Did Wilshere play himself into a permanent England role?

Fabio Capello has fallen in love with Jack Wilshere.

Yes, it’s a little odd that he has recently had such an attraction to the player – but at least it has been on pure merit, unlike Sven with Theo.

Jack Wilshere has  played himself into first choice for Arsenal – at age 18 and it looks like the young Arsenal player has played himself into a place in the England team at the tender age of 19.

Capello focused on Wilshere pre-match and said:

“I know he prefers to go forward but an intelligent player can play anywhere. I used the example of Claude Makelelebefore. Andrea Pirlo also started just behind the forward player but ended up playing in front of the back four. The thing is, he plays with confidence, never with fear. And other players have confidence in him. He is not playing for a team that’s trying to stay in the Premier League. It is Arsenal, second in the table. It is incredible for someone so young. I know Wilshere is 19 but I remember the best players I managed; Baresi, Maldini, Raul. They all started really young. It is the same talent. But people have to wait. He is young and needs experience in big games, like the Champions League and matches between the big teams in England.”

The manager said this before the youngster’s debut and that’s saying something. To be compared to the likes of Baresi and Maldini is an impressive comparison and for me, he is a player in form and deserved  his chance.

The match ended 2-1 to England and after a sloppy start, England came back to win with goals from Darren Bent and Ashley Young – with Theo Walcott getting an assist for Bent’s equaliser. Wilshere started in a midfield holding role alongside Frank Lampard. With Wayne Rooney dropping back and Milner also playing from deep, we had our way with the midfield and Wilshere did a good job marshalling the opposition attack, whilst

also finding time to move forward, run towards goal and spring some excellent passes – reminiscent of Pirlo in his prime!

When Capello says he is building the team around Wilshere – he literally is – with the Arsenal midfielder in the middle of everything good…

After the game, the manager had some positive words:

“I am happy with the result and the performance of some players. Wilshere in the first half played with confidence and it was an interesting debut”

And the player was also happy about his performance:

“It’s great to play for your country and I am delighted with my first start and I’m glad it was a win,” he said. “It was a difficult game but we kept the ball well and it’s great to play with players like that, they make it easy. Not going forward was tough but it’s quite similar to the role I play at Arsenal and I will play anywhere for my country.”

For me, Jack is miles above the likes of Scott Parker and Gareth Barry – and come the next game, I can see no reason why he won’t play in the middle of the park – I was glad that Parker got a run out as he is definitely a player who has deserved his place ahead of Jenas, Huddlestone and the like.

In other friendlies, Sagna got 90 minutes for France and despite a knock or two, completed the game – and even Abou Diaby got 30 minutes – which can only be good for the lad. With Diaby suspended from domestic football for 3 games following his sending off, he needs games – I hope he just doesn’t somehow play against Barcelona – that’s the last thing we need.

Rosicky scored a goal – wow! And Arshavin was also decent in his outing for Russia.

As things stand, there are no injuries for any Arsenal players.

I hope I am not corrected….

Til tomorrow, Adios!

  • goonerman

    Theres a article in the sun by steven howard comparing wilshere to eriksen! while eriksen was impressive it is unfair that in the piece jack is portrayed as ok with the odd good pass and eriksen is praised like the next messi!! eriksen played in his favourite role and was up against just a 2 man midfield with jack nor lampard being naturally defensive where as jack was playing in an unfamiliar role as a defensive mid up against a 3 man midfield!! im glad the international is over to be honest i know he probably loved his outing but we know what he is capable of and he can get back to what he does best for us on saturday!

  • http://worldofarsenal.co.uk Josiah

    I heard Djourou is okay and could be fit for saturday, if not surely barcelona? Great news if that is true!

  • Berth

    Dev don’t be biased about jack. He was ok and not too fantastic and for the England team to work the midfield should be

    Lampard – Parker – Gerard.

    That of course in a 4-3-3 formation with gareth and wilshere on the bench with the option of Wilshere replacing Lampard and not Parker or Gerard.

    Sometimes I struggle to understand the idea of Capello’s football style. Does he expect Wilshere to sit behind the back four or does he want to give reasons not to play next time?

    Kudos to Young though. He really should be heading to Liverpool; I like the lad. As for Theo he seems to work too hard in the English squad with little output; whereas in Arsenal he does achieve results with less effort.

  • Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    Sagna had the harder game against a dogmatic 10-man Brasil. Played fantasticly and then came that incident in the 88th or 89th min, which had me worrying. Poor fella!

  • Berth

    What happened TBW?

  • devday

    @ goonerman:
    I saw the comparisons too – Erikson is 18 and Jack is 19, they play in similar roles for their clubs, so there would obviously be a comparison!

    As you said, Jack was playing a DM role when he is an AM, and it was his first start for England.

    I wouldn’t worry what you read in the papers – Jack is an incredible talent, and TBH, we are lucky to have him at the club!

  • devday

    @ Josiah:
    Indeed Djourou is fine now (Thank God!)…
    He is back for Saturday’s game and if rested on Sat will definitely feature on Weds.

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    I think you’re being harsh on Wilshere – he is a real talent and his passing range and vision was excellent yesterday. He had to play so deep and in the words of Capello “play as a centre back”…

    I think Jack will be the heir to the midfield when Lampard / Gerrard leave and will play much higher up the pitch.

  • devday

    @ Thierry Bergkamp-Wright:
    Good news is that Sagna has come through unscathed. He is fit and will surely play on Saturday considering he is suspended on Weds!

  • Berth

    Good response Dev. And am not the type that go harsh on a real talent. My point though is that a talent should be harnesed at areas of strength and not weekness.

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    Am pretty sure the education of Wilshere through Wenger & Capello is to give him defensive grounding before moving him higher up the pitch.

    Cesc started very deep, went to the middle and is now at the top of the midfield and I think Jack will follow a similar pattern.

  • Berth

    its not necessary dev

  • Kieran

    @ piresistible:
    Oh, look, another muppet copying and pasting Gooner material.

    Original article: onlinegooner.com/article.php?section=exclusive&id=2073

  • simoonds

    @pires – brilliant post – i hope we can win against wolves

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    Djourou fit!