Will we buy anyone in January?

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to look ahead to January and look at our squad and speculate on what we need, where we need them and whether or not we’ll get them this January… with the snow enforced winter break – 2 weeks / 14 days without an Arsenal game… we bloggers have a fair amount of time on our hands (outside Christmas shopping) and Shakira concert going (how hot is that woman!)…

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, January sales…

So let’s go department by department…

The Goalkeeping Department

So, we’ve finally shift of the number one jersey from Almunia to Fabianski to Szcznesy. Rumours were rife that Szcznesy would start against Stoke had that game not be called off and this means it could be permanent. So, Szcznesy is our new number one, Fabianski is our number two… Almunia would surely be off and Mannone would come back to cover him, right?

Out: Almunia
In: Mannone (back from loan)


Defence is a conundrum… we are currently playing Squillaci and Koscielny when in reality Vermaelen and Djourou are probably the better defenders. We’re also playing Clichy at left back, and we all know very much that Gibbsy is the better of the two – if only he wasn’t always injured!

Out: None
In: None


So, we probably need a better DM than Denilson and a less injury prone CM than Diaby… but we probably aren’t going to get either – with Ramsey and Diaby a month away from being back into first team action, I doubt we’re going to get any midfield re-enforcements. In fact, I know we’re not! I would eat a hat if we did – preferably a chocolate hat!

In: Ramsey back from injury like a new signing… Diaby back from injury like a new signing…
Out: None

Striker / Attacking Wingery

I woke up half dreaming and for some reason thought we had signed Ronaldinho… I thought it was a bit of a weird signing and then search the net and alas, it was all just a dream… well, kind of… remember, we have signed the “New Ronaldinho” in 18 year old Japanese midfielder / cum striker, Ryo Miyaichi…

In the attacking department, we have Robin Van Persie and Niklas Bendtner back to add into our squad, we have Walcott and Rosicky as backup for Nasri and Arshavin – the likelihood of us buying: zero – the only problem is that with Nasri aside, they are all badly off form…

In: Ryo Miyaichi
Out: None

And just in case you thought Arsene was going to surprise us all with a whirlwind signing… he’s not…

“Because we respect our budget. You look at the clubs who lose £100million or £150m and if we do that then we go bust. It’s as simple as that. We pay what we can afford. I’m amazed that people are amazed that we do that. I think what is surprising is that people don’t respect that. If I tell you we can win two more points but we lose £150m, what will you say? Win two more points. But when I ask a second question, where do we get the £150m in? Maybe you don’t have the same answer. The beauty of the competition and this club is to be successful while respecting the balance and the funds of financial balance and all the rest for me doesn’t look normal. People will maybe realise one day that it’s not as easy to stay at the top and as well to cope with financial compulsories that you have at the top. We face rivals who do not respect the financial fair play. Instead, of us being accused, maybe people should look somewhere else.”

Yep, Arsene ain’t going to spend any cash…

Til tomorrow, til tomorrow… is Wednesday too early to start previewing next Monday’s Chelsea clash?

  • pisssedoff

    If the arsenal are considering a signing dey should sign me instead. On a serious not Dev; do u think Gibbs is better than Clichy? I personaly don’t think so.and u should also know dat Song is the only DMF in the team, which is a shame for a club like ours – people complain about Song a lot yet we don’t see the stress and Burden he has as our only proper DMF. We do need cover and support for him,and we know Denilson can’t do that.

    One more thing Dev by GF is hotter than Shakira..

  • Kodjo

    I can’t understand this craze about buying….the ques is buying who? sure there appears to be problems with the defense but a critical look reveals that the midfield as a whole does not protect the back 4…partly bcos they have not come to grips with the system we play….4-3-3. Others simply blame Clichy & Arshavin for our woes…..

    You cant play 4-3-3 without pressing the opposing team when you lose possession. This is what barca do… they press in the right areas…and try to win the ball back..even Messi does his bit of pressing…bottom line our players can keep possession but the problem arises when the fail to close down and leave the ful backs open to the counter attack. ASnd also balls played between the full backs and the centre backs…

    So back to the question…which world class player is out there who would come in and do the job??? What happens to players who are coming back from injury…Diaby, Vermaelen, RVP, B52…not forgetting the likes of Wilshere, Lansbury, JET, Ramsay etc who are being developed.

    As for players who are off form…you only gain form when you get consistent play time….

    Then there is the Vela conundrum?????

    I think the problem with the team is that they havent mastered the 4-3-3 system and the fact that they haven’t won anything…we need to win the carling cup at least to restore some semblance of a winning mentality.

    Folks take a look at the Chelsea & Man Utd bench in recent games and you’d realise that we are not far off…as matter of fact better placed this year and the years to come. We’ve all seen what happened to Chelsea when they didnt have the spine of their team available….all of a sudden they looked ordinary!!!

  • Fo

    I agree with you – perhaps the problem is the formation and desire rather than the players.

    Would like to go back to a 4-4-2. Walcott / Arshavin up front.

  • Berth

    I disagree with Kodjo and Fo.We do need players better than denilson. You both know Song is been stretched in that DMF area and he needs support which am sure Wilshere and Denilson cannot provide; I know Frimpong is a potential supporter/replacement but his not even been tested. As for who, I have this ghanian guy in mind – Asamoha in mind – his ball control and possession is second to none.

  • Kodjo

    @ Berth

    I am Ghanaian and i know a lot about Kwadwo Asamoah who was just voted as the best young player in Africa. And you are right when you talk of his ball control and range of passing. His weakness is that his tackle is not so great but he does cover a lot of ground and closes other players down. I have no doubt that he would fit into Arsenal’s system easily.

    Problem though …he is the matured version of Wilshere…so there lies the question what do you do with him (Wilshere)….bcos he has reached the age where he has to play…make his mistakes and learn from it…just like Cesc, Song and the rest.

    Arsenal will pay (points dropped) for playing young players and thats the gamble that Wenger has taken hoping that he will reap the benefits in the long run….

    What does it mean for the likes of Denilson, Wilshere, Landsbury et al……

    Sure people have a go at Denilson but he is not the player that folks want him to be and he will never be…he is not a power player…he is purely a technical midfielder who will win balls via interceptions rather than go in with tough tackles like Vieira or Petit. A Xabi Alonso type who does the simples thing well. Simply put he is not a power player and will never be.

    Good debate though Berth

  • Berth

    That makes my point. The Asmoah will bring a sense of maturity to the midfield; if Essien pushes he stands.

  • Berth

    Kwadwo Asamoah – that’s the one am talking about

  • http://worldofarsenal.co.uk Josiah

    I am looking forward to seeing diaby get some game time against chelsea because I just wonder if during his lengthy lay off he has had a think about his football because arsenal fans and himself know he can be a great player but sometimes he just isn’t on his game, we have been lacking a little bit of strength in depth so if he can stay fit it will be interesting to see how diaby and wilshere rotate alongside song.

  • Fo

    @ Josiah:
    The problem with Diaby coming back from injury and going straight into the team is that he has not had any practice!!

  • lego

    First happy Christmas to all true gunners fans out there and beautiful new year in advance.contrary to the news that Mr Wenger will not add to his Squad this Jenuary should not be any excuse should we not win anything this season. We have a very good Squad and at the present they are fit and ready to play. Even though i have not seen or read were he said he will not buy! what i have read he said was that he will respect Arsenal’s budget and that if you ask me does not mean he can not buy if any good player is available and at the right price. We have somany Fringe Players in our team who are not good enough to play for Arsenal. Players like Denílson ,Eboué,Rosický,Bendtner,Vela, If we can let these players to go only then we can buy better players who will not only replace them but will fight for the starting eleven. We need some competitions in every positions with that those who are playing for the first team will know that they must give 120% in every match. We are not a traning club neither are we making up the number in the English Premier league, we are a big club and we must win trophies to show for that not only financially stable. let us start by wining Chelsea on Monday night and hope see how the season will go after that.

  • theusualsuspect

    If we dont sign anyone and if our players get injured and we have to put up the dross of diaby and bartender against Barca then yes it is wengers fault – he says he will only buy if he sees quality – eerrm where is the quality in Eboue, denison, diaby, bartender – the list goes on. I think it is imperative we bring in someone

  • Berth

    With due respect theusualsuspect which team on earth has 22 top quality players; if u doubt me lets analyse carefully. Look at Chelsea- they have Ramires,Kalou,Sturridge, Ferrera; Manu has Oshea,Bebe and Berbatov(occasionally) and we do have the ones you mentioned. So please stop talking about the players we have and lets focus more on how Wenger can get the best from the ones we already have.

  • edison

    It does seem that arsenal have picked up far too many ‘utility’ players in recent years.

    The likes of Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky (cant believe he is one!) and Eboue (actually i think Eboue is the most useful one in terms of impact) these players have all featured in the team at some point to simply make up the numbers around key players. But thats not necessarily their fault, injury or not enough game time has forced them into a role where they find themselves on the bench a lot of the time, and when they get involved on the pitch, they havent had enough practice to be critical.

    But don’t all football squads have these players ?

    Arsenal and more precisely Arsene isn’t going to jeopardise the clubs budget, buy bringing in players for a ‘quick fix’. Wenger will never spend money to ensure we beat Barca or anything as ridiculous as that – its not in his mentality. He knows the team are good enough, and believes in the players we do have. And so should all of us !

    as for a second defensive midfielder, i think that would mess with the flow of arsenals current game – one of Fabregas, Nasri or Wilshere should always play central just in front of song and assist with the defence game.

  • Dan

    Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you all a 2011 filled with trophies!