Thierry Henry Puts A Smile On Our Faces….

Thierry is a legend, and that’s a fact.

The man himself was on Sky Sports News yesterday… you can read a bit of it here (Georgie Thompson’s blog, pre-interview)… as of yet, I have not been able to locate a video copy of the interview – but as soon as I do, I’ll post it in the comments!

The interview itself was by the Sky Sports presenter Georgie – and she spoke to him about a wide array of topics – from his childhood, from his time at Monaco, his time in New York so far – but more importantly, he reminisced over his time at Arsenal. And when you see the passion that Thierry still has for the club, it’s absolutely amazing and heart moving.

Thierry has stated many times before, but again yesterday of his desire to come back to Arsenal… he’s even said he come back a water boy… but the consensus is that he should come back as assistant manager or even manager when Arsene goes… I’d be happy to see him back alongside or after Arsene, that’s for sure!

Back to the current Arsenal team, and Jack Wilshere will again play for England tonight; despite his 40 appearances or so for Arsenal, he wasn’t deemed tired enough to have this game off – let’s hope he doesn’t pick up an injury – as he is probably our best player at the moment. Future England captain?

Tony Adams (who knows a captain when he sees one)… was very vocal about Wilshere:

I think Jack has been fantastic this year. He appears to be a winner. I’m excited that Jack has come through, an English boy and we need them at the Arsenal. I saw him in the Manchester City game and I thought he was better than Cesc (Fabregas) on the day. I thought he was refreshing, intelligent and technically very good and physically he gets stuck in as well. I’m a big Jack Wilshere fan, Wilshere for captain, why not. I have to say Wayne Rooney [is the best forward in the Premier League at the moment]. He’s just hit form, sadly for Arsenal, at a critical time which isn’t good for Arsenal but great for Manchester United.

There is a massive debate going on at the moment about whether Jack Wilshere will play for the seniors or stay in the Under 21’s – as Kieran D said in yesterday’s blog, the decision to play in both tournaments is nothing short of ridiculous. It’s impossible to think that a player can play a full season for Arsenal this year and next and play in the under 21’s and full side and expect him not to get burnt out – despite the noise from both Pearce and Capello, I’m sure – well, more hopeful than sure – that they will both come to their senses and not sacrifice the one genuine talent that could lead both club and country to glory.

Arsene spoke on the recent speculation and said:

“What the FA has to decide is whether the player is in the first-team or in the under-21s,” said Wenger. “I don’t believe a player ever performs when he has been in a top team and comes back down to the under-21s. When a guy like Wilshere has played 40 games in the season, he needs a rest.”

Of course he does, and Arsene has even rested him during the season to ensure he can perform – it’s club vs country again and it always seems like England are quite happy to use and abuse Arsenal players.

I’m going to start my “fingers-crossed-ness” that Jack doesn’t get injured tonight when England take on Ghana…

Til then… Adios for now…

  • Berth

    Dev stop being bitchy about Wilshere. Players are meant to play for their countries if they so please. So free the guy and allow him express himself as he sees fit.

  • Fo

    I totally agree with Dev about the treatment of Wilshere – play every game, play 40 games for Arsenal, play under 21s and seniors is ridiculous!

    BERTH – I have no idea why you don’t agree.

  • devday

    The link to the Sky Sports interview is:

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    LOL, I’m not to offay with him playing tonight – but would definitely not like him to play in the Under 21 tournament as well as the Euros. No summer holidays will only burn out the player and will only mean Arsenal will suffer!

  • devday

    @ Fo:
    Arsene’s words have been testimony to his ability – he wanted to rest Wilshere earlier this season, but due to injuries, he couldn’t – let’s hope he comes through tonight okay!

  • Kodjo

    This Wilshere’s 1st season in the big time…as such he need to be nursed in gradually. Remember he is only 18…if he gets injures its arsenal loss. Sure play tonites game but what purpose will going to the Euro’s serve? He has already made the grade why drop back and block anoter potential player who could come thru the ranks.

  • Kodjo

    my apologies i need to proof read my post next time too many typos…too hasty!

  • Berth

    I like Jacky Wilshere but I can’t wait for him to start scoring. Its very crucial he adds that to his ability, it will certainly give him an edge over Aaron and co because it will give him the ability to dorminate matches.

    @ Dev – I share the same sentiment about him going to under 21 tourny butjust because the tourny did not benefit Theo then it will not benefit any other. Perhaps you should look at the German team; Ozil and co – England need such things now; its a two way thing Dev; for Arsenal and the Queen (LOL).

  • Berth

    V.P is injured and limping now for Holland

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    Fair point my friend, fair point!

  • Kieran

    Guys, the issue is not Jack playing for the U21’s, it’s him playing for the U21’s AND the full team. The german team are radically different, they might have been young at the world cup but none have them have been pulled back to the U21’s. It’s a step down for Jack and a potentially dangerous one. Regardless of the risk of injury, he won’t get a rest, after his first full season of football. No other U21 will be in that situation.

    Jack himself wanting to play is irrelevant, kids like eating loads of chocolate, you don’t just let them. Wenger needs to take him to one side and give him the benefit of experience.