The morning (afternoon) after the night before…

Hi! This will be a quick one. Kieran cannot post today due to some internet failure, but might be posting something tomorrow, so apologies on his behalf.

So yesterday, huh? Before the game, I’m sure everyone’s thoughts were along the lines of: ‘It’s only Huddersfield. We should score at least 3!’. And after the first goal went in, I bet even the Huddersfield players might have feared for the worst!

But it is Arsenal, afterwards. We LOVE making things hard for ourselves. Majority of our games have to be pulsating, nail-biting, heart-attack-inducing, regardless of the opposition. Good value for money if we win,  I say! But yeah, in honour of this nature of ours, our dearest Mr Squillaci committed a silly foul in the first-half, a last-man foul according to the referee, leading to his dismissal.

I couldn’t watch the game on tv, so listened on the radio majority of the time, and from the moment Squillaci got sent off, it was all Huddersfield. A combination of poor defending, poor shooting accuracy, good defending, good goalkeeping meant we led at half-time. But the wave of pressure was relentless in the second half and they finally equalised.

The match was fairly comical on our part, what with us almost being reduced to 9 mine with Denilson I think it was, having pulled up injured, with either cramps or a hamstring injury. But like the trooper he is, he continued playing, not that he was able to contribute much, but better to play with 9 and a half men than 9 men, eh? Nasri got injured in similar fashion in the first half I think it was, and the club have confirmed that he’ll be out for two/three weeks. 2 months it is then. Massive shame though, as he’s most likely going to miss the Barca game at the Emirates! I’m beginning to see a pattern from last season…

But yeah, like with all good scripts, out hero came on later on and saved the day with a dodgily-won penalty, I hear. Regardless of how it was won, it was scored, meaning we avoided yet another cup replay! Poor huddersfield, though. They’d given us a run for our money. Although the behaviour of their players on Twitter afterwards suggests we ought to afford them no sympathy! But Benik Afobe’s on loan there at the moment, so I guess we have to play nice.

Regardless of the fact that we were pushed by a League One team, it was a cracking cup-tie. That’s how all cup-ties should be. And now it’s on the next round. We play Leyton Orient away in the 5th round, which should be another good game.  So long as we win, I do not mind there being unbelievable drama!

Enough about yesterday though, and today’s January 31st. Ring any bells? It probably won’t, seeing as we hardly ever participate! Today’s only the January transfer window deadline day. The window shuts at 11pm apparently. Very odd time. But I guess that gives clubs longer to sign players, or in our case, more time for those wanting a new signing to moan about our lack of activity.

I’m not going to worry about us signing or not signing anyone, but will definitely be following the action! You can too, here! Torres to Chelsea for £50m? Andy Carroll to Liverpool (£30m having been rejected already by Newcastle)?

Should be a good one! Just don’t go about expecting any Arsenal signings…

  • Vazy

    this stuff with carrol, torres and the such is mental

  • devday

    It’s quite interesting too see so many other clubs throw money away – Carroll? £35m? More than Tevez, Silva, more than players like Henry – twice the amount of our record transfer fee…

    Knowing that we’re not going stupidly crazy is quite reassuring!!!

  • Vazy

    35 mil? its touted as exceeding that + addons..

    there isnt anyone out there for us today… aside from spending 30 mil on a 15 mil priced player

  • Flamez

    good post, not sure ud be sayin 9 1/2 better than 9 if denilson had made a mistake and given them an equiliser though

  • goonerman

    What liverpool are willing to pay for andy carrol who is a promising player yet has a lot still to prove with a single cap for england is astonishing. 35 million is a crazy amount of money. the good thing about this is that it truely puts into perspective what a joke barcelona are when they honestly value cesc fabregas at only 35 million euros.
    a european and world cup winner with nearly 70 caps for his country at only 23 years old. it actually annoys me that they has the cheek to try it on with us for such a pathetic amount, if valuations have gone that mad then comapring cesc fabregas to torres and carrol he has to be worth around the 60million mark. transfer market is becoming a joke and like you say dev i am actually happy we have a bit of sense and dont ruin our club by spending these stupuid sums.

    One of the most amazing things i kind of worked out is that chelsea are spending around 50 million for torres just to try and catch up with us in the league yet our first team including players like; van persie, nasri, theo, fabregas and vermalen probably didnt cost wenger much more than 60 million quid. whoever wants to give him stick that just proves what a genius the man is.

  • Vazy

    isnt carroll ijured? how can he pass a medical?

  • bayo

    Am disappointed in arsene for not buying a central back in this transfer window, it has shown clearly that finances come before football in arsenal.I believe this would be the failure of the team cus we cant use 3 defenders for a season in the hope of vermalens recovery.

    This happened last season when we needed a striker but arsene failed to do anything bcus he was waiting on van persie. Not to worry we would win the carling cup and make noise abt it cus we are used to failure and division 2 players like denilson, diaby, bentner.

    If this players are top class in front of arsene then we dont watch thesame football

  • Kodjo

    I dont think wenger is the kind of manager who buys a player and chucks him out after 1 season…i see him persisting with Squillaci for a while. Just like he has done with numerous players when fans/pundits have written their obituaries….

    I think Squilaci is having a hard time adjusting to the pace and intensity of the league…remember this is his first season…then again i can see fans pointing to Verminator…or to Kos to a lesser extent…who have adpated their games quickly in their maiden season at the club….

    How about Wenger recalling Bartley from Sheffield??? Is he not ready…certainly he couldnt do worse than Squillacci???

  • Gooner Get Ya

    This transfer window could work out well for us Torres going to Chelsea- man U have to play them twice and Newcastle with no Carroll when we play them on Sat may be demoralised at the loss of there main player!!

  • Jeffo

    Bartley has gone to Rangers on loan.

  • Berth

    Lets stop complaining at least judging by this transfer I would say Fab may not go unless for 65 million or 70.

    Now united has to battle Chelsea with Luiz and Torres. At least 4 to 6 points might be dropped and Liverpool at Ant-field isn’t united’s favourite place.

    For Arsenal we are short by at least an extra-body.

  • Berth

    Does the Jan Trans affect us?

  • arseneknows

    We don’t exists, philosophically, in the same world as Liverpool and Chelsea – thank bloody goodness for that!!

    The proper, realistic and intelligent development of our squad over the last 5 years particularly (although at times painful), means that I don’t see us dropping out of the top 3 for the next 10 years (minimum), and see us challenging on all fronts from now on………!!

    Success is in front of us people and when we win big (which we will!), it will be a massive win for football, for prudent thinking, for beauty and for ARSENAL!!

    stay Arsenal – Arsenal people!!


  • richiebacardi

    I totally agree with Vazy!

    When I say on sky sports news….”Arsenal In – None”, a little smile came to my face. However Vazy hit the nail smack bang on the head!