Buying A Defender Could Win Us The Title…

Morning Fellow Gooners, Today I am writing the blog with the help of “Lady WOA” who is talking to me about aliens and monsters and how they are in a film together. Whilst I maintain some sort of interest, I am actually thinking about the defensive crisis that is imminently looming. I’m not one who … [Read more…]

Wet Spam, Chopped.

Super Sunday yesterday ended up not being quite so super in the end then. 4 premiership games, 3 derbies and United/Spurs, meant that the day was destined to hold some kind of excitement. Except it didn’t really. 4 draws, the so called ‘game of the day’ ending 0-0. I guess that’s football. Rewind to Saturday, … [Read more…]

Dirty Leeds. Living In Yorkshire.

Morning. So Arsenal drew with dirty Leeds. By the skin of our teeth, and living less than 30 minutes from Leeds it’s all I’ve heard about. When Leeds fans tell you they have a massive support it’s true – everyone in Yorkshire support Leeds because everything else is so dull and grey it’s the only … [Read more…]