Transfer Mayhem / Sticky Toffees (Everton Preview)

Morning, apologies one and all, I missed my slot yesterday. The office was like London in the blitz, if you moved the blitz forward in time to just after the apocalypse. Period end, you see.

So there was some Arsenal related transfer news, and it did involve a defender. However, much to nobodies surprise it didn’t involve us buying anybody, rather already on loan Kyle Bartley has been loaned up to Rangers in middle earth. I don’t know what to make of that, he was playing every week for Sheffield and earning praise from opposition fans up and down the country, and now he’s going to sit on the bench in the rain in Scotland. Hmm… I wonder if it is in any way a sweetener for a potential summer deal for Madjid Bougherra.

I guess the big news of yesterday was Fernando Torres moving to Chelsea it what can only be considered Chelsea’s final push for the Champions League (remember, Torres is not cup tied and is perfectly eligible to play). The squad is ageing and certainly looking threadbare when Lampard is out – the addition of Torres must surely be the final throw of the dice for Abramovich, chasing the dream of European glory. It’s an interesting move for Chelsea and surely also marks the beggining of the end for Drogba. It’s difficult to see how the players will fit into the current system, and Chelsea don’t have the personnel for a 4-4-2. So Who will play on the wide of the top 3? Anelka can, but Torres or Drogba? I’m not so sure. Whatever you think of the move, the cash has certainly raised eyebrows. £50m? For a sulky git badly affected by two seasons of perma-injury and bad form?

Andy Carroll has stepped into Torres tiny shoes with his own leviathan sized boots at Liverpool for an equally staggering £35m. I guess, in a way, if Torres had gone for £30m, and Carroll for £15m it wouldn’t have been so mental sounding, and Liverpool would be in the same position as now – 1 in, 1 out and £15m profit. Newcastle have ultimately won though, pocketing £35m for a player who only managed 17 goals in the championship last season and who injured himself on a bar stool whilst pissed out of his tiny mind. Carroll will also do fairly well with a sizeable wage increase, a series of self defence lessons from Stevie, and a home in the only city on earth where his haircut is actually fashionable.

Putting the moves into perspective…
Torres = £50m
Carroll = £35m
Szczesny + Clichy + Djourou + Vermaelen + Sagna + Nasri + Walcott + Fabregas + Song + Wilshere + RVP = £44m

Manchester United fans will be happy at least, after the club stood firm against several big money offers for the services of Howard Webb.

A quick note on the Huddersfield game: breaking news from the referees camp, suggesting the referee didn’t give a red card when he gave the penalty as the player fouled was Nick Bendtner and so it was unclear whether or not it was a goalscoring opportunity, even from 7 yards. I’ve read a bit about Cesc asking for the red card and I’ve read plenty saying he was right to do so. He wasn’t. The referee isn’t going to change his mind because a player tells him to, in fact he can’t be seen to be bowing to pressure, so he is even less likely to change his mind. It leaves a bad taste seeing any player ask for a fellow professional to be sent off, and it’s something I fully believe Cesc should cut out of his game.

Anyway, enough of the past, into the future with Arsenal playing host to Everton tonight! Everton have been a strange team so far this season, putting in decent performances and terrible performances, consistency not being the word for anything much at all Evertonian – however they have hit a stride of sorts, entering reasonable form and they are a hard working solid team.

I suspect Arsenal will make only one change (necessitated by injury) from the team that beat Wigan, Nasri having triple fucked his hamstring chasing a lunatic long ball from Almunia at the weekend. I’d expect him to be replaced by Bendtner. Arshavin has more talent, Bendtner is scoring…. which of them plays I’m not 100% byut I expect the Russian will be sat looking forlorn on the bench.

Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy
Song Cesc Wilshere
Walcott van Persie Bendtner

It’s entirely possible he might try pushing Robin to the left and drafting in Chamakh, but I suspect he fancies Bendtner more and it would make better sense keeping Robin central so that he may continue and build upon his form.

The important thing is this team is on fire, unlike the stuttering second string, so it’s vital we keep the first 11 as settled as possible before massive games against Barcelona or the Carling Cup final. Last season we gained a point with a late equaliser, we need to put that to bed and get three points to maintain a solid challenge for the title – there’s still a long way to go, and with City/Chelsea strengthening, it’s not going to get any easier.

Fingers crossed, @kieran_delaney

  • patrick

    I sincerely hope this doesnt come back to bite us and we have the usual drivel from the dunce of a manager –

  • Kieran

    @ patrick:
    Give us a clue fella, what will come back to bite us, other clubs signing players for insane amounts of cash?

    For once I was relieved to be an Arsenal fan on deadline day, I knew we wouldn’t get involved in the madness.

  • BergkampBurger

    Torres = £50m
    Carroll = £35m
    Szczesny + Clichy + Djourou + Vermaelen + Sagna + Nasri + Walcott + Fabregas + Song + Wilshere + RVP = £44m

    Wow, that is incredible!

    P.S. Surely Arshavin ahead of Bendtner?

  • patrick

    So Wenger hasn’t bought. He thinks we have enough in the squad. IMO the following needs to happen to allow us to win the League / Champions League.

    – Vermaelen comes back from injury in 2-3 weeks and slots straight back into the team.
    – Kos and Djourou stay fit and play well in each game.
    – Fabregas and VP stay fit for the whole season.
    – Arshavin returns to form.
    – Nasri is only out for 3 weeks and does not have a recurrence.
    – Scezsney stays No 1 for the rest of the season and doesn’t drop any clangers.
    – Song and Wilshere stay fit for the rest of the season
    – Bendtner, Chamakh and co chip in with important goals when needed.
    – Theo stays fit as our ‘impact man’.
    – Chelsea take points off United (probably need to beat them twice).
    – We either beat Barcelona or don’t go into one of our normal slumps if we get knocked out.
    – We win the Carling Cup.

    Can we realistically see all of this happening?

  • BergkampBurger

    @ Kieran:
    How on earth is Carroll worth £35m? Isn’t Bendtner worth at least the same??

    I am so glad we didn’t buy anyone – the transfer market is crazy.

  • Kieran

    @ patrick:
    That is the same for any team. Take Silva, Tevez & K.Toure out of City, take Rooney, Vidic and Nani out of United, take Terry, Lampard and Drogba out of Chelsea, hell take Messi, Puyol and Xavi out of Barca and all those clubs would struggle.

    What do you suggest, two world class 11’s just in case? What happens if both world class right backs get injured, you’re still back to Eboue.

    @ BergkampBurger:
    Bendtner is on scoring form and Arshavin still looks out of sorts. I genuinely believe Bendy will get the nod ahead of Arshavin.

  • Fo

    @ patrick:
    Yes, that can easily happen.
    In fact, add in…
    – Ramsey to come back and feature in the last 2 months of the season, performing well
    – We can also beat United at the Emirates to close the gap
    – Also, Diaby can get back to form / stay injury free too…!

  • Arsefan101

    @ Kieran:
    The thing is – if we get Cesc, Nasri and RvP injured, then we have Bendtner, Rosicky (Spent force) and Arshavin (lost it)… if Djourou is injured then we have Squillaci.

    Whereas United have Berbatov, Rooney & Hernandez who are all playing very well. Chelsea now have Anelka, Drogba AND Torres…

    The worry for us must be if RvP and Cesc get injured. If they stay fit, we can slot in around them.

    Think Arsh will start tonight.

  • patrick

    @kieran – Mate, I’m not gonna slag you off for your optimism but surely you can’t believe that the way we scraped a win at the weekend can in any way cover up how short we are in the centre of defence?

    Do you really believe that players like Squillaci, Denilson, Rosicky etc are good enough for Arsenal should we be unlucky with injuries or need to rotate?

    Go on, convince me

  • patrick

    ANd What has wenger to do to be proved right ? Win the league simple as. Anything less is totally unacceptable no matter what some deluded fools say We are within touching distance of winning our first league since 2004 and wenger refuses to do what every man, woman and child knows he needed to do and that was strengthening a squad that is paper thin in crucial area’s. As a result of that falling short is not an option and is unacceptable in my opinion and should result in immediate dismissal.

    As far as I am concerned we gave up on the champs lge as soon as wenger’s pricking about with team selections cost us top spot in our group (we all knew we would draw barca didnt we ? ). Yes we are still in with a shout in fa cup and have a great chance to win the beer cup (yippee ) but the bottom line is that the best teams win the leagues and the secondary competitions (fa cup and beer cup) can be won by 2nd class teams (like the scum). I would have accepted coming up short in our title bid if we had of actually brought in some proven talent but we simply have to show that level of ambition and this is something we no longer do

    Anyway it is one thing to defend wenger on a lack of signings but another thing entirely to point to the 35m deal for andy carroll as a vindication of wenger’s lack of buying and frankly it is an embarrassing statement to make We made 56m profit last season alone and that money could and should have been used to bring in at least 2 quality players. We didnt look for wenger to overspend on an outdated english style football thug but we looked for him to sign a much needed quality centre back and defensive midfielder and yes the market may well be inflated but sometimes if you need something badly enough (and we do) then you have to pay over the odd’s to get it – the bottom line is when you pay peanuts you get monkeys and I am pretty sure that if you look up the definition of monkeys in a football handbook you will see the names of squillachi, denilson and diaby (to name just 3) in there

  • Simon

    i love it how arsenal fan blame wenger for the way he runs the show at arsenal. would you prefer him to spend 50mill on a player then if he still doesnt win anything and the club runs at a loss would you be happy? he runs a pretty tight budget and i think he does a pretty good. he is consistent. that is good business.

  • Tony Boy

    Patrick is absolutely spot on, could not be more right. I am so fed up with our club not doing the bloody obvious and the simple. I agree that we should not spend stupid money and love the fact that we are sustainable and not effectively bankrupt like Man U.

    But come guys there is a balance to be had here we are a football club and our aim is to win things. We are not a medium size corproate business who are trying to make the footsie 250! Pay some debt back and spend some that we can afford to spend.

    Two signings – centre back who knows how to defend and a midfielder who can put their foot on the ball (not keep losing it like Denilson) and be tough when required – then the league is ours no question – Wegenger wake up!

  • theusualsuspect

    Wenger made a very telling comment yesterday, he said “We don’t have to start prioritising games yet”

    That means that at some point, he is going to play a very weak team in an ‘important’ match just to rest players for another match he see’s as more important. There’s a fair chance that the match he plays a ‘weaker’ team in will be the Carling Cup final because it’s in between the Barca games and two important league matches at home. I am amazed people still think the cup is ours because it’s Birmingham. I think it will be a very very close final and if we lose it, along with losing to Barca (because that is 100% guaranteed), then a losing streak will quite likely follow as history has proven that time and again with Arsenal.

    So rather than making a statement about having to prioritise games Wenger, you could have signed the players necessary to let us push on in all 4 competitions but no, the dictator says we’ll do it his way – the proven way…..of losing that is. You senile old muppet Wenger.

  • Kodjo

    @ theusualsuspect

    What makes you think that we are going to lose to barca…they may be favourite on paper but we have a good chance of winning.

    Wenger is paid to make decisions and he has made them whether we like it or not… all of the time…

    Where were you when he put this team together??? were you around to propose other players that Wenger could have signed other than RVP, Arshavin, Nasri, Clichy, Cesc,Walcott, Song, Wilshere,Sagna,JD etc???

    Yes when there are injuries you have to start prioritising…beside there other details/issues about the team that only insiders know….it always looks different from the outside…some players have been known to play with niggling injuries bcos they somehow are able to…others simply cannot and it is sometimes down to a player’s physiological makeup

  • Vazy

    had a bit of a chuckle when i saw this.. look who is February on Newcastle’s Official Calender



  • Arsefan101

    @ Vazy:
    LOL… still can’t get over the £35m!

  • Vazy

    @ Arsefan101
    the worst thing is my housemate has has one… he was so angry yesterday and just said he wanted to forget it all, he went mental when he turned over the page to reveal Mr.Feb this morning.. he went mental

    deadline day desperation… mental prices.. all in Mike Ashleys pocket

  • arseneknows

    @ patrick:
    mate you’re talking like a terrified man and i’m not sure what the point is?? at this moment we are in 4 competitions – scoring loads and conceding very very few in the league – we suddenly look like we have a brilliant first 11 who could beat anyone – WHAT IS THE POINT in ranting and ranting and ranting about what we’re not going to be able to do??? Chill out! we haven’t not do it yet……..

    My question to Patrick is;
    What is the point in your moaning? what will it achieve? (the moaning) – especially since we are doing so well?

    Are you just a moaner who moans about stuff like the weather? and litter? and the price of beans and happy people or what??

    Speak to the World Patrick?

  • Arsefan101

    I am READY for the game!! Come on you Reds!!

  • Arsefan101

    @ Vazy:
    SSN Headline – Mike Ashley set to give Alan Pardew the full £35m to strengthen in the summer – isn’t that like giving wool to a kitten – he’ll go mental…

    I’d expect him to buy Konchesky for £10m.

  • Vazy


  • Vazy

    wow the ref and the linesmen seem to have been paid off quite severely!

  • Vazy

    good result, glad of the comeback!

  • arseneknows

    once again it’s tumble weed silence on ‘World’ as arsenal hatters have nothing positive to say about our extremely important win!

    No wonder it’s so quiet at the ground – way too many negative supporters!

    Brilliant result Arsenal – so important and so impressive to see such fight!

    Also massive to see Arshavin, Bendtner and Diaby play very well when they can on! amazing reminder to people like @Patrick about how strong we are!!

    COME ON support the club