The Hardest Hat Trick

Morning, before I start blabbing on about Arsenal (or professional football generally) I just wanted to say my Sunday league team, Dinamo Megahorse, beat top of the league York Medics yesterday, 2-1 away. I can’t feel my legs anymore, and we played like Manchester City at home in the Manchester derby with 10 men behind the ball. We won with the last kick of the game as well, final whistle went as we were celebrating. I love football sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever run as much in my life, their right wing was a tricksy little shit.

The only thing that let Sunday down was the terrible, terrible scheduling that led to Blackburn v West Brom as the only match of the day, I don’t want to be watching that awful shit. I mean I did, and it was, but still. I had the added bonus of seeing Robinson and Gamst Pedersen keeping a clean sheet for the fantasy team but I’ll be honest, now that Big Sam has gone to milk cows, Morton doesn’t seem to take all the free kicks and throw ins anymore. How’s he going to earn me a shit tonne of bonus points and assists now? I don’t think I like this little bald fella they’ve put in charge, and it’s not often I’ll bemoan the lack of Allardycian (prickish?) tactics in a team.

Robin Van Persie though, AMIRITE? He seems to have come back into top form pretty quickly. It’s actually exciting seeing Arsenal line up with him up front, not just because of his goals, but the way he brings in the sides and the midfield with his play. With RVP fully fit, anything could happen. There were a few dark days when we only had Arshavin up front, or Bendtner leading the line – don’t get me wrong, despite their critics they are both fine players, but neither of them comes close the RVP. Can you imagine where he would rank had it not been for his continuous injury record? 6 goals in 3 games, I only hope that form continues.

Alex Song deserves another mention. Despite a few wobbles in the early part of the season which resulted in the weekly ritual of shouting “GET BACK SONG, GET BACK”, Song has improved again this season. He started as a “best fit” in the DM role, but has since made it his own. His ability to use the ball and distribute it well often starts our attacks, and enables the players in front of him to launch attacks. There was a slight tendency to panic and clear at the start of the season that wasn’t present last year, but Song as since become part of an excellent midfield trio with Wilshere and Fabregas. Everyone knows the Spanish Jesus’s talents, inside out, but Wilshere is slowly forming an excellent partnership with both Fab and Song. Again, he provides to Arsenals midfield something we’ve lacked for a while, someone in the middle who takes the ball, makes space and passes it. With Song And Wilshere behind Fabregas, there is always someone in front of the back four, there is always someone to receive the ball (Jack in particular always shouting for it, always in space) and there is always someone to move forward with it.

The importance of the middle three cannot be over estimated, as the heart of the team they dictate the flow and pace of the game, able to dictate the tempo as they please. Would Diaby get into the middle three at the moment? Doubtful. Denilson is a bit part player, competent, but not as good. Solid cover, little else at this moment.

Anybody read or hear the stuff said by Andy Gray / Richard ‘Monkey’ Keys? Regardless of your opinions regarding females in refereeing (or indeed, assistant refereeing), some of the stuff they said was just plain hilarious. Cavemen in the extreme, it was just plain funny. Andy Gray is particularly terrible at understanding the rules of football – using terms such as “daylight between the players” (not in the rules), “wait for the offside player to touch the ball” (not in the rules) and most hilariously “the referee should apply common sense there” (no he fucking shouldn’t, he should apply the fucking rules). Seriously, for a man who doesn’t understand the offside law, to then berate a woman who appears to understand it very well, purely because she’s a woman…. well, it writes itself doesn’t it.

And finally, news abounds that Arsenal are very close to sealing the Oxlade-Chmaberlain deal with Southampton. Apparently he better than Walcott, stronger and more technical certainly… could be exciting times for the young lad and Arsenal. Sanchez Watt didn’t do much for Leeds, JET bagged an assist after playing right mid for Cardiff and both Ramsey/Lansbury were in the stands after they didn’t sign to Cardiff/Norwich in time to play. Kyle Bartley played, held together a makeshift back four for Sheffield United (average age 21) but lost 2-1. The plaudits that lad is picking up from opposition fans, most often “he kept them in it” are really really mouthwatering.

Kieran (@kieran_delaney)

  • BergkampBurger

    You have Paul Robinson in your fantasy team? Wow, that’s crazy man. Congrats on your victory though!

    For me, the axis of Wilshere – Song – Cesc is becoming the best trio – Cesc is excelling in a more forward role and was sensational on Saturday!!

  • Kieran

    Ha, yeah, Robinson is my backup, usually have Foster. Decided I didn’t fancy Foster against United, good job too after Brum sucked up 5. Robinson got 6 saves, clean sheet, 90 minutes and bonus points. Good day at the office for him :)

  • snehalbumbhatt

    Just reflecting on the Wigan game on Saturday and I am starting to get slightly worried about what’s going on at the Arsenal.

    The atmosphere on Saturday was a complete joke. The worst I have even seen at the Grove. This was alarming as we won the game 3.0.

    My season ticket is situated is the so called red section where blocks 5 and 6 generally generate most of the noise that comes from the stadium. Though it has his critics I do feel that normally it’s a great atmosphere in these blocks and it has his regulars that are of older age (not teenagers or jcl’s) that really help generate noise. These fans make a massive difference and when not there you can really hear the difference in the stadium.

    I speak to many of these guys on a regular basis and they have had there season tickets at Arsenal from Highbury days and have not moved from there seat at block 6 since the Grove opened its doors.

    Though we are in all 4 competitions at the moment many of these fans are simply not happy with Wenger and the lack of ambition from the board. The year by year habit of us under achieving in the transfer market and the constant mistakes in the past has taken its toll on said fans, and they no longer trust Wenger or the club anymore.

    The fact that we are fighting for 1st ,the Wigan game was massive for us and the lack of old school genuine fans at the grove does speak in volumes. Also the fact that considering our place in the league many of our games are going to general sale.

    Go back 2-3 seasons there would be no way a game would go to general sale especially if we were still in the title race. As a lonely red member I could just about get tickets on first morning of sale and that was for every game.
    I think many fans have started to get sick and tired of the lies at the club, and the business side of Arsenal is pushing out many of us.

    Some will say its about vat and finance reasons but I do not agree with this at all.

    Many said fans are also getting increasingly annoyed with the new wave of younger jcl fans who love to sing things “wenger give us a wave” or “1 Arsene”
    I understand fans still like Wenger but to have so many in volume sing his name blindly just because we score a goal against a shit weak team is a joke. It was only 2 weeks before we lost to Ipswich and drew to Leeds! Many people sing these chants at really inappropriate times and this just adds to the frustration of everything. I am not saying your wrong for singing said chants but use your brain when singing chants like that.

    The same kind of fans then go silent of we go a goal under and don’t join in again until we score or win and then its “wengers give us a wave”

    I have witnessed many signs of unrest at the grove and seen gooners turning on each other regarding the whole Wenger issue and at times reached boiling point when fights actually break out.

    In all my years of football I have never really seen such a divide. Even back in George days post glory, I never saw such tension in the crowds.

    If the lack of transfer activity costs us the title again it will make a huge difference with regards to some fans simply not wanting to continue with there hard effort and support any longer.

    Many of you will say if a fan decides not to go anymore means they are not a real fan in the first place. This is simply not the case. It must be hard for someone who has been a hardcore fan for years to decide he has had enough with what’s going on.

    Like I said this season has been successful so far though I still don’t think its paints a fair picture, and only time will tell if I am wrong or not.

    Regardless of said success this season the vacant seats at the grove is a massive concern. What’s worse is the kind of fan that is making the seat vacant.

  • snehalbumbhatt

    A team fighting for 4 trophies need defenders better than Djourou, Kos and Sqil. A team that wins the league or the CL needs quality trusted proven centre backs.

    All 3 of these guys are back up defenders. Maybe they can turn world class but not even close yet.

  • Berth

    snehalbumbhatt – Tell us what we dont already know. And your tune sounds harsh and ‘un-Arsenal’ like

  • snehalbumbhatt

    It is very arsenal like mate

  • anthony


  • Kieran

    Moaning about who goes to a football match is like moaning about the price of eggs. Apart from being negative there is nothing you can do. It’s also elitist to think you’re better than anyone else who buys a ticket, but each to their own.

    As for defenders, Djourou and Koscielny have now kept 3 clean sheets in a row in the premier league. Barca won the champions league with Puyol and Pique (and Spain the World Cup), one of which wasn’t good enough to play ahead of Johnny Evans for fucks sake.

  • devday

    Well said Kieran…

  • Sam

    @ snehalbumbhatt:
    How do you call yourself a supporter?!