Game On!

Morning All… It’s game on in the Premiership now, with all those International games over. It was a decent International break this time round – a break that was very much needed – our form going into the Internationals wasn’t great and of course, we had a spate of injuries. Now that the Premiership is back, … [Read more…]

Thierry Henry Puts A Smile On Our Faces….

Thierry is a legend, and that’s a fact. The man himself was on Sky Sports News yesterday… you can read a bit of it here (Georgie Thompson’s blog, pre-interview)… as of yet, I have not been able to locate a video copy of the interview – but as soon as I do, I’ll post it … [Read more…]

Summer Practice

Good morning! I missed my regular Monday spot last week due to a serious attack of the John Terry’s. Work got so busy it was horrendous, bastards everywhere. But in any case, it’s calmer now and so I actually have a moment to think about something that doesn’t involve writing enormous reams of code for … [Read more…]

Congratulations to Jack Wilshere…

Last season, Jack Wilshere was on loan at Bolton and quite a distance from the Arsenal squad. This season, he’s our first choice central midfielder alongside Song and Cesc, and has propelled himself into the England squad and become a starter…. at the tender age of 19. What we’ve seen of Wilshere in the season … [Read more…]

Good Injury News… And Jack vs Aaron…

Afternoon All… The World of Arsenal is a quiet place right now… and during International weeks there is a lot less action going on… but in reality we have loads to discuss, and two players’ fitnesses come to mind in Szcznesy and Djourou, whom we both have good news about…! Injury News There was a … [Read more…]

The Interlull: Big Brother Style

Day 2 in the Interlull house, and WOA has been thinking about the season… It’s been a difficult couple of weeks and our squad has been tested to the maximum. There’s been some healthy discussions and some not so healthy discussions, especially on twitter and on yesterday’s comments. But right now, I’m going to interview … [Read more…]

WBA vs Arsenal Match Preview

Afternoon All… And it’s a BIG  BIG game tomorrow… WBA vs Arsenal… And it’s so essential for us to get back to winning ways after a few draws and losses in our recent games. The Barcelona away  game and the Man United away game are two games and two competitions we must forget about now and … [Read more…]

In, out, shake it all about?

Morning All… Johan Djourou miraculous (or not?) comeback Yet another day goes past in the world of Arsenal, and another day which has see a lot of crazyness happen… the will he, won’t he BBC saga / Swiss FA saga – is Johan Djourou fit or not? Let me tell you how the story unfolded … [Read more…]

Jens Is Back… As Arsenal Try To Push Forward….

Morning folks… First of all, a massive virtual high five to @kieran_delaney on his post yesterday – it was a great read indeed… and a second virtual high five to @DebsGooner who wrote a very inspiring post United match report… after the weekend or couple of weeks we’ve had… it’s a little bit of ground-hog … [Read more…]