Dirty Leeds. Living In Yorkshire.

Morning. So Arsenal drew with dirty Leeds. By the skin of our teeth, and living less than 30 minutes from Leeds it’s all I’ve heard about. When Leeds fans tell you they have a massive support it’s true – everyone in Yorkshire support Leeds because everything else is so dull and grey it’s the only thing to look forward to.

I just don’t understand why we took off Song, who was one of our only good performers on the day. I guess because we were sacrificing the DM position, but in reality we could have removed Denilson and pushed Song up. He might even have scored, so high is his stock. Denilson isn’t a DM, he’s simply not good enough at defending as the penalty will attest. I like the Brazillian and he has plenty of positives, but defending is still not one of them.

For an expert tactical analysis I point you towards Zonal Marking, samples:

…in Bendtner and Chamakh they had two players capable of challenging in the air. It did play into the hands of Leeds’ defenders, however, who were much keener on having an aerial battle than trying to cut out Arsenal’s slick passing game.

Overall, however, Arsenal’s combination of attackers didn’t work. Bendtner never looks completely comfortable on the wing – he takes too many touches on the ball and slows attacks down, and had a tendency to retreat with the ball, rather than taking on his man.

This week Glen Johnson has added his name to the list of “idiot footballers using Twitter to say stuff they shouldn’t really be saying”. Remember when Waddle said Walcott didn’t have a footballing brain? He held his head up, played better football and gave Waddle the chance to eat his words. Merse said Johnson was “a bag of fucking shit, a real

grade A tosser who couldn’t play football if he had pint sized Zola inside him moving his limbs”. Or words to that effect. So instead of just being better at football Johnson has publicly attacked Merson for his addictions, addictions that so far Merson has overcome. It seems a little bit rich to belittle a man with a 50k a week gambling problem, when you’ve previously tried to steal a toilet seat from a B&Q in dartford whilst earning £30,000 a week. Seriously, who looks the bigger prick now Glen?

Kyle Bartley played the full 90 minutes against Aston Villa at the weekend and he looked by far and away their best player from the footage I saw. A slight error for one of Villa’s goals, he otherwise looked solid and his distribution from the back was excellent. An exciting prospect.

King Kenny, Saviour Of Liverpool, off to a great start. Lovely to see such a horrendous brain dead thug like Gerrard get the red card he deserved for such a dangerous challenge, and the penalty, whilst not a penalty in a million years, was sufficient to send Liverpool out. Liverpool are living in the past. They’re weighed down by their history, like a fucking anchor. It’s not the 80’s anymore – you’ve had a bad few years, just get on with it. Every time I hear a moron on 606 saying “Liverpool deserve to be at the top”, or “Liverpool fans deserve better” I want to drive round to his council house and piss through his letterbox whilst singing “you’ll clean this up alone”.

Finally, something to remember for when the Champions League resumes. The only people who can tackle Xavi, are Barca players.

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  • Jeffwardo

    @ Kieran, i’m with you all the way with bloody Liverpool, i only refer to them as history FC when talking to any of there supporters, i don’t know about you but whenever i hear them on 606 i always assume its a ploy to distract me and pop outside to check my cars still their.

    My best mate is from Leeds and was not a happy boy, in fact i believe the words Spawny Bastards was repeated several times, i offered him Bendtner and denilson on loan and he told me to fuck off! he thought B52 was Leeds best player.