1 Point Closer To United

I don’t really want to waste too much time dwelling over Saturday, I think everything that could be said has been said. Both the sending off of Diaby and the injury to Djourou affected us badly, coupled with one of the worst refereeing performances I’ve ever seen in top of a wonder goal from Tiote (a player who just recently has resembled the new Nigel Quashie). Its vitally important that the team build a siege mentality now, that they believe the whole world is against them and so they stop making stupid fucking clumsy challenges in the box and score 6 goals before they capitulate 4 goals.

Every none Arsenal fan I know got caught up in the hysteria of the Newcastle comeback, and most have initially confused my referee complaints with bias or sour grapes. I’m not – the referee also incorrectly disallowed a perfectly valid Newcastle goal, it just happens that most of the bad decisions went against us. A soft second penalty, every free kick you could possibly give, he even gave a corner for a blatent goal kick and booked our keeper for being suplexed into the floor. Incredibly awful. Even Graham Fucking Poll thinks so.

One thing the game highlighted (again) is that Squillaci and Koscielny are simply not a good partnership. Both need to play alongside a rock of some sort – Squillaci even manages to make Djourou play well under his level, so the inexperienced Koscielny has no chance. And now Djourou is being shipped on to Switzerland to visit a clinic, where he will be put to sleep to dream about winning medals forever. Presumably they will bury him next to Thomas Vermaelen.

Essentially we’re pretty much fucked. Song isn’t a central defender, and if Song plays in defence that means he isn’t playing in his regular position, Denilson is and that means we have two players playing in positions they can’t play in.

Still it could be worse, we could have to rely on Jonathan Woodgate, a player who took a full year to make his debut for Madrid after signing for £13.4m in 2004 only to score an own goal and get sent off. Talking of terrible debuts….

FernandLOL Torres let me down – anticipating him to score a hat trick and then kiss the badge in front of the Scousers fell short. He had two shots and a largely uninterrupted sulk. Apparently Carragher has become the target of a metropolitan police investigation after every body realised he had £50m in his pocket for 90 minutes. It’s too early to tell just how effective he’ll be for Chelsea, but the fact that a team with Drogba/Anelka/Torres managed just one shot on target speaks volumes both about Chelsea’s creativity in midfield and Liverpool’s belief and organisation in defence.

I watched the Old Firm derby, I enjoy watching amateur football occasionally, and it lived up to it’s reputation. I was hoping for a bit of Kyle

Bartley, instead Rangers played a 40 year old David Weir instead. I can see why, you don’t want a young lad in the middle against you biggest rivals after just a week of training with the team, only Arsene Wenger pulls stunts like that. It was quite a good game all told.

Fantastically a player got sent off for diving. Well, it was a second yellow. You may remember before me complaining about referees holding back on cards when a player has already been booked, instead waiting for an “orange” type infringement, a second yellow worthy of a red. Well, the referee didn’t bottle it, it was a clear dive, a clear yellow and he sent him off. Excellent.

I’ll be honest, you hear a lot of bollocks about Scottish refereeing, but the referee got 99% of the decisions right, he was well placed at all times and despite handing out 400 yellow cards and two reds, kept the match largely under control in a difficult atmosphere. Contrast that to the hapless cretin we had to put up with on Saturday, I’d say Neil Lennon has never had it so good.

Do you want cheering up? Ryo Miyaychi, Arsenals new signing (who had to go on loan immediately due to a work permit issue) made his debut for Feyenoord on Sunday. Kid looks good – consider that he has effectively only ever played Japanese University football up until now. Check the highlights here.

Finally, thankfully, the great Manchester United unbeaten run has been beaten. By Wolves. I won’t laugh too much as we’re playing them on Saturday, but fucking hell am I glad that shower of shit was stopped in it’s tracks. The only thing worse than Manchester United remaining unbeaten so far this season was Richard Keys wanking himself off over it on Television every week. Well, first he got sacked and now finally someone has had the luck swing in their direction enough to nail the coffin on that dream shut for another year. It was only galling because this is the weakest Manchester United team I’ve seen in years, dreadful in the midfield and worse at the back than Arsenal at times, somehow they’ve managed to get to February without losing. In fact, had we not conceded 4 second half goals on Sunday, they’d have conceded one more than us, but we did, so they haven’t.

Oh, and also…. Interpol are not investigating Satuday’s game, or Rosicky, or unfortunately Phil Dowd. They might however be investigating the sudden disappearance of our back four, an unexplained absence that lasted 45 minutes on Saturday afternoon from about 4pm. Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter which stems from a French website that is largely the equivalent of Goal.com (eg. shit). They got the Nasri transfer right a few years ago, and little since. If you make a million guesses, one of them might be right.

  • yemi

    LOL, Nice and timely post kieran. Just what was needed !!!!

    ” Apparently Carragher has become the target of a metropolitan police investigation after every body realised he had £50m in his pocket for 90 minutes. ” Made laff hy head off !!!

  • yemi

    I think Song should be back for the next game, the official website said he will miss Saturdays game(which he did)

    With Djourou out (for how long ?), what do we do about our central Defense ???

  • buxcey

    One of the WORST performances I have ever seen from a set of officials! No complaints about the sending off as Diaby is an idiot and deserved it although Barton is a really nasty piece of work. But two NON-penalties and even Newcastle had a legitmate goal disallowed for offside. Players booked when they shouldn’t have been and players not booked when they should. Totally disgraceful and worthy of an investigation into whether this man is fit to be a referee for the Premiership

  • bayo

    Once again wenger has demonstrated that he does not care abt the trophy but money. We had a whole window to get in a defender but he said he cant pay another defender for 4 years now probably djourou is out for the season.
    Which kind of manager puts a season in jeopardy by relying on a player that did not play for a whole season and another defender that has been injured and had to undergo surgery.

    Now we have 2 defenders who have not played in the premier league before going to the tail end of the season….WHO IS AT FAULT AGAIN.



  • Goonerman

    How can everyone start going on a mad one over wenger not buying another CB in the window?? by the end of the window squilacci, kosclieny and djourou were all fit and vermaelen was about 3 weeks away. wenger is not a fortune teller and he did not know djourou was going to get injured again and before you all say he is a sick note anyway he has shown no signs of getting injured before saturday. its just bad luck and we were due our bit of injury bad luck as we havent had it to bad so far.

  • theusualsuspect

    I think the question we should be asking ourselves is “can we fuck up a top 4 finish”? the answer most definitely being yes.
    With Kos and Squillachi looking likely to be our CB pairing for a while to come (anyone believing TV will be back soon will be disappointed), Al only an injury away from being back between the sticks and a morale crushing heavy loss to Barca pending, it could well happen.
    Add to this our awful home form, the spuds grinding out results and the mousers new found belief and I don’t think a top 4 finish is by any means guaranteed.
    This is why Wenger will now be praying that he can win the tinpot carling cup, he can then use that as this seasons “success”.
    So I am going to say it and you can all slate me for not being a “true fan” But if I ask myself in all honesty “do I want us to win the Carling Cup? Then the answer is probably NO.
    Enough is enough, and I don’t care what misfortune or failure we have to endure, if the means finally justify the ends and we are rid of this lying, pathetic excuse of a man.

  • yemi

    I was scared of RVP and cesc going on international duty.

    Thank God they have pulled out

  • Berth

    Not even a single website showing or bloggings stating an apology from Diaby. Where is the discipline folks

  • bayo

    @gooner man….. I think u have become so far away from the truth or you have refused to see the truth. Djourou came back from 12 months injury and wenger himself said he cant risk him for alot of matches. As for vermaelen, the surgery was done during the transfer window so wenger has no excuse for not bringing someone in.
    The truth is that he knows he is untouchable thats why he brought in the likes of silvestre and squillaci, which coach in his right mind would buy silvestre.

    Our season would soon be over and he would do thesame thing next season. WENGER IS OVER DOING THINGS.

  • goonerman

    Bloody hell your all like a bunch of drama queens. if your seriously worrying about dropping out of the top 4 at this stage of the season then i would suggest you give up following the gooners!!

  • arseneknows

    Arsenal for the title – totally believe we can do it!!

    it’s ours!