The Season Continues…

Indeed, my friends, the season continues and no matter how disappointed we all are – we have to put the recent final defeat behind us and focus on the games ahead. The recent loss of Walcott & Cesc as well as the even more recent loss of Van Persie has put us into a very¬†precarious position in terms of personnel in the next 3 weeks or so. Our first choice players will have to consist of Bendtner, Arshavin, Rosicky and Chamakh – players who have not performed well at all in the last couple of games (Arshavin aside). I’ve been raving about the difference between last year and this – talking about the players who we will have this season compared to last – but up to the lead up to the game – suddenly we’re dropping like flies.

We need to decide which competitions we want to win and then focus on them. The Carling Cup has been an obvious distraction. It’s meant we’ve used more of the first team that we should have – it’s had counter effects on our league form and also the team we choose for the FA Cup – 2 replays already… and the fatigue and injury is evident for all to see. I’m confused to why we have so many players on loan and also confused to see why we want to go for all trophies with a relatively small squad.

Where we are right now, personally, we need to focus on one competition – unfortunately for us, we have 4 games in the next 10 days ranging all the three competitions… so we’ll see how Arsene prioritises in the next week or so. Focused on the Premiership is the obvious thing, considering Man United’s recent loss to Chelsea. We’re 4 points behind them with a game in hand and it’s essential that we win our games in hand and really give it a go.

Check out the run in for both clubs:


Currently on 60 points, with ten games to play.

  1. Liverpool (a)
  2. Bolton (h)
  3. West Ham (a)
  4. Fulham (h)
  5. Newcastle (a)
  6. Everton (h)
  7. Arsenal (a)
  8. Chelsea (h)
  9. Blackburn (a)
  10. Blackpool (h)


Currently on 56 points, with eleven games to play.

  1. Sunderland (h)
  2. West Brom (a)
  3. Blackburn (h)
  4. Blackpool (a)
  5. Liverpool (h)
  6. Sp*rs (a)
  7. Bolton (a)
  8. United (h)
  9. Stoke (a)
  10. Aston Villa (h)
  11. Fulham (a)

Our run in looks relatively easier than United’s but with the number of games we’ve played, the fact that we are the Arsenal and the injuries we have got too – who knows which is the easiest run in? Outside of the Premiership, the next game is Leyton Orient away and it would be nice to win the game – at the same time, United away is the next one if we do win it – one of the hardest games of the season, a game where our first team failed to turn up to…

We’ve got injuries to Song and Koscielny for the game, so it looks like we might just give Miguel another run out… My predicted line up for the game is:


Eboue – Squillaci – Miguel – Gibbs

Denilson – Diaby

Bendtner – Rosicky – Arshavin


With a bench of Szcznesy, Sagna, Djourou, Clichy, Wilshere, Nasri and a youth product, perhaps?

All that is left to say, is that we all need to keep the faith, not over-react, back our team and get a win against Leyton Orient!!

  • pissedoff

    Dev I like your catch phrase we are the Arsenal.kierian used it too. Am not sur if you paid for using the phrase. Anyway I do like your articule but one thing you are certainly missing is the main man Ramsey coming back; if he does well he can be the man for us; he may not certainly bring the balance of Wilshere to the team but he will certainly get the needed goals and energy that lacks in the final third whenever rosicky plays.

    Coming to Chamack and B25 I remember you (Dev) criticizing his form was it with VJ am not sure who. But looking closely at the situation he never dropped form it was V.P’s form and the lack of playing time that made it look that way that been said he should prove he can feel that boot of V.P’s.I know he is hardly clinical but Rosicky and sagna should be looking to cross the balls now without hesitating.

    like i said earlier key man still remains Ramsey and only him in my opinion can define our season at this stage.

    Chelsea well done too.

  • Vazy

    GET IN! thankyou chelski for making the rags drop points! lets hope they can again along with liverfools sp*rs and the toon

  • Vazy

    feck… i diddnt mean sp*rs did i! go on BLACKPOOL close that gap for us!

  • AmriGooner

    Hi Dev.
    Isn’t Ramsey available for this game tonight.
    I would play him instead of Denilson.
    Really, I miss that guy.

  • yemi

    @ AmriGooner:
    I asked the same question and noone has been able to give me an answer yet !!!!

    Does anyone know if RAMBO is eligible for the FA cup matches????

  • Berth

    Guys he ain’t playing not because of lack of registration but because the match is a replay. I heard Wenger did try to but could not.

  • Arsefan101

    @ yemi:
    @ AmriGooner:

    Ramsey is unfortunately not available as he wasn’t registered in the competition for the first leg.

  • devday

    @ pissedoff:
    Ramsey is not available today as he wasn’t available for the original game and thus can’t play… we mustn’t rest our hopes on him!!

    You’re right re: fitness levels – Chamakh, Bendtner and Rosicky will start to get better, the more playing time they have!!

  • arseneknows

    that was important – we needed a bit of good feel atmosphere at the Grove – also important that Bendtner got a hatrick – we are totally gonna need some goals from him – and he’s looks pretty good! and I can understand Arsene getting Jack on the pitch, I know he seemed risky but I think Arsene wanted Jack to shake off the shite of the weekend if you get me!

    Saturday is the really important game – i’d love us to get a really impressive result! that would set us right up!

    GET IN!

  • arseneknows

    Diaby looked pretty good – we need him
    Miguel looked pretty good – that’s nice
    Bendtner – class
    Rosicky – best i’ve seen him this season
    Gibbs – getting better

    we are gonna need all our player friends!!

  • arseneknows

    oh and Jack is clearly outrageously good!!

  • mark

    If only Wenger would play the lad where he belongs as an out and out srtiker, he would score a lot more goals. How often has he come off the bench late on when we have been chasing a game and played as a proper box sriker and got goals for us. Unfortuntely, Wenger insists in playing him left wing/midfield and Nick seems to think he can play there as well???

  • Berth

    Ramsey is better than Jack Wilshere in my opinion.

  • zaheer

    when is vermaelen coming back?

  • arseneknows

    Hi, @ Berth:

    it’s an interesting observation – who’s better than who!! – frankly, they are both massive hopes for the club – at this present moment, Jack has become utterly central to our team – his pace, technique, speed of thought, stamina, and ridiculous steely calm make him a certainty – Rambo has LOADS of work to do to get to Jack’s level – and if he get’s there or even surpasses Jack then i’ll be the first to jump up in the air and say Hipee doo Berth knew that!! either which way, we have some fantastic young players don’t we?

    Even now – I bet most prem managers wish they had Jack in their team……..

    GET IN ALL LOVERS OF THE ARSE – eeeeeeeeerm (that didn’t sound right – but you know what I mean..)