All To Play For

Just a month ago, people were talking about this weak Manchester United team in the same breath as The Invincible’s. I wasn’t too bothered then, because I knew that they couldn’t last the entire season without losing given their current form and squad. And they haven’t. The most mediocre Manchester United midfield I’ve seen in years was totally overrun by Lucas, Maxi Rodríguez and Raul Meireles this weekend, having already surrendered to a weaker Chelsea team. I think it’s fair to say in both games, United were outplayed and the other team simply wanted it more. Scholes/Giggs are not capable of running the midfield in a top game any more, their legs have gone. Carrick is going backwards, both in passing and ability. Fletcher has always been a journeyman (albeit very good at what he does) and was unfancied in this game, whilst Gibson is like a shit Paul Scholes who kicks the ball at goal every time he gets it.

That this team may well still win the league is the most upsetting thing – Arsenal will never get a better chance than now – we will never again experience a league with such a weak Chelsea and United team. City will get better when they upgrade all their players again, and it’s surely only a matter of time before King Kenny brings in some better faces.

Can you imagine if Arsenal had of been 5 points clear with a game in hand two weeks ago, only to throw it away and end up potentially level on points with their nearest rivals? The press would have nailed Arsene Wenger to the wall. Yet, this Manchester United team who “know how to win titles” have done almost exactly that. If Arsenal were to win their game in hand, Manchester United will have effectively thrown away 8 points whilst the press would have you believe that Arsenal are bottlers.

More importantly, there are those in our support who will tell you that Arsene Wenger should have signed a goalkeeper in the summer. They’ll point to Manchester United as an example of a team with a world class keeper who has made a difference. “Sir Chesneys youthful in-experience led to a mistake in the Carling Cup final” they’ll shout, “with a EVDS that wouldn’t happen”! Well lads, I hope you were watching yesterday – suspect for all three goals, EVDS literally gave the ball to “HEY YOU GUYS!!” so he could finish his hat trick. I mean, seriously, if a player can score a hat-trick from a combined total of 7 yards, you’re doing goalkeeping wrong.

How did Carragher stay on the pitch? The horrible prick nearly killed Nani, who himself is a horrible… prick. But, seriously, what they didn’t show you on Match Of The Day or Sky, was that his leg looked like a popped sausage. Here, if you’re not squeamish: At first I thought he was making the most of it, I mean he did get up and run after the ref – but to see a player in tears on the floor, even a cretin like Nani is never nice. That FIFA persist with rules than mean the FA now can’t retroactively punish Carragher, instead choosing to focus there strength and might on Snoods, is as incredulous as it is heartbreaking.

The plus side is, I think it’s unlikely that Nani will feature against us in the FA Cup, it would have to be a desperate Ferguson that plays him with that injury less than a week later. Although stranger things have happened….

The Spurs game was great wasn’t it? I sure hate Smoggy Mick, but fuck me, he’s got that Wolves team going. A bit of piss and vinegar and they’re racking up points like a 12 year old on Call Of Duty. Another fantastic day for refereeing, perfectly good goal disallowed after Gomes tried to fuck the striker, yet somehow ended up with the free kick, coupled with Hutton not being sent of for a straight red offence. If that wasn’t a goalscoring opportunity, then I’m a premiership referee. I mean, I could be, at least I know the rules of the game.

And so at the end of the weekend, 1pt is still better than no points, whilst 3pts would have been nice.

  • Arsefan101

    We are 3 points behind, with a game in hand and we have to play them at our ground – we couldn’t ask for more!

  • Fo

    Definitely agree with your comments on Van Der Sar – over rated – Szcznesy has also been very harshly treated.

    Generally loving the progress he is making – Szcznesy will be a top top keeper!

  • yemi


  • yemi


  • yemi

    S it is not as bad after all !!!

  • yemi


  • mikeyb

    Im sorry i dont agree with this. We are a bunch of bottlers on the pitch we don’t have an easy run even if we were playing orient every week until May we would drop points.

    Every time we play a big team and win we then think we are the dogs bollocks and go on to drop points. So no matter if we win or loose against a big team like Barca or manure (yeh right) we will drop points next match. Fucking bottlers!!!!

    Scum carling cup 1.4 win – Lose to WBA next game

    Case of the players thinking they are super fucking stars and not putting the effort in

    Everton away 2.1 great game and we turned them over big time – Then we think we are fucking super stars – loose to the scum at home – thanks

    The big one!!! CHAVS – Big game what a night, great noise everywhere the team did well the crowd did well we beat the chavs!!!! Any other team would use that and go on to win more games, give the fans more to sing about!!!!!!! – no we drop points to Wigan away

    Everton at home – This was a massive game, full of noise and one of the best atmospheres I have seen at the grove. We win 2.1 and was a great noise and again the chance for the team to go to the next match and show guts and passion!!!! We allow Newcastle to score 4 in 20 mins – We drop more points

    And here is the big one people – Barca at home, the best game EVER played at the grove. Grown men in tears , pure jubilation with the fans and the team. This is the kind of game that makes champions and the kind of game that makes the average player world class. —– We then play 3rd division Orient and get a draw

    We then play Stoke get a hard earnt win to try and get us back on track after the great win to barca and all the injury’s – We win 1.0 followed by a loss to Brum in the carling cup

    After all the negativity and humiliation of loss we are offered a life line – The Chavs beat Manure. Back in the day the team would have been going crazy for this , and next game would of seen them step up and come out like fucking warriors…………. But no!

    We now play Sunderland AT HOME!!! and drop yet more points proving we are a bunch of fucking bottlers that no matter who we beat or loose too we don’t have it in us to win the league or any reputable trophy when any under pressure.

    But we show mental strength, we have great youth players coming through, we are great financially and we don’t have to sign players like Torres or Luiez in order to win the league.

  • devday

    Wow, that’s the first I’ve seen of this… amazing the different pictures. Wasn’t the injury just a little gash?

  • yemi

    @ devday:

    The pictures show it was just a gash and not the horrible one earlier circulated

  • devday

    @ mikeyb:
    But the funny thing of all, is that we might just win the PREM!

  • tom

    RVP in the squad to Barcelona??? sweeeeeeet

  • Berth

    Wenger the Machiavelli. Mr V.P in for tomorrow? If it works out it will be the greatest coup in football history.

  • ashok

    Thing is that some fans will point to referreeing decisions on saturday as the main reason why we didnt win and while that indeed may be a fair point, it also conveniently disregards all the other fcuk ups this season in games where we should have been winning
    As a man who puts most of the blame at wengers door (and a man who has wanted him replaced for 2 years now) I also believe that there comes a time where the players have to accept blame too. Yes diaby, denilson, bendtner etc are not good enough to play at the top level but not good enough to beat the likes of wigan, ipswich, orient and sunderland (no disrespect to our mackem friend ) ? What fcuks a team against the likes of the first 3 teams I mentioned isnt a lack of talent, it is a lacking of commitment, workrate and guts and that is more often than not the biggest reason why smaller teams are able to turn over the big boys – to be turned over once is bad enough but it certainly shouldnt happen again in the same season but sadly a lacking in our players has ensured that it did, and will again, cause our downfall

  • ashok

    Everyone has been saying Manu have a hard set of games left but I am not so sure.

    Obviously if we win every game the title is ours but I can see us dropping points at 3 vital games. Manure on the other hand I think will not drop so many.

    Who do you think can do us a favour??

    Westbrom A

    Blackburn H

    Blackpool A

    Liverpool H

    Spuds A – could drop some

    Bolton A

    Manure H – Could drop

    Stoke A – could drop

    Villa H

    Fulhum A

    We on 57 points , manure 60 and we have game in hand

    United have

    Bolton H
    West ham A
    Fulham H
    Newcastle A
    Everton H
    Arsenal A
    Chlsea H
    Blackburn A
    Blackpool H