Going To Santa’s Grotto

Morning. Or is it evening? I don’t really know as it’s perpetually dark in this corner of middle earth and this weekend has seen exactly 8 hours of sleep in total. Ideal preparation for a long working week and a visit to the shitbags tonight.

Dev covered tonight’s match yesterday, so I won’t cover old ground except to say this is absolutely vital. It’s not season defining as some mugs will have you believe, it’s just one game in a season of 38. But in terms of the psychological boost it would give us, beating those horrible wankers in their own garden… well, its immeasurable isn’t it. Hopefully Samir Nasri will score 3, and on his hat trick take of his snood and swing it around his head. I want Arsenal to take Evra’s comments and shit them out on him.

I think there is a little bit of uncertainty around the team – RVP is back and there must be a temptation to play him in such a big game. But Chamakh has been brilliant value (LOL) so far this season, he’s got a great scoring record and he hands us something that we’ve not taken to Old Trafford for some time – a forward who is good in the air. Ade and Bendtner were/are tall, but neither of them were Tim Cahill exactly. Against United I can’t help but feel we really need to mix it up, use the long ball into the box, use the wings to cross in, but keep the ball on the floor also, play around them like we can so well. Arsenal now have plans B and C, it would be a shame not to use them from kick off.

Anyway, even the goalkeeper isn’t sure at this stage – the excellent Young Guns blog sums up todays news:

The Sun newspaper claims Łukasz has failed to prove his fitness and Wenger will instead hand a baptism of fire to Szczęsny. The claims are backed up by a suggestion Wojciech made on his Twitter page, claiming he is “prepared for Rooney”. The 20-year-old has played three times for Arsenal, all in the Carling Cup, and has three clean sheets.

Szczęsny really has an opportunity to back up the noise surrounding him, and from seeing his three performances so far, I have no doubt he will be totally unfazed if he’s given a chance. There is still a slight doubt about Fabianski. He’s not really done much wrong in this current run in the team, but there is still a real fear he might explode when United fans sing songs about him decorating their council houses – culminating in him punching the ball into his own net before crying and shitting his pants. Equally he might be incredible, and score a goal from a goal kick. With Fabianski you can never tell. It’s like Polish roulette.

Goalkeeping howlers very much the subject of the moment, did anyone watch Hilarious Gomes yesterday? Drogba kicked the ball at him, it hit him scare in the chest and went in the goal. I still, after seeing replays from 100 angles, can’t work out how Gomes let it in. He had his entire body behind the ball. He’s another goalkeeper that looks great, makes excellent saves and then has a howler. Although the big flappy bellend did save Drogba’s penalty, costing my fantasy league captain 10 points.

Tevez is off – or not. He wants out, City say no, he says yes, City say “here Carlos have a large wad of cash”. It’s like the live episode of Coronation Street except with a bit of drama and intrigue. About the same number or arseholes though. Great stuff really. Any man who signs a 5 year contract for shit loads of cash, to become the highest paid footballer at his club and likely the country, really needs to think “I put myself in this position”. He hated Manchester when he left United, did he magically think signing for City would improve Manchester? He comes across as a bit of a melon. He refused to play for Corinthians, when he played at West Ham he got all uppity and said he’d “never forgive West Ham” for trying to stand in the way of his dream move to United. He was told his contract would be renegotiated at the end of his second season at United, and then half way through the second season moaned about being left out. Now he’s moaning at City. Is it purely brinkmanship? An attempt to consistently wring more cash out of his awesomely talented boots? Or is he just mental? His family live in another country, and I feel sorry for him there, but he’s in this position because of decisions he made, and demanding to leave publicly isn’t really the classiest of things to be doing.

Balotelli had another tantrum at the weekend as well – great to see a real sense of team bonding and togetherness at City. I wonder how long it will be before someone bricks the manager on the side of the pitch after being subbed?

Anyway, the weekend passed me by largely but I did see Bolton’s second goal against Blackburn. Such a fantastic goal, straight from kick off with a brilliant finish on the end, check it out if you can. Sublime football, especially because it sealed a win for 10 man Bolton against the shitpots Blackburn.

  • tesa

    Bolton and sublime just dont go together do they?

  • Kieran

    Bolton play some great football under Coyle – did you not see their goal the other week? 2 back heels in the build up.

  • gandiv

    Did anyone see the Newcastle – Pool game? If you look at a certain J Cole’s performance it makes me feel better saying now that I’m glad we didn’t sign hhim. I admit I was slightly gutted when Liverpool signed Joe on a free transfer. I concede that I really really wanted him to arrive at the Emirates. I thought it would have been a great signing and another added bonus would have been we nicked him off Chelsea under the noses of Spurs! When I think about it now maybe I was blinded by the fact Cole is a big name player. We don’t seem to sign many of those and the excitement could have caused me to be slightly blind to the fact we had an emerging player coming through the ranks who was ready to make a breakthrough into the first-team. Had we brought Cole to the club then obviously it would have blocked young Wilshere’s path into the side. Don’t get me wrong, Cole is an experienced player with plenty of ability but I’d rather have Jack Wilshere all day long. Now I have no such worries and I believe he is ready to play anywhere despite his age. I rwememver Wilshere played at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season and more than held his own. In fact, he was marvellous that day and impressed so much. The boy has talent and the fact he has been raised through the ranks with us makes him extra special. I hope he starts against United. I really believe he would shine there. He has the potential to become an Arsenal great. I think people are quick to ccriticise Wenger for his dealings in the transfer market & yes he gets things wrong. Who doesn’t? What I will say is this is one decision he got spot on.

  • pierre

    I’m really, really anticipating the ManYoo v Arsenal. Why? That c**t of Evra has spoken again, that’s why. I’m French, that means that I really dislike the guy to start with, especially after the shambles of the World Cup for which I believe he bares a fair part of the responsibility: he is responsible for the team going on strike because a guy that insulted the coach was sent home. In my opinion, going on strike for this was truly a disgrace and is quite sadly also utterly French.

    Back to the topic: Evra attacks once again Arsenal as not being able to win trophies. This is the men vs boys story all over again. Why does he bash Arsenal like that ? Is he in fact jealous of the style of play that Arsenal has developed and that brands us as a team apart of the others (albeit a non-trophy winning one)? I don’t know, nor I care. Evra should learn to shut up as this serves no othe purpose than infuriating fans of the opposing team. Bragging before a game is just stupid, wait to see how the games go or you might look like a fool come tonight…

    Now what I am just hoping for is that Arsenal will trash ManYoo comprehensively, with goals from Nasri and Wilshere and superb saves from Fabianski (dream on…). Come on Arsenal, you owe us fans a major win, especially after losing to the Sp**s. I’m not going to say anything further as the game will do all the talking. I’m going to sound like a Liverpool fan, but hell: This is our Year !

  • Goonerman

    I think Kieran might go crazy if he see’s gandivs post!! I hate to say it but I recognised it because I read the same post word for word yesterday on wrighty7 blog. I’m afraid to say it looks like a copy and paste job lol!

  • pierre

    nice post gandiv

  • JayJayGooner

    Excellent stuff Kieran

  • Goonerman

    @ Pierre nice post? He copy and pasted it!! I think u might have done the same aswell!!

  • pierre

    @goonerman what you talking about you zuppie