Arsene is learning…

Indeed, the gaffer has learnt a thing or two very recently – the withdrawals of Van Persie and Cesc from their meaningless International friendlies is a text book Ferguson move, and finally Arsene has done it! Van Persie is suffering an upset stomach and Cesc has a bout of the flu… so both need to rest it out! However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both fit at the end of the week and take their place in the starting line-up against Wolves…

In fact, Ramsey, Djorou and Gibbs have all withdrawn too, in what is finally some consideration from the players for the club – we need them all to be fit and these International friendlies are not very friendly at all…!

It is even more important as we have Wolves on Saturday and then Barcelona next Wednesday – can you believe it’s come around so quick. Having a game at home against the bottom placed team is something you kind of want before Barcelona come to town – but Saturday’s game will be no walk over, look at what Wolves did on the weekend, ending United’s unbeaten run!

The key thing on our mind and Arsene’s mind is to recover from the weekend’s result and focus on this weekend and then Barcelona.

The gaffer saying:

“[We will repair the damage] by focusing on the game, it’s part of our job. We want to do well in the next game. Time helps, focusing on the next game helps and that’s all we can do. We can take a lot of encouragement from Saturday’s game as well. We have played 12 games since January 1 and we have played outstandingly well but to go down to ten men had a psychological impact and certainly a physical one as well.  I don’t remember that [losing a four-goal lead before]. But in the second half, you must say that we were really unlucky with some decisions.”

I think we need to really focus on Saturday – if we turn up with a good performance and a good win, we will be raring to go against Barcelona in the week. The news regarding injuries to Vermaelen and Djourou aren’t great – Vermaelen is out for a further 3-4 weeks but an interesting tweet from John Djourou today…

Hello. Thanks for the support. I was hit on my knee on saturday as you saw it. I’m feeling better.

He is feeling better? That means it may not be serious? If he can be ready for Barcelona, then we will have a huge chance of getting a result!

A very quick one today as I’ve got to head down to the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting later – I’ll give you as much info as I can in tomorrow’s blog – if you want me to ask any questions, give me a shout in the comments and if you want to follow me live during the meeting, follow me on @worldofarsenal or JAT on @j1mm7t

Til tomorrow my friends…

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    The Arsenal have always been and will continue to be loyal and patriotic supporters for national sides needing their players BUT it has come at a very high price:

    1)RVP,Cesc,Bendtner,Walcott,Sagna,Vermaelen,Arshavin,and Clichy have at some time been injured or negatively impacted by their international service. Quite a few missed a good part of the season due to injury or psychological issues encountered while playing for their country.
    2)Arsenal have rarely if ever received compensation or recompense for these losses but they paid the price in lost titles,trophies and wage obligations paying players who are at home in a cast!
    3) When Wenger complains about this in public, pundits, the media and even some managers and fans call him a whiner but they secretly agree with him in private!
    4) We have regularly led the EPL in injuries season after season and are then called fragile, not tough enough, spineless, whiners, boys not men, etc.
    5) I hope Wenger and the players come to some clandestine agreement when Arsenal are asked to send players to participate in a meaningless ¨friendly¨ that is held to make FIFA and the participating clubs richer. We can’t rely on the Nationla managers,FIFa or the national associations to use common sense and protect the clubs’ valuable assets so lets do that ourselves and f**k those wankers.

  • Aussie Gooner Dave

    The meeting will be interesting. Look forward to hearing something back.
    Sounds like decent news from JD. I’ve everything on my body crossed. Without JD we are going to struggle to hold Messi & co. Kossie is a completely different player when JD is playing alongside him. Kossie & JD were supreme in the 1st half on Saturday and as soon as JD went off he became nervous and shaky. I’m sorry but Squid is a dud.

    Also, living in Oz we get most of the games live between midnight and 6am in the morning. The other morning I watched Swansea V Cardiff. Rambo is back. He was superb. Get him back ASAP AW! Go the mighty Gooners

  • yemi

    @ Dev : Where is the whole WOA team ? Been a while since i saw anything from Debs, JAT and Will scott !!!

    And i hope Djourou is OK for Wednesday, Lets manage squilacci for saturday. We can play Song(if he is OK), Denilson and wilshire for extra cover

  • Thierry Bergkamp-Wright


    I doubt both RvP and Fábregas would start against Wolves, with the more crucial Barcelona game, just 4 days later. I, for one, wouldn’t risk ’em in anycase. I’d be even more ecstatic, if Djourou and Nasri made miraculous recoveries for the Barça thriller. Lord knows, we desperately, need all fully fit.

    Recalling Ramsey back for the Wolves match, would also be a statement of intent (with Denilson on the bench, just incase). And starting him in place of Wilshere alongside Song. Thus enabling Jack Wilshere to the recuperation badly needed for the following Wednesday.

  • Trevor

    the problem is the DEFENCE – WENGER AAARRGGHH

  • Arsefan101

    @ Aussie Gooner Dave:
    Good to hear about Ramsey’s return, I hope he pans out well in the next couple of games – can he come back?

  • Arsefan101

    @ Thierry Bergkamp-Wright:
    So you would play Chamakh and Rosicky instead? Aren’t you asking for trouble?
    I suppose we could play Chamakh up top, Bendtner, Arshavin and Walcott in the middle.

    Any news on Nasri or Djourou?

  • Kieran

    @ theusualsuspect:
    Nice of you to copy and paste directly from the Online Gooner.

  • theusualsuspect


  • yemi

    @ theusualsuspect:

    No Guts, No Glory
    By Simon Jailler

    Gunners lacking in certain respects

  • snehalbumbhatt

    As usual, most arsenal fans offer is excuses. The fact is we blew a 4nill lead
    GOD HAVE MERCY!!!! And, its not the first time, as a matter of fact, it has become worst.

    Some people are saying we have the easiest run in compared to MANU but we all know what happened last season.

    A little pressure and we break in two, the subs had zero impact, I bet new castle loose this weekend.

    BUT arsenal fans that’s not the worst part, Djourous injury takes the prize ,my little nephew could have told us this would happen and he is only 5.

    I predicted no new defender would come in and that wenger would say we have in-house cover and all predictions came to fruit.

    How the hell could this mad man not see we needed cover, Am angry cause wenger keeps screwing us over every year, am sick and tired of his cheap, stingy, and low ways.
    He’s applying total economic to every aspect of our football and its crippling us.

    Arsenals wage bill is one of the top four in england and the tickets the most expensive yet we win nothing and get excuses and shit performances.

    We spend 20 mill on a whole heap of young players may be even more and only 1 comes through or in some cases none or their always injured or take a whole heap of time to mature.Vanpersie is proof of that and the list can go on, Now this new signing from Asia, lets talk about now, he can’t help us this season.

    Now were stuck with two defenders who can’t help each other if one goes down then it will be song back there which breaks the chemistry of the team, wenger you make me sick.
    Even though TV came back it will take a while for him to be back to his best.

    This is the most crucial time of the season and were having problems we just could have avoided
    why did you not spend that money you used for the kid from Asia and buy a defender you maverick, we already have a whole lot of kids that cost us a whole lot of money and are useless to us now. How much of these young players become world beaters, a very few, YET we waste a whole lot of money on them. Look at clichy he should be in his prime but look he has gone back-words.
    and some want him out for gibbs to take his place, Hence all the money we spent on clichy really reaped limited returns.

    Wenger your a gambler you’ve gambled with arsenal and the fans for too long.

    You wenger are at the most privilege club in the world, any other club you would have been history
    so please get it right you have been given enough time.

    Am not sold on the in “ARSENE WE TRUST” crap produce the results or NEXT………..

    BUT FANS that’s my view.

    what the hell do i know?

  • Thierry Bergkamp-Wright


    Honestly, against Wolves, I would play either 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 using the following players. And have Wilshere, Walcott, Fábregas on, somewhere around 20-30mins.:

    Szczesny; Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs; Song, Ramsey, Rosicky; Bendtner, Arshavin, Chamakh

    Afterall, in November the line-up below was able to win 0-2 away from home. With Chamakh scoring both goals.

    Fabianski, Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Clichy, Fabregas, Rosicky, Song, Wilshere, Arshavin, Chamakh

  • Berth

    you lots naming Ramsey; where do u guys get information.

  • Thierry Bergkamp-Wright


    Very simple. From you can read for yourself that Ramsey pulled out the Welsh friendly squad, which leads one to conclude the possibility of his recall from Cardiff, is greater now than ever before. Half of our Defensive Midfielders are injured (Song, Denilson), Diaby has a 3 match suspension (excluding the Barça game), which makes Wilshere the last man standing.

    If we assume that Song will recover to start on Saturday, Wilshere, potentially could be unavailable due to fatigue from International friendly duty). Either way cover for Both he and Song would be sought.

    Still not convinced? A couple of days ago, Aaron Ramsey had an impressive match (Swansea v Cardiff)which was televised (plus assisted Bellamy with the only goal). He was his usual lively self. No doubt Wenger would have seen it too. Trust me, Aaron is more than ready to pull on an Arsenal shirt.

    Do you not agree???

  • Kieran

    @ theusualsuspect:
    Wow, two copy and pastes from two different sites all in the comments in one post? Why do you do it?

    @ dev:
    Can’t you block/ban theusualsuspect he just makes it difficult to read the actual comments from the people who bother to write their own stuff.