Good Injury News… And Jack vs Aaron…

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The World of Arsenal is a quiet place right now… and during International weeks there is a lot less action going on… but in reality we have loads to discuss, and two players’ fitnesses come to mind in Szcznesy and Djourou, whom we both have good news about…!

Injury News

There was a bit of a debate going on previously about the fitness of Johan Djourou. The Swiss FA has been in the press talking about Johan potentially playing this weekend for them – however, Arsene was adamant that he’d be out for the season… Well, the website finally revealed the news yesterday and he’s on the mend.

The Club can confirm the positive news that there isn’t a need for reconstructive surgery and he will now begin a period of rehabilitation on the shoulder before returning to training in around a month.

So, he may be back for the last couple of games of the season, including the vital clash against Man United. And in addition to the DJ Rou Rou (new name?), our young Pole, Szcznesy has also confirmed that he could be back around the same time. He’s been a revelation in goal since he became #1 and having previously broken and maimed into many bits…. this current injury doesn’t seem to bother him one iota!

“I work in the gym everyday, working on my lower body and my distribution as well which will be very good for me,” he told Arsenal TV Online. “I’m not getting bored, I can still do a lot of stuff. There’s nothing you can do when it happens – you have to move on, work hard on your fitness and make sure you come back stronger than ever. There’s not a lot of joint damage, the tendon is ruptured. So basically I have to keep my finger in a splint for four weeks and let the tendon heal. From then it will be a couple of weeks before I can be back in the squad. It’s very hard, especially at a time when it was going well for me. We have got some big games coming up.”

And where the likes of Almunia is at the end of his career, eye of the ball and all that… it looks like young Szcznesy is at the beginning of his career ready to kick on. I do like what I’ve seen from Szcznesy, but as the interview said yesterday, he’s the best of the bunch of pretty poor keepers. As a unit, we need to improve the whole department. I’d like to see us replace Almunia and you’ve got to consider that Mannone has had his chances too. In yesterday’s interview, we talked about someone like Reina coming in and making a difference and you’ve got to look at our team and feel that it’s a unit that can be improved…

We do have 4 Premiership games in May, starting with Manchester United at home – and it sounds like both Djourou and Szcznesy will be back for then…


It’s Jack Wilshere vs Aaron Ramsey this Saturday, and I for one, I am really looking forward to seeing the two midfield maestro’s pit their wits against each other. A very short while ago, these two football players were just teenagers. Ramsey, signed from Cardiff a few seasons ago is now a mainstay in Wales midfield, despite his recent absence… and Jack is the new boy in the England squad who is an actual genuine player who can lead the country to great things (no pressure)…

There is so much stuff going on at the moment about the England captaincy… Terry or Ferdinand… what an outrage. But you know the funny thing? Jack Wilshere will be captain by the next major tournament and keep it for the next ten years, so who really cares about the interim!!

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  • bayo

    That is great to know we are getting over our injury worries

  • Arsefan101


    The Daily Express has lifted your article!
    Nearly word for word!


  • devday

    @ yemi:
    Interesting, I heard the new on Sky Sports yesterday – sounds like it’s not serious – apparently a small niggle, but we’ll have to wait and see…

    Cesc was also in the news saying that he may be back for the Blackburn game! Uber duper good news!!!

  • devday

    @ bayo:
    Cesc, Walcott and Song could be in line for Blackburn… fingers crossed!

  • devday

    @ Arsefan101:

    Thanks for looking out for me ArseFan… I see they’ve covered the same story and the same heading, but they haven’t lifted my words, and added more detail!