Arsenal vs Ipswich – Semi Final Second Leg Match Preview (0-1 agg)

Are you ready!???!??!?!!!!!!

I said………… Are you ready?!?!!

We are one game away from Wembley – one game away from a cup final and one game away from the opportunity to win our first trophy in a long while… 2005 to be precise… we need to win a trophy soon and when we win one…. surely it’ll be the start of something great!

Shall we go straight into team news!?

The big question is whether Arsene will play a strong line up… of course, we all presume that if he plays the same team as he did on Saturday that we will win with a canter… but the manager will definitely have some reservations about playing Van Persie is so many games in a row. Personally I think he will play Chamakh and why not? Chamakh has been playing very well this season and always does well when called upon.

It’s so tempting to play a reserve-ish side due to the fact that we’re playing lower league opposition – but this is a semi final and we have an FA cup game against Huddersfield now (no disrespect meant)… so I really think this could be a good team to play:


Sagna – Djourou – Koscielny – Gibbs

Wilshere – Song

Walcott – Cesc – Nasri


With a bench of Shea, Eboue, Clichy, Denilson, Arshavin, Bendtner and Van Persie.

There is a possibility that with the thought of resting Van Persie against Huddersfield, he will play him against Ipswich, but shouldn’t the team above be able to beat Ipswich – the only real changes are Clichy for Gibbs and Chamakh for Van Persie… meaning if we’re not winning at half time, we have Van Persie, Arshavin and er…. okay, we just have Van Persie to call on…

Arsene said he will be totally focused on today’s game and will

“I want to do well for the Club in every single competition. To go to the Final we need to produce a very good game tonight and that is what I am focused on. What it means or not in my head is not important at all. I think this team is on a fantastic run, it has a great spirit, a great quality, and I want them to go as far as they can. That is the only important thing at the moment – to mobilise our resources in every single game. That is where our future lies. I don’t know [if one trophy will lead to another]. We want to win everything and at the moment tonight is the Carling Cup so we go for the Carling Cup. Sunday is the FA Cup so we go for the FA Cup. At the end of the season we will see whether we have won trophies but at the moment I think the most important [thing] is to live the moment for us, and not to be looking forward too much.”

Interesting words – it sounds like he could just field the same team that played against Wigan once again. But I’m glad that he is focused on today’s game as he’s right – it is the only game that matters right now… I totally believe that we can win the game and if we do, a trip to Wembley is looming. What a great day out that would be!

One person who is extremely confident about tonight’s match is our new #1, Szcznesy…

“We are confident for the second leg – we are Arsenal and believe we can beat anybody. We have a team from the Championship coming to the Emirates and they probably won’t fancy it too much. But we fancy our chances and are confident we will go through. They have a one-goal advantage, which they will try to defend, but as soon as we score the first goal it will be downhill for them.”

Good fighting talk Szcznezzers! (Somehow I managed to add more Z’s to his name)…

And in other news, in a strange twist of Arsene Wengerness, the gaffer talked about a potential transfer target – doesn’t that usually mean that he’s already signed him, in young Southampton prospect, Chamberlain… Apparently he’s the bees knees, plays on the wing and that’s a position we could really deal with and apparently, he’s only 17…

“We will try now,” Wenger said. “We need an agreement with Southampton. We need an agreement with the player, and we are not the only ones on the case. But we try as hard as we can as I like him as a player.”

With his dad also confirming that he’d like the player to go to Arsenal, a deal could be imminent…

But first tonight’s game!!!

Come on you Gooners!

  • olutoni

    I can wait for the game tonight. Wenger should field the strongest squad and bring in the bench after we are 3 nil up in first half. A trophy is just around the corner.. I’m so optimistic

  • snehalbumbhatt

    Morning.Any thoughts on tonight’s game .Team selection will decide the tie, as it is not a foregone conclusion that we are going to Wembley, though confidence should be sky high,and for that reason alone I would start with the same team as Saturday.Most probably I will be wrong,as Wenger doesn’t always do the logical approach, but we should easily beat Huddersfield on Sunday with literally a second string outfit, so I expect a comprehensive win but more importantly to see a desire from the off,that the players have a belief in reaching the final.If we can’t turn over a one goal deficit we don’t deserve to win,though I expect it to be quite a tight game,and though stating the obvious we need to win by 2 clear goals and I expect the same start as against Wigan with hopefully an early goal to make Ipswich chase the game,otherwise it could be a nervous 90 or possibly 120 minutes.

  • Kieran

    @ snehalbumbhatt:
    I guess it depends on how many “real” fans there are at the game.

    I also would not under-estimate Huddersfield at the weekend. It’s possible we’ll waltz past them, but they are flying high in League 1, with a good team – having seen non-league York hold Bolton for 86 minutes, I don’t think anybody should be as arrogant as to expect a walkover.

    @ olutoni:
    Totally agree – play the strength and sub off, rather than bring it on if we’re struggling – I have always favoured that approach, deny them hope from the start.

    @ devday:
    Good summary mate – I don’t see how he can possibly leave out RVP though – he’s flying and getting confident. He won’t play against Hudd, so I’d love to see him play at least 60 minutes building his confidence further by destroying Ipswich, he’ll have nearly a week to rest until Everton.

  • Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    I can’t see Wenger risking further injuries to van Persie or Djourou tonight. The line-up would look more like this:

    Szczesny, Sagna, Song, Koscielny, Gibbs, Wilshere, Denilson, Fabregas, Chamakh, Nasri, Arshavin

    Arshavin Chamakh Nasri


    Wilshere Denilson
    Gibbs Sagna
    Koscielny Song


  • Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    I also reckon Eboue will play 2/3 games in a row from the Huddersfield game onwards, as we would need him to be match sharp for the critical Barcelona 1st leg. But for now, Sagna should play tonight.

  • BergkampBurger

    @ Kieran:
    I think RvP should be rested and Eboue should play.

  • snehalbumbhatt

    @ Kieran: Exactly right. I hope we have a good crowd tonight. The Wigan Carling cup game was very strange , more like a emirates cup kind of crowd.

    Everyone I know from my block is going so am hoping we have some real noise at the grove tonight.

    Based in Block 8 tonight, though will probably go in my usual seat in Block 6 if I cant stand in 8

    Just wishing the day away now, cant concentrate on my work!

  • yemi

    Preparing to watch the game, Go gooners!!
    We need the strongest team available but i also quite agree with dev, RVP should be rested, Chamack should play upfront as B52 seem not to know what to do with the ball anymore. Chamack is quite industrious(my only BUT for him is having to hold up play ALWYAYS even when there is no need.

    Clichy can also be rested and Song(to come in 2nd half)

  • yemi

    We have to book a ticket to our brightest chance of silverware…..

  • Jeffo

    Nice to the lovely Arsenal haters talking shite on BBC again. God i hate shearer what a cock.

    C’mon Arsenal fuckin hammer em!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Man u are losing 2-0 come on!!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Scratch that it’s 2-2 at man u now. B52 with a cracking goal get in!!!! Make that 2-0 to us woo hoo

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Fucking man u have got 3 now I hate them so much!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    3-0 cesc with a cool finish and Denilson and Arshavin actually did something good…I know amazing.

  • ZimGooner

    … and Bendtner’s prayers were answered…