Jens Is Back… As Arsenal Try To Push Forward….

Morning folks…

First of all, a massive virtual high five to @kieran_delaney on his post yesterday – it was a great read indeed… and a second virtual high five to @DebsGooner who wrote a very inspiring post United match report… after the weekend or couple of weeks we’ve had… it’s a little bit of ground-hog day down at the Emirates at the moment – the mad month of March has seen us go from all 4 to just the 1 competition, but just as we thought the month could not get any madder…

We’ve just gone and re-signed Jens Lehmann, aged 41, as emergency cover for our goalkeeping department!

At the time of writing, it wasn’t confirmed on, but ESPN did report this via

“Arsenal currently have a goalkeeping crisis and I jumped at the chance to help them.”

So, last season, it was Sol Campbell… this season, it’s Jens Lehmann… A lot of people are saying that we only have to do this because we didn’t sort out the goalkeeping situation in summer – which is obviously not true, as the only reason we’ve had to do it is because we’ve lost three keepers to season loan injuries in Mannone, Szcznesy and Fabianski. A desperate situation that called for action. And Jens is a winner – he was part of the invincibles… he will come in and tell these players what it will take to win the league. I doubt he’ll play, but his presence is the dressing room and the safety net of having an experienced keeper on the bench is something that will be a positive step for us.

In other news… Jack officially wants to beat Cesc at….

His twitter follower count… yes… it’s war, and it’s probably the least of their worries… but hey, for some reason, I really want Jack to win! Cesc started it with “@jack_wilshere loves his twitter more than his girlfriend” and then Jack replied with… “@cesc4official im trying to beat how many followers you have!!” and then good old Cesc gave him the inspiration he needed… “@jack_wilshere dont be jelouse, u will get there one day son.”

Back to slightly more important matters… the fitness of Alex Song…

“We would like Song back and we would like Fabregas back. We have now to cope with Djourou [being] out and he is an outstanding player. I don’t know [when Song will be fit again]. But certainly not for Saturday.”

Now, that last statement is worrying as the boss said he doesn’t know when Alex Song will be fit again! Song has been our lynchpin ahead of the back four and for me, if we was available for Barcelona, it would have been a whole different result. Alex Song is miles ahead of the likes of Denilson and Diaby (will they both start against WBA?) and it’s such a shame that we may have lost him for a while now. Our first XI with Song & Cesc in it and on form is a different kettle of fish. Our win percentages with both those players is so much higher when they’re both in the team. We concede less goals when Song is on song and we score more when Cesc in playing….

Despite the fall out in the last two weeks… we have an incredible chance at the title. I mean, really it is there for us to grab onto… let’s run down the run in’s (yes, I know we’re doing it again but it’s all so important!)…

United, currently on 60 points, with nine games to play.

  1. Bolton (h)
  2. West Ham (a)
  3. Fulham (h)
  4. Newcastle (a)
  5. Everton (h)
  6. Arsenal (a)
  7. Chelsea (h)
  8. Blackburn (a)
  9. Blackpool (h)

Arsenal, currently on 57 points, with ten games to play.

  1. West Brom (a)
  2. Blackburn (h)
  3. Blackpool (a)
  4. Liverpool (h)
  5. Sp*rs (a)
  6. Bolton (a)
  7. United (h)
  8. Stoke (a)
  9. Aston Villa (h)
  10. Fulham (a)

Who has the easiest run in? I think they’re both quite hard…. but only one team will win the title if they win all their games (that’s us by the way)…!!

I’ll leave you with some fighting talk from Arsene:

“Yes we have it [the spirit to win the title]. I don’t question that. We played Wednesday against Leyton Orient, Saturday against Sunderland, Tuesday against Barcelona with ten men and against Man United. It’s a very, very difficult schedule. It’s been very difficult for the players but they have never shown any sign of weakness mentally. Even on Saturday they have put in absolutely every effort and can only be proud of how much they fought. I question myself always, don’t worry,” said the manager. “But If I listened to everybody then it would be a miracle that we are still playing for the title with ten games to go.  Nobody in England believed we could even fight for the top four. The fact we are in the position we are in I think deserves a lot of credit. I don’t know [if winning it now would be my greatest achievement]. I let other people judge my performances. The only thing I can say is that I’m ready to give absolutely everything to do it. I’m confident we will but we need now to work to recover.”

Come on you Gooners!!!

Til tomorrow….

  • edison

    Definitely going to be a close one to follow

    by the looks of it, the 4th game in is where its going to start getting really interesting…

    firstly because Im not looking forward to the run of:

    Liverpool (home)
    Sp*rs (away)
    Bolton (away)
    United (home)

    potential gauntlet to go through there.

    i really think how we maintain composure and form over these games will decide us the title.

    but then United’s killer run also starts from the 4th game in too:

    Newcastle (away)
    Everton (home)
    Arsenal (away)
    Chelsea (home)

    every game is important, but those run of four games for each team will prove vital. Luckily we are in the run in of United difficult 4 games ! so lets hope our boys make a difference this time round

  • himesn

    I understand people have been calling for wengers head, there’s alot of us who are still very hurt from the past couple weeks we’ve had, but lets put things into perspective. The last 5 or six years we’ve been up there in the champions league spots, we may not have been as competitive for title but we’ve been up there, and we’ve come pretty close this year, and we’re still in with a shot of the league title. We’ve had plenty of youth players come to the 1st team, wilshere being our greatest prospect, we have players like the rejuevenated nasri, walcott, we will have these players the likes of djourou, kosc, schzezny, gibbs, frimpong, ramsey, rio, jet all who can play a part next season. In the past few seasons we’ve had to sell players for money, now, we have the financial strength to say no to the sale of fabregas (although the move may come from the players desire to go to spain) but my point is, we can keep our best players, and we can continue selling players who arent contributing like they should, and buying quality players instead, if you cannot look past these past few weeks and realise the future for afc is very very bright, then you shouldnt call yourself a fan. And as for wenger, he created this, he gives the club and our football style its identity and to call for him to leave is a massive mistake.

  • himesn
  • Jamie

    Its definately going to be difficult and it could go down to the wire. Its important to make up the slight goal difference as I just did some points total based on what I think could happen and it left us level on points. Beating Utd at home will be crucial and I do believe we can do it. Going from 4 trophies to 1 in a space of a few weeks is tough to take but realistically if we win the league it will all be forgotten. I just hope Arsene understands that he needs to buy atleast 3 players in the summer (CB/CDM/CF) and that he looks to remove some deadwood to raise more cash.

  • Fo

    @ edison:
    I can’t believe how quickly the end of the season has come!!!
    Can you believe that it’s already 10 games to go!

    Do United play this weekend or is it our game in hand? If we beat West Brom it will give us confidence to win against Blackburn and Blackpool…

    But you’re right, the most important game is United at home BY FAR – we need to win it and win it by a few goals to have a chance of the title.

    Rumours are that if Man City beat Dynamo Kiev – then their UEFA game would be on the Thursday and then their FA semi would be on the Sunday and that would push Arsenal vs Liverpool to the Monday which would be rejected by Arsenal, so it may have to be rescheduled!!

  • devday

    @ himesn:
    It’s true…. Djourou will be back in 2 weeks :-)