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Hello Guys!

What a crazy start to the week – tube strikes, fog, snow… could we squeeze more action into a Monday morning?

I’ll be very quick as I think Kieran D is blogging a little later today…

In the meantime, Arsene has been talking about the team tomorrow and says it will be strong…

“We will play with a strong team. But don’t forget that we have played every three days for one and a half months so I have to see how we recover and who I rest [on] Tuesday. But we will play with a strong team. You will see regular players. Van Persie? I don’t know. Do I get him a week of work or do I play him? I have to speak with him frankly to see how he feels. We will see [on] Monday.”

There will be a proper pre-match preview tomorrow, but with players such as Theo Walcott, Robin Van Persie and Nikki Bendtner – and of course, Carlos Vela – in need of games, will we see a four prong attack – Arsene needs more out of those four players and tomorrow’s game could really help us get them some match time.

We’ve got Leeds in the FA Cup, which will be on Saturday 8th January at the Emirates, and hopefully we’ll score a lot and do them over – nobody likes Leeds, do they?

And one more snippet – tonight is El Grand Classico – Barcelona vs Real Madrid at the Nou Camp… it should be a cracker as we’ve got the whole lot fit and raring to go – from Messi, Xavi and Villa to Ozil, Ronaldo and Kaka… and Higuain and… wow, this should be a feast…!!!

Let’s hope for a great spectacle tonight… speak to you later…!


    I took the liberty to write my thoughts on what a very depressed person had to say on this site.

    It went like this: We are supposed to be happy and satisfied because we beat a 3rd rate team – with a 2nd rate performance?!!! Absolute rubbish! Imagine if we played the way we did today against say – Chelsea or Man U. Would we have won?

    And my answer to this is : Yes I am very happy and satisfied because we won. As every win is a reason to be happy and satisfied. Because if you cannot enjoy a win from Arsenal you are not a real Arsenal fan. I think you are one of those who enjoy every defeat as you can go around on the internet telling: see it, told you so. So in fact you are not a supporter of Arsenal, you are a supporter of your own personal you. You prefer your own ego before the joined ego we share as Arsenal supporters.

    Now let us talk about beating a 3rd rate team. Now I don’t know what is exactly a 3rd rate team. A team that after 7 home games hasn’t lost at home is not a bad team at home I would think. In fact it is in fact a far better home team than us as we have lost 3 of our home games. So how do you rate us? A 5th rate team? So if our terrible team (your thoughts I think) wins there and give them their first home defeat I really cannot but feel happy about it.

    And on another note I don’t think that a team that has managed to get a 0-0 against Chelsea (I guess a first rate team) really is that bad a team. And a team that just played 2-2 against Manchester United (I guess another first rate team) is not that bad. In fact that was a game that Villa should have won if the ref would have been good (it was Dean so no surprise he gave United some help). And as I have seen the game it was really a miracle that Villa didn’t win that game. I really felt sorry for them after watching that game.

    But now when we win against them it suddenly is a 3rd rate team. I think this is coming from a 3rd rate Arsenal supporter to say such a thing.

    Imagine if we had played like that against Chelsea or Man United. Imagine if the sun was not the middle of our universe. Then what?

    Imagine if Clattenburg would have done his job and cancelled the first Villa goal.

    Imagine if Dowd would have done his job and not give the first foul which lead to the penalty.

    Imagine if the ref in Braga had given the penalty for the foul on Vela and the red card.

    With imagination you can prove anything. It is just what it says: imagination and we over here are trying to keep a bit to the facts. Not always but just as much as possibly can.

    And then it continues: This win does not mean that Wenger is right about the squad. They will lose next week to Fulham- he will then come up with all the usual excuses – everybody’s fault, the referee, the 4th official, the opponents, injuries – everybody at fault; EXCEPT Arsene Wenger!

    Now this is an interesting bit of course. We have here a clairvoyant. Could you please give us the numbers for the euro millions from next week. Our man in the knowing what will happen. And yes as it is football this could happen. In fact there is a chance of one in three that this could happen. A bit like if I would predict that it will snow this winter.

    And then some inside information from our man in the knowing: He needs to go – but given that he is keeping the Board happy with MONEY (so that they can all pay themselves outrageous salaries and perks) it is unlikely that the Board has the balls to stand up to him – and they don’t really care about winning anyway!

    Are you in the board? How else can you possibly know what the board is thinking. So just again your own thoughts projected on someone else. And we can see why in the next lines:

    So what we have to do is to pressure them to go out and buy world class players. We need a world class goalkeeper, another world class midfielder (because Cesc will leave soon – so go get Ronaldhino), a couple of great defenders and 1 more top class striker.

    And here we can see what is wrong. This fan just want bragging rights. This fan just want big shiny toys. And he even can give a name to the doll he wants to buy, wrong spelled, but he knows the name. And it’s not Ken he wants, no it is Ronaldinho (that is how it is written in fact). Now I don’t know when the last time you saw Ronaldinho play my dear fan but I can tell you that Ronaldinho is way way way past his best time. He was overweight the last time I saw him and if you think Arshavin is a lazy bum (I don’t know if you think this so correct me if I’m wrong) but I can tell you that Arshavin is working like a mule compared to Ronaldinho.

    The world class goalkeeper and the other great defenders we should buy have no names so it would be interesting to see who you mean and also that top class striker is interesting to know who you want to see arriving at Arsenal. Spend it, spend it, spend it, spend it all. Never mind the future: I want it NOW.

    And then suddenly we even see you trying to analyse the game: The Arsenal defence looked shaky everytime Villa launched an attack. They do not look reliable. Our strikers do not convert the opportunities that they get – no other team in the league creates as many opportunities as we do in a match – but how many goals do we score? Come on Wenger – shape up or ship out!

    So finally I thought we would read something of importance and then you go and spoil it all by adding those last words. Why should a manager of a team that is second in the league just 2 points behind the leader be sacked? Because you want it? Now excuse me that is a bit thin for a reason to sack the most successful manager we have ever had at our club.

    I really feel sorry for you as you really must have a really miserable life. If you cannot enjoy the fact of being second in the league equal on points, and winning a game from your club than I really do wonder why you pain yourself in this way. Maybe it would be healthier in the long run for you to try and enjoy a win for what it is: a win.

  • Berth

    Hello Dev; hope your getting warmed up for tomorrow.I do have a question for you. What do you make of V.P’s position with Chamack playing this good and of cos we do have Ramsey back in Jan and Diaby to be back soon. Do you think we should free Fab at the end of the season or should Denilson and Diaby be sold at the end of the season?

    My thought is this; we should allow Fab stay one more season and free one of Diaby and Denilson to create room for Wilshere, Rambo(a great asset to us) and Frimpong the emerging talent who can pair or replace Song.

    On V.P (my favourite Arsenal player) and Chamachk – its very difficult to tell because a
    4 -4-2 will upset the system and playing v.p on the flanks means that one of Arshavin or Nasri will be sacrificed and we still have a matter of Rosicky and Walcott and the best striker in the world Bendtner – We screwed with selection and at the same time spoilt; your thought folks.

  • vj

    4-4-2 is on the cards i think with chamakh van persie up front, cesc, song in the middle, nasri and arshavin on the wings, and it can also allow theo to play more centrally when he comes off the bench, expect to see theo, bendtner, vela, gibbs, djourou, sagna, denilson and maybe van persie. Rosicky might also play in the middle with wilshere and denilson, theo bentner and either vela or RVP up front. Maybe even Sczensny in goal

  • Berth

    V.J your talking about tomorrow but am talking about the future.

  • Sam

    What a game, El Classico. 4-0 till 60′.
    I just hope one day we can play as effective as Barca, cause we sure play as beautiful!