Malaysia, Japan, The US? One Hell Of A Pre-Season!

Morning all… and we’re just a day away from the BIG game…

Arsenal vs Blackburn

Yes, so it was confirmed in all the major newspapers yesterday that Van Persie is fit to play on Saturday alongside Cesc, Walcott, Song and Diaby who all return too. With both Nasri and Arshavin fit and of course, Jack a mainstay in the midfield, we actually have a selection dilemma on our hands. Initially I thought Walcott would start the game – but on reflection, perhaps Arshavin will start and Theo will be on the bench – a slow return to the first team perhaps.

The team news from Arsene is:

“[Fabregas, Song, Walcott and Diaby] will all be available. I have not decided if they will start the game yet but they will all be available. Van Persie has a good chance too. He has a final assessment tomorrow but we believe he will be fit. It is a bruised knee. Nicklas Bendtner is in the same situation. He will have a test tomorrow on his ankle and we’ll see.  In fact, we have a few players with tests tomorrow – Ramsey with his groin, Bendtner with his ankle, Van Persie with his knee. I will make a decision after training in the morning. We just have Denilson out. It is short–term. We have one or two players with question marks but all the other players will be available.”

What do you mean good news that Denilson is out injured – that’s a bit mean isn’t it!! Okay, I know you weren’t saying it, but you were probably thinking it!

My predicted team, therefore will be:


Sagna – Squillaci – Koscielny – Clichy

Wilshere – Song

Nasri – Cesc – Arshavin

Van Persie

With a bench of Lehmann, Gibbs, Eboue, Ramsey, Rosicky, Walcott & Chamakh

I’m not sure about the fitness of Chamakh and Arsene did say Bendtner could be back, so it’s anyone’s guess for the bench!

Jack’s a dad

Yes, the world has gone mad with hysteria as Jack Wilshere’s ex girlfriend announced she was pregnant. Twitter and about 40 blogs came to an abrupt halt and many non-Arsenal fans thought it appropriate to aim slander at Arsenal fans and Jack for this early birth – Jack is only 19, you see… Seriously, some people do just try and find any avenue to have a go… the fact that Alex Song has [how many kids?] at least 2 kids (and had them about 3/4 years ago when he was 18) is cool… nothing wrong with that… but as soon as people find out that Jack’s had a kid, it’s the biggest news and it means he is irresponsible (which is kind of was)… and he’s going to ruin his career – I don’t think Alex Song has ruined his career…

If you know any non-Arsenal players to have kids young, do let me know, I’ll be interested to know!

Tour of Malaysia, Japan or the US?

Yes, you heard it right. Although not confirmed yet – news that we may have a money making friendly in Malaysia this summer was leaked today. Arsene has always been a big fan of a quiet pre-season in order to get the team ready for the season in quiet before the Emirates Cup. The reason for this is to try things out and new players without the limelight on your head. The Emirates Cup has the limelight, but involves no travelling, so it’s a good level of preparation for the the season ahead, without too much flying around.

Earlier in the season, we heard that potentially, we could have a pre-season tour of Japan and if we did, I suppose Malaysia would be on the way – but with the devastating issues in Japan, that plan may be scrapped. I did also hear news that we were looking into a US tour too, and for the first time in a long time, it looks like we will venture abroad. Considering the lack of a tournament, such as the Euros or the World Cup… so I think Arsene is considering a one week tour.

Well, that’s a wrap for today… I’ll see you all tomorrow… remember, for those of you around earlier, we’ll be at the Tollington (it’s a pub), with @j1mm7t, @tottz82 and @arseblog!

Come on you reds!

  • JayJayGooner

    Great news about the return of our injured players – with those four back in the squad, we are back together for the run in!!!

    Exciting times, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game…

    Re: pre-season tour – I’d love for us to do one, it would be really good to see the team in action in a tour!

  • Arsefan101

    I think tours will benefit Arsenal a lot.
    We need to be used to playing the big teams in tours / tournaments and beating them – it may mean we don’t get super duper scared every time we play a BIG game!


    Did you see Arshavin’s interview on SSN? He looked up for the fight!

  • devday

    @ JayJayGooner:
    Boom boom!
    Nasri, Cesc, Walcott, Van Persie – back together for the first time since…? Should be very interesting indeed!

  • Phil

    Guys, dont blame Jack for the kid. Immediately they broke up, I took her up and I should clearly state here that i take full responsibility for it. She has the majority age so am I. No problems from there.

  • Vazy

    The team is





    Van Persi

    Bench of:

  • bayo

    Now whats the excuse Mr Arsene Wenger…..Thanks for another trophy less season…Ur time is Up.

  • Berth

    So far and counting; Wenger’s worst season so far!!