Why we will beat Barcelona… (I will regret this blog)…

It will be different. We will win. I will regret writing this post. Simple.

Last season we travelled to Barcelona and lost 4-1. On the night, we played the following team:


Sagna – Vermaelen – Silvestre – Clichy

Denilson –  Diaby

Nasri – Rosicky – Walcott


This year, if all goes well, we will play this team:


Sagna – Vermaelen – Koscielny – Gibbs

Wilshere – Ramsey / Song

Nasri – Cesc – Arshavin

Van Persie

That’s quite a few reasons why we would stand a better chance…

Out of those two teams, only Nasri, Vermaelen and Sagna played last season.

So that;s 8 reasons why we could beat them. Plus they don’t have Ibrahimovic any more which means they won’t be able to do any long balls…

There I said it! Ha, come on the Arsenal…

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I agree with you Dev, we have a much better chance this season if all our key players are fit and Cesc doesn’t start dry humping pep’s leg!!!

    Anyone heard about the possible swap with Clichy and Benzema? Would you take that deal? I would have to say yes, purely because RVP is so injury prone.

    Come on you reds!!!!

  • devday

    @ Gooner Get Ya:
    With Gibbs so injury prone – we can’t simply let go of Clichy – so no!! And Mourinho likes Benezma now, so doubt it will happen!

    But re: Barcelona game – we have to wrap up the squad in mid Jan!

  • clode

    if walcott gets some matches he`ll be more dangerous than arshavin

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ devday:

    Very true, unless we buy Van De Wiel, then it would be a definite yes from me :)

    Have we worked out what dates we are playing yet?

  • Al

    Any1 no our route to the final

  • lego

    we will not buy anyone and I’d like to think we could match them but we can’t in any department. But more importantly for me, is the way we set up. Last year Wenger said when asked about Messi and our plans to handle him and his answer was we don’t make plans or worry about other teams players like that, we just concentrate on our own game. Now Messi was quiet at the Emirates but we all know it was a diff story at Camp Nou. If he fails to have a plan in the same way and approach the game differently than last season then I firmly believe he deserves the sack. It’s a perfect bench-mark if you will to see how we’ve progressed exactly 1 year on. (Maybe even Arshavin will play at 100% as no doubt he’ll look to emphasise a move to them)

  • Sam

    Lego – You’ve surfaced in Arsenal blogs in the past couple of days, only after our ManU defeat, and we all know you’re very negative (read potential Spurs supporter). But why are you so thick?!
    Wenger can’t come out and talk about everything publically… Do you expect him to come & spell out his plans for stopping Messi? It’s natural for him to shrug the question with such an answer. Do you understand diplomacy?!?

  • devday

    Dates are:

    First leg
    Arsenal v Barcelona
    Wednesday 16th February 2011
    Kick Off: 19.45 UK
    To be played at Emirates Stadium

    Second leg
    Barcelona v Arsenal
    Tuesday 8th March 2011
    Kick Off: 19:45 UK
    To be played at Camp Nou

  • gandiv

    one thing i have learned from being an arsenal fan over 35 years is you should never right us off.our history tells us that when the chips are down we come up fighting.lets look at several ie’s of this.nobody,not even the most ardent of arsenal fans thought that we could go to anfield (of all places)and not only beat liverpool but needing a 2-0 scoreline to win the title,what did we do win 2-0.another final nobody give us a chance was parma one of the best footballing sides in europe at the time and we were without a few first choice players,what did we do smudger scored a corker and we won 1-0.i was only a nipper when the 1971 cup final was played.we went 1-0 down in extra-time only to come back and score 2 goals to win the double. another game a lot thought we couldn’t win was when we won the title at old trafford.i remember a lot of pundits etc say that we probably wouldn’t win at old trafford and would have to rely on beating everton home to win title,what did we do prove everyone wrong by winning the title at old trafford.sometimes arsenal’s great history has shown that we thrive as a club when we have tougher challengers.i have had hearbreak as a fan loseing to the likes of york (fa cup) & wrexham.nobody will give us a prayer against barca but i do.if some fans don’t want to suport the team then that’s their problem.all i would say is have a look back at our great history and you will see that we have had these challengers on many occasions and will continue to do so.if everone thinks that barca will be happy with the draw then you are wrong,they won’t be.yes they will be big fav to go through but one thing i love about being a gooner is we always,ALWAYS have a chance. keep the faith folks.

  • Berth


  • AmriGooner

    @ gandiv:
    That’s the kind of spirit we need right now.
    I don’t know what’s wrong with us. A lot of Arsenal fans are writing their own team off even 2 months before the game.
    May be it’s the psychological effect of the 4-1 game last year but I can remember that we were very short due to injuries ( No Song, Fabregas, RVP, Arshavin.. we played with Silvestre in front of Messi)that was too much to go and play the greatest team in Europe in their home and try to win.
    Even with some issues in the first leg match we managed to come back from 0-2 down to 2-2 tie.
    We have to believe that if every thing went right and we remained free from injuries and we played them with our full strength, we can do it this time.
    Just like Wenger said IT’S DIFFICULT BUT IT’S POSSIBLE.

    Thank you gandiv, you made my day man.