The Ah, Arsenal Way (Arsenal 1 – 2 Birmingham)

Shit. Shitty shit. Not really much to say about yesterday. Arsenal didn’t play very well, and Birmingham looked good for their win. Considering we should probably have been down to 10 men and conceded a penalty in the first 5 minutes we had our fair share of luck and still managed to lose it the … [Read more…]

Arsenal 1 – 0 Stoke City

Good evening folks. A quick round-up of yesterday’s game and other news as the WOA team looks forward to Dev’s big 30th Birthday weekend (Happy 30th Dev!). How many times can I tell you that he’s 30 in one sentence? Just kidding Dev (Grandpa). Condensing yesterday’s game into a small paragraph or two won’t be … [Read more…]

Late To Orient

I’m going to start by saying the unpopular though. Leyton Orient were pretty poor. There, I’ve said it. They weren’t great, they sat back, they defended for 89 minutes and looked content to lose 1-0 instead of gambling on conceding a second or scoring themselves. No one told the lad up front though and he … [Read more…]

Leyton Orient v Arsenal – The Preview

From Barcelona at the Emirates to Leyton Orient at the Matchroom Stadium – those are the two ends of the spectrum and this game will help us to land back on planet Earth and focus us back to our bread and butter – the domestic leagues and cups! So, off to Leyton Orient, and hopefully it … [Read more…]

The Day After The Day After The Day After The Big Win…

Morning fellow Gooners… It’s the day after the day after the day after the big win…. and I am still enjoying it – beyond belief… everyone’s insistent on telling me to “wait until the Nou Camp”… and I say… youuuuuuuu shutttttttuppppppp…. we just beat Barcelona – dubbed “the best team of the decade”… a team … [Read more…]

Arsenal vs Barcelona – Are You Ready???

Are you ready? A question that all fans will answer……… “Of course I’m ready”…. But the real question is whether the team is ready. We’ve had many false dawns – defining moments – those pre-match talks where Arsene says “we will show you all and produce something special” and then end up going 2-0 down … [Read more…]

All Wolves, No Bite

I don’t know if many of you play video games at all, but recently I’ve been playing Dead Space 2. It’s basically John Terry: The Game. Loads of long armed John Terry’s come rushing up to you and try to climb on top of you whilst you’re trying to play the game. If shooting things … [Read more…]