have ended up drawing both games. The question remains – do we deserve to win the title?

Sp*rs 3 – 3 Arsenal

The line up yesterday was pretty strong – with a full compliment – Jack was rested and Vermaelen was the long term absentee.


Sagna – Djourou – Koscielny – Clichy

Diaby – Song

Walcott – Cesc – Nasri

Van Persie

The game kicked off in spectacular style – 3 goals in the opening 12 minutes. First, Walcott raced clear from a sublime through ball from Cesc and tucked the ball away Henryesque style. But Sp*rs hit back almost immediately through Van De Vaart. The third goal came from Nasri when he scored from just outside the area, and it was 2-1 after 12 minutes. It remained like that for the majority of the half but then five minutes before time, we scored our third – 3-1, when Walcott clipped the ball to the back post for Van Persie to slot home with a header. Three minutes later it was 3-2, as Huddlestone scored from range and at the break it was 3-2.

Having watched Arsenal many a time, and have seen us capitulate many times, I then put a bet on Tottenham to score next – and low and behold, our keeper conceded a penalty, Van Der Vaart put it away on the 70th minute, and for the next 20 minutes, I wondered how we would conspire to lose the game! The game ended 3-3 and it was another disappointing result, despite a much better performance than the weekend.

Arsene spoke after the game and talked about the positives:

“It’s not over. We’ll fight. Our mental strength is outstanding. We have faced criticism but this team deserves much more. I didn’t see any fail in our attitude, in our determination, in our quality. We just dropped physically in the second half.”

He also comments on the opponents and the number of games we’ve had in a row.

“We’ve had two games in three days, our recovery was a bit short. Tottenham are a good team and we have to accept they can score goals as well. Both sides could have won the game tonight but I didn’t see any failure in our attitude. We came here to score goals and played a team who are very good going forward.”

They’ll be more from Arsene tomorrow, but for the moment, we can forget about the game and wait patiently until the weekend to see what our title rivals do, and whether or not we’ll be given another chance. The liklihood is that the title is gone, but as Arsene said, let’s not give up all hope just yet…

In other football, Real Madrid won against Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey final and had their fair share of chances – it was good to see a team stand up to Barcelona and beat them… so congratulations to Mourinho and his Galacticos…

Speak tomorrow…

  • Southerngooner

    Wow. Let’s just say that as an amateur I would really like my supporters behind me whether I win, lose or draw.

  • Berth

    Champions are made u fool. Sorry ur no fool,but after today I would forgive Wenger for he cares more than u and I do. That said we where so clinical in our finishing and so unclinical with the defending. I hope Mr Rice goes at the end for a more reliable defensive\assistant coach

    By the way folks the season aint over and if you want to cling on faith; we are 15 unbeating,Manu’s away form is crap and Chelski just woke up but will crumble again.

    Congrats Mr Jose,perhaps we could learn from your book – Fab beware too for Jose the eagle has landed.

  • asna

    When are we gonna wake up and accept the fact that the race is over?if united looses to Arsenal and chelsea do you thinks they are gonna loose there other matches?come on we know its not possible with the way they play,they are a good side far better than Arsenal and they always play like champions..Wenger should send his scout out and look for quality players for the club coz as far as we hang on to his policy we will always be losers,Henry,Help,Adebayo,viera,cole just to mention a few left and won trophies else where,Flamini is about to win,that how they are all gonna leave..Mr wenger should start thinking of something fast, say d earlier the better for the club and his future

  • Fo

    @ Berth:
    I have to agree with Dev – we definitely don’t have Championship form – we don’t deserve the title.

    There are gaping holes in our game – Steve Bould / Martin Keown need to come back and train our defenders / defensive unite!

  • alfie

    Wenger is a fucker who has screwed this club over for 6 seasons with his fuckin vanity project – if this cunt isnt given the boot at the end of the season I can see us becoming a liverpool very fast. What a bunch of bottlers. As usual we can’t hold on to a lead, as usual we surrender when we are in a leading position and as usual we don’t take advantage of MU dropping points. Although it is still possible to win the league how many of you out there think we can win all our remaining games? Not with these bunch of chokers. In the post match interview Wenger looked a dejected and beaten man. Well you only have yourself to blame Wenger.
    I think Wenger should strip Cesc of the captaincy and give it to Van Persie. Cesc has shown that he isnt the best option and given recent results, it seems his want away attitude is slowing the whole team down. I wouldnt blame the whole situation on him, but it is hard to see exactly what is wrong with the squad mentally and it could probably be attributed to multiple factors. The role of captain is so important and isnt something that should be given to someone so young that has always had their heart elsewhere. I think RVP would be the best for the time being, but probably not long term due to his injury problems. I believe it is time for Cesc to leave, even if Wenger cant get more than 30 million, because he is starting to become more of a hinderance than a solution. My only concern about Cesc leaving though is the possible mutiny of others who are currently considering their options. If we could keep Nasri and have him run the middle of the park with Jack I think we will be alright centrally. If Wenger were to strengthen the back and the attack line then I think we could handle his loss

  • hemanth

    Wenger to move into the boardroom and work on the books, and bring Pep Guardiola in as manager. Then we will have good finances and a team that plays attractive, WINNING football, Imagine that…..mmmmm….!

  • yemi

    I agree that we don’t deserve to be champions although we can still be…. But to put it in persperctive,
    We have lost 13points from games that we were in the lead. That is not a sign of champions
    We were two goals ahead of spurs at the emirates and we lost all 3 points. We were two goals ahead of spurs at the lane and we lost all 2 points. That is 5 points lost to spurs alone.
    We were 4 goals ahead of newcastle and we lost 2 points. That makes it 7 points lost.
    We were a goal ahead of liverpool and drew in the 112th minute losing another 2 points making 9 points
    We lost 2 points to 10 man Wigan Away , MAking it 11 points.
    Finally a stoppage time equalizer at sunderland makes it a total of 13 points lost from leading positions !!! and what makes it even more annoying is that all the equalisers/winner come towards the end of the game….

    Arsenal vs Spurs 2:3 => 3 points. Winner 86th minute
    Spurs vs Arsenal 3:3 => 2 points. Equaliser 70th minute
    Newcastle Vs Arsena 4:4 => 2 points. Equaliser 87th minute
    Arsenal vs l’pool 2:3 => 2 points. Equaliser 101st minute
    Wigan vs Arsenal 2:2 => 2 points. Equaliser 80th minute (og)
    s’land vs Arsenal 1:1 => 2 points. Equaliser 90th minute

    We can’t hold on to leads anymore.
    I kinda remember the mourinho era when chelsea will defend a one goal lead for long periods

  • Kodjo

    @ Yemi

    Need i say more…i understand that Man Utd have dropped more points than Arsenal from winnng positions….True?

    My greatest fear is that if nothing is done to address this situation i.e. losing games from winning positions it will serious psychological implications for the future.

    We’ve given belief to opposing teams that they have a chance even if they are trailing. It would have been far worse statswise if the ref had given that stone wall penalty in our game against B’pool.

    Wenger is an intelligent man he cannot deny there is a problem. Will it lead to a massive overhaul of personnel????

    For me if you watched the intensity and ambition of Madrid against Barca yesterday it tells you how far away we are as champions. Even Ronaldo was tracking back and putting pressure on barca…ensuring that no space was left to be exploited. Ronaldo was aware of his defensive responsibilities a definite far cry from his days at ManUtd. There was total committment from bacck to front…even Adebayor tracked back to win balls…something he rarely did in his days at Arsenal.

    Like Petit said there seems to be a curse hanging around the club

  • barry

    i think fans wanting a new manager are going a little overboard with it because there isn’t a better manager we could get.where would you put wenger in the world,easily in the top 5 when you consider what he’s done for a football club both on and off the field.there is only in truth 2/3 managers who are better and we aint going to get them so lets be honest and realistic here.fergie,guardiola,mourinho,would never join arsenal with the restrictions that the club found itself in moving to the emiraters. the best way i think is to make enough noise as a fan,and many are doing it so that the club and wenger see that we aint happy that we are falling short all the time.i do believe that wenger has had enough with some players and now that he finally has the financial muscle he can do something about it.i heard frank mcclintock say yesterday that wenger is a fantastic manager who is ONLY 2/3 top players short from being unbelievable,i share that view with mcclintock.wenger will get rid of the dead wood and he will make the neccasary signings to get us over that winning line.considering we have flaws in our team we are still 16 games unbeaten,get those players that make that difference then we can be very competative.it certainly aint as bad as some are making out.think of the spuds and liverpool who may have just thursday nights to look forward to next season.we aint far short,9/10 fans i believe think that.

  • alfie

    I watched the game last and thought that it was a quite marvellous example of what The Premier League can throw up these days. End-to-end attacking football, mistakes, crunching tackles and plenty of goals, but I knew that when I opened the mailbox this morning there would be people who still claim to be embarrassed supporting Arsenal, and low it came to pass with Simon Clarke and Adonis Stevenson amongst others having a proper whine like spoilt kids. (it’s telling that there were no complaints from Spurs fans when its fair to say that they probably had just as much need for the three points as Arsenal, albeit for different reasons)

    It for this reason that I really want Wenger to leave now, not because I don’t rate him, not because I don’t like him, I think what he has done and continues to do at Arsenal is remarkable, but I’d like him to leave just so that Arsenal fans would finally get their wish and get someone in who ‘knows what they’re doing’ and then watch as they hopelessly fail to win everything first time round. It’s then that the likes of Simon and Adonis would most likely be writing in bemoaning the fact that Wenger has left, and how they always knew that it was ‘He who was behind their previous success’. Maybe then they would realise just how bl**dy lucky they are at the moment and stop moaning and screaming over ‘only’ achieving what fans of 90+ other teams, if not far more, can only ever dream of.

    They honestly remind me of those spoilt brats on that Beverly Hills 90210 (thanks Google) style programme where they think they have it hard because the car they have been given doesn’t have the right colour seats, but they have absolutely no idea how privileged they are, and feel that not being given (see ‘teams defending with 11 men behind the ball’) the title just because their style of football means they hold on to it in their own half for a greater percentage than the opposition and therefore pass it more. If you want to find a reason to moan, try supporting a lower-league team, but just be careful because you’ll find that supporters of those teams may just be a bit too jovial for you because we’re more inclined to accept we can’t win all the time, enjoy any success far more when it happens, and if we see our team play in a thriller at our rivals, who went further than us in the Champions League and look a pretty decent team, then we have nothing but a sense of pride of what our players had just participated in. Numpties.

    Not too sure if that anger at the end is just because I am sick of seeing a successful teams supporters act so childish, or if its because the only game anywhere tonight is my Ipswich v our chirpy rivals up the road and it’s not on the TV (seriously, WHY?)

  • Kodjo

    Arsene is getting a lot of merciless pounding from the media and fans alike. For sake of te rest of the season i hope he does well to protect the players.

    What we dont want next season is to see a group of pschologically shattered players…

    Folks are pointing to Mourinho’s victory as vindication for sometimes adopting a pragmatic and flexible approach instead of the 1-style fits all approach

  • Sam

    Dev; I expected more support from you. Not all is lost. We may not look like champions, but neither does ManU or Chelsea. ManU are likely to drop points against Everton, and then Chelsea will have the biggest chances of finishing top. That would be coming back from the dead! We can still potentially perhaps do it. Don’t give up hope.

    Alfie; Well said, I like the 90210 example!