The Ah, Arsenal Way (Arsenal 1 – 2 Birmingham)

Shit. Shitty shit. Not really much to say about yesterday. Arsenal didn’t play very well, and Birmingham looked good for their win. Considering we should probably have been down to 10 men and conceded a penalty in the first 5 minutes we had our fair share of luck and still managed to lose it the Arsenal way, with a bit of a cock-up at the end.

The only complaint I’d voice about Birmingham (aside from Bowyer being a diving cheating cunt) was the stupid, childish hand to Koscielny’s head. I’ve seen plenty of red card’s for less, especially in retaliation. But, somehow, when celebrating, it’s fine.

I’ve read a lot of Arsenal fans lambasting the keeper and Koscielny. Those two players have kept us in games, and have helped us progress in both the Carling Cup and Champions League. They’ve put in excellent performances in the league. What happened was a horrible mix up and not a sympton of Arsenals failure to buy big. What happened there could of (and has) happened to anybody. Rio Ferdinand once kicked the ball passed his own keeper in more or less the same situation, so “experience” would probably not really have made any difference. Shit happens. That it happens to Arsenal in a Cup Final is just the Arsenal way. Only Arsenal could really have managed it.

BBC immediately spoke of “the black hole” in Arsenals defence and immediately Alan Hansen compared Arsenal’s “leaky defence” to the “solid foundations” of the teams around them in the league. The fact remains, after conceding 27 goals we’ve conceded just 2 more than both Manchester City and Manchester United, the teams above and below us. The only other team to have conceded less are Chelsea (22 goals), and they’re 5th – surely proof that having the tightest defence in the league won’t actually win you the league, or any other competition.

I’m not suggesting we can’t improve, I’m just saying we hardly have a black fucking hole. Consider now that we have the 3rd best defensive record in the league and our first choice central defender is currently being upgraded in the factory and has been there since the start of the season “awaiting parts”.

Anyway, if you’re going to concede goals you need to score them, and that’s something we didn’t do enough of yesterday. Why we continued to play RVP when clearly injured is beyond me – he could hardly run and I think it hampered us. As great a player as he is, even he can’t magic goals out of thin air with a leg shattered in seven places. The fantastic goal he scored seemed to hurt his leg and from that moment on he was simply anonymous. Why we didn’t change him for Bendtner or Chamakh sooner I have no idea.

On a side note, Rosicky was also pretty anonymous yesterday. Surely this is shaping up to be the floppy haired little ‘goal machine’s last season? He’s been consistently awful. Why we kicked Edaurdo into touch after his failed to comeback from injury, and yet stand by Rosicky who has lost 6 yards of pace and three footballers of ability since his own injury, is beyond me.

On balance, I thought Birmingham were worthy winners – they had a stonewall penalty claim, hit the post and scored twice. That Chesney also had to make a save on Zigic in a one on one tells you all you need to know. We may have had more shots on target, but Birmingham looked the most dangerous.

I just hope now that Arsenal take the manner of defeat, an awful mistake of a goal and get all fired up, go out and prove the 17 people who text me last night wrong. I mean I can take good hearted ribbing from everybody and anybody, but when a fucking moron Liverpool fan gloats over you losing after just having been beaten by West Ham 3-1, you know there’s something wrong with the world.

  • tonyt

    What would it have cost for Arsenal to have eliminated the mistakes which cost them the game yesterday? A decent keeper – well, Foster didn’t cost much or Begovic of Stoke who cost even less? A decent centre back – a bit more expensive but there are plenty about at mid table clubs who could be prised away for comparatively little money by Arsenal standards. Cahill, Huth, Hangeland, Jagielka – the list is endless – and that is without including Shawcross who wouldn’t go to Arsenal even if they wanted him! ;o) Wenger has produced some wonderful young players but his stubborn refusal to sign good, big, experienced central defenders and a top class experienced keeper is going to cost him and Arsenal dear.

  • goonerman

    Top post. people need to think about how the defender and goalkeeper probably feel about that mix up, im sure they are devestated. and like you say up to yesterday they had both put in some amazing performances latley. all the media love to rip our defence because the fact is they are a bunch of morons who do not have the inteligance to actually think of something else to talk about it is just simply the easiest thing for them to put te blame on.

    Nevermind ay, i would rather we make that fuck up in the carling cup final instead of the final day of the season when we are 1-0 up to win the league lol.

  • jien

    i just think tat birmingham is more prepared and wanted it more that we do.They carried out their plan well to defend our passing game , but we did not prepare ourselves well to handle their aeriel bombardment..zigic’s knockdowns are killing us all nite…congrads to them..hopefully this disappointment will bring us extra courage to do better in our remaining competitions….but boy, it really hurts…

  • zaheer

    “but when a fucking moron Liverpool fan gloats over you losing after just having been beaten by West Ham 3-1, you know there’s something wrong with the world”

    My sentiments exactly!

    But in all seriousness, these mediocre performances need to stop. We have been a bit hot and cold this season. I mean we beat barca and then draw to Leyton Orient, lose to Birmingham, and throw away perfectly good first half leads (Tottenham, Newcastle etc.) Inconsistent refereeing has not helped either mind you.

    Despite this we have sustained injuries to key players once again, at a critical stage of the season. I feel that it’s time for the second choice players (e.g. rosicky, eboue, diaby, bendtner) to pick up their game and start contributing if we are to win silverware this season.

    Gunners for the treble!

  • Berth

    Like the write up Kieren. Personally am a great fan of Rosicky but not any more. He lacks that energy required for the league; I expect and hope Ramsay can do the jobof replacing Fab and injecting much needed energy in midfield because he is capable. Again it appears we need Walcott more than we think we don’t; and players like Song and Wilshere needs to be rested for the LYt O and Sundeland game we need them fresh.

  • Bonathan

    Once again our defence just was not up to it i’m afraid.

    Yes, we weren’t exactly playing great in front of that, but birmingham were always going to get men behind the ball and make it difficult. It was important that we could deal with they’re attack so that the pressure stayed on them. We couldn’t do that. We looked like conceding right from the word go.

    Obviously the c0ck up at the end was a shambles, obviously the keeper shouted and that’s why Kos semi pulled out so i would presume that scezney is not to blame here. But koscielny has got to make sure there. it’s one or the other.

    But we weren’t comfortable back there throughout. I have been a big fan of djourou this season, and he’s come on leaps and bounds, but theree was several time when he actually jumped higher than zigic and should have headed clear, but neither of them got it and it bounced behind them both. a cardinal sin to happen once, but for it to happen several times was awful. It was as if he didn’t think he was gonna beat zigic to it and was just jumping for the challenge.

    Clichy was lucky not to have played them onside for what should have been a penalty early doors. His positional sense still has to be questioned. The two centre backs never instilled me with confidance, and i thought the keeper looked a more indecicive than usual.

    Alex song was pretty poor, as was rosicky. I was disappointed to see arsharvin go off as i thought he was one of our better players.

    Did the occasion get to them somewhat. i don’t think there’s any question about that. of course it did. Did we lack a bit of experience and know how…….yes, we did.

    I just hope the season doesn’t fall apart like it has done that last few years after a result like this. We could really do with Tommy V back asap.

  • sampson

    No one should forget that Koscielny was incredible against Barcelona.

  • Tony Boy

    Some very good points made by all and I think most arsenal fans know what the issues are.

    Brum should have been at least two up before we scored and the defending was pretty poor.

    I think the bigger problem though is a lack of leadership on the pitch and during a twenty minute spell in the 2nd half it just needed a leader or two to pick the whole team up and drive home the advantage because Brum were tired by then.

    The will to win and know how to win just seems missing to me, which is very worrying. I also worry about the whole deck of cards folding now – I know this cup was the lowest priority but it is a trophey and these palyers need to feel they can win – so thats a worry.

    Finally have you seen the Arsenal website today – whats the top story “our fucking financial results” with the final performance relagated to 2nd story. This is whats wrong obssesion with running a business and making profits and not winning trophies.

    We have got to get a balance between the two.

    Oh and by the way fuck the BBC because they hate us whatever we do.

  • yemi

    @ Tony Boy:
    Corrct about ledership, wrong about defense. It was just a moment in the closing hours when defender wanted to clear and keeper wanted to catch and nobody was hearing each other !!! Language barrier ? i saw KOS hesitate before actually trying to kick the ball.

    We really have a bad defense, but onlyfew teams, 3 to be precise have have conceded less goals than us. One is in 1st position, the second is in 3rd position and the 3rd is in 5th position while our very bad defense is in 2nd position. pleeaaasssee get real guys..

    Losing is painful, but we can’t put the whole blame on the boys and we sure can’t expect to win always.

    On the match, Rosisky was awful, asides that, othes were OK. We needed some creativity in the middle which he was not providing. Nasri was a little bit off color.

    Then i cannot seem to understand why arsene took arshavin off(irony ???), He and RVP were the two players attacking the box. B52 will not give you that, chamack will not give you that.

    Chamack and B52 will not work if there is noone delivering the crosses into the box.

  • Tony Boy

    Good points re Arshavin and B52/Charmack. But re defense why get bog down re who is in what position with a better denfense only one position really matters the ones in 1st place and that at present is Man U and if their defense proves to be the reason they win the league and we dont then our defense is a problem and we should have strengthen it when we had the chance.

    I think Kos has been playing well, but without Tommy playing we needed to add a little more experience to help out and we did not!

    Of-course we will see and the team will have my support week in and week out – but that does not change the fact that opportunities to improve the squad have been missed.

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah


  • ZimGooner

    I’m absolutely gutted! Huh, anyway – it’s life. Like a phoenix the Arsenal shall rise from it’s ashes. Come on ye Gooners…

  • yemi

    @ Tony Boy:

    The truth is that we don’t need another CB cos we still got the verminator. In essence, KOS is a 3rd choice CB behind Tomas and johan…. Kos has done considerably well for a 3rd choice defender and that last error could easily have happened to anyone. We saw cech and ivanovic almost exchange blows agains liverpool when the were in a similar situation and Ivan cleared the ball. That was the same situation that led to liverpools goal when ivan could have cleared but due to the earlier confrontation with cech, he didn’t.

    All i am saying is that we los and we are dissapointed but let us not blame anyone… S..T happens !!! {SOB}

  • tom G

    Dev, is all ok at WOA? Missing your reasssuring presence..

  • devday

    I’m back guys – just had a huge birthday weekend away!!

    PS Kieran – excellent post!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Rvp out for at least 3 weeks :-(

  • Josiah

    @goonergetya, which will turn into 6 weeks which will turn into rest of the season. chamakh or bendtner to deputise, how shit.

  • Goonerman

    I wonder why people question the integrity and fairness of the FA? And why people talk about united being favoured by refs and the top dogs at the FA?? Ohh I know why because Rooney assaults an opponnent in a game were surely a 3 game ban will be given yet those top dogs realize Rooney could possibley miss 3 huge games they think to themselfs, noo way!! And then in the first of the the three huge games Rooney only goes and scores the opener!! Wow what a joke that is!!

  • arseneknows

    Could we have received a better lift that ManU dropping 3 points tonight???

    COME ON GUNNERS 3 points this weekend and we are getting
    Very close to this prem title – sod the FA cup – risk no one for goodness sake!!

  • AmriGooner

    Hey everybody, we should forget about that silly cup and focus on the real deal the EPL.
    Chelsea have just beaten ManU.
    We should extra concentrate now because by saturday we can narrow the gap to one point.
    It is not gonna be easy, we face Sundeland and we are without RVP. We should focus on that and forget anything else.

  • Goonerman

    That result Is what you call karma!!