Aston Villa 2 – 4 Arsenal – How nervous were you?

The question on everyone’s lips during the second half of the game, was surely how would be mess up a 2-0 lead and that’s where we are at the moment. When the first goal from Villa went in, how nervous were you? But I’ve clearly jumped ahead of the game… let me start from the beginning and the team line-ups…


Sagna – Squillaci – Koscielny – Clichy

Wilshere – Song

Nasri – Arshavin – Rosicky


With a bench of Szczesny, Van Persie, Walcott, Denilson, Djourou, Gibbs, Bendtner…

After defeats at home to Sp*rs and away to Braga, it was very very important that we put in a top performance and also got a result. It was clear to me as a spectator that the team had come out with a verve about them – a tenacity about them and a real want. It was good to see, but of course, we have seen it before – and then not seen it in the second half… Right from the off we were going for the jugular and creating chance after chance after chance.

After missing a few chances early on, you started to wonder when the goal would come and it finally came through Arshavin.The three midfielders just behind Chamakh took it in turns to move around and Rosicky was sometimes behind Chamakh too and it was good to mix it up. The first goal came when Arshavin caught a long-ish ball from Fabianski which two Aston Villa defenders missed and the Russian latched onto, and facing two defenders, drilled the ball into the bottom of the net.

Arshavin then moved in more centrally and created two chances for us in quick succession, the first sending Nasri through on goal, the Frenchman rounding the keeper, only to hit the side netting – the second a delightful pass out wide to Sagna to crossed in for Chamakh to head at goal, only for Brad Friedel to save at close range. From the resulting corner, an outswinging corner to Nasri on the edge of the box who dispatched the ball into the back of the net.

Half time, 2-0 up? Not a great scoreline for us and the main question was whether or not we could keep this lead. But Aston Villa reverted to a 4-4-2 in the second half and went for us – and they soon got one back through Clark who shot at goal from around the edge of the box – the keepers view was blocked by Carew – standing in an offside position, and suddenly it was game on. But the next goal would define to us – and it came to us through Arshavin to Rosicky to Chamakh and the ball was in the back of the net.

Aston Villa tried to come back again and it was Clark with their second too – but we wrapped it up with an excellent team goal involving Wilshere from the off and passing in Chamakh, who passed it back to Rosicky whose shot was then blocked, falling to Chamakh who unselfishly passed the ball over to Jack Wilshere to score at the far post – Wilshere in my opinion should play a little bit higher up in the pitch as he does have the ability to create.

All in all, a good win… I’m not sure when the nerves will go, at 2-0 most teams would be confident, but not us! But a win is a win…

Arsene spoke after the game:

I believe we had three good performances and for me against Tottenham we played well. We had a lot of possession in a difficult game in Braga and we responded well today. Overall you focus on the performance – you do not always lose when you dominate games and that’s what happened today. We played well, Villa had a good response in the second half but we managed to find the resources to win the game.

One player who was very impressive was Andrei Arshavin – and he does play very well on the road. The Russian was at his creative best, something that has been missing more recently. With Cesc missing, it was so important for Andrei to play well and he duly delivered…

Andrei has been very sharp today I feel. I felt he was always dangerous. A good test is when you like a player to have the ball and you always like him to have the ball because you feet he could make the difference.

It’s Wigan at home in the Carling Cup on Tuesday, it will be interesting to see who plays – until tomorrow my friends, let’s enjoy the win!

  • funty

    QUOTE – Enough is enough now. Wenger has to go. He has quite clearly lost the dressing room in the same way that George Graham did 15 years ago. What he has done to the club is shameful and embarrassing. I don’t know how the board have got the gall to charge us the prices we pay to watch what I can only describe as utter c**p…….. there’s talking up your team and then there’s talking bollocks. This really is the nadir for him. He has destroyed everything he ever built and it is a sad end to what has been a brilliant time for him at Arsenal. – UNQUOTE

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion – but what a totally childish rant. Yes we all know we’re playing very moderately and yes the team are not giving their best either performance-wise or with regards to the sometimes pitiful application they’ve show recently. But in case you hadn’t noticed we are still only two points off the top of the Premiership and one win away from the knock-out stages of the Champions League. So I fail to see how that can be described as AW ‘destroying everything he ever built’. Comments, such as those above, can only have been written by someone with no appreciation of reality, which is sadly the case with many Gooners of late. Shameful and embarrassing is being in the Shammer’s position – miles adrift at the bottom. Shameful and embarrassing is our p*ss-poor home support when the team are doing anything other than winning. Does Elliott expect Wenger to talk his team down or what? Let’s face it, every manager, at every press conference talks out of their arse, but then what do you expect?

    Most Arsenal fans, I imagine, thought that the teams Wenger put out against WBA, Newcastle, Tottenham, Shakhtar and Braga were all good enough to win those particular matches and that indeed they both could and should have won all those games. It wasn’t Wenger out there on the pitch f**king it up – it was the players. If you insist upon joining all the sheep currently indulging in demented rants have a go at the players not the man who has been so badly let down by them.

    Like many Arsenal fans right now Elliott is reacting like a typical spoilt brat who screams his head off because he doesn’t get his own way and thinks a temper tantrum is the obvious answer. If you think the prices are too high then f**k off somewhere else or don’t go to games. Simples. And if you absolutely feel you must partake of the pathetic blame culture then slag the players off, or at least those who deserve it. Typically Jack was about the only player who went across to applaud our away fans in Braga. This in itself took bottle from an eighteen-year-old, despite being one of the few to have given his all. Many fans responded that night by abusing him. What a bunch of f**kwits! That for me just about sums up the gross ignorance of many Arsenal fans right now.


    not gonna lie but when the 1st goal went in you could call me ‘shit pants mcgee’ I couldnt even stand it

    that said glad we won, cant believe nasri missed that shot when he scored 1 simillar vs spurs last week?

    hopefully we’ll beat wigan in the carling cup

  • funty

    i think my heart was gona come out when it was 3-2

  • gerritsen

    It is of no surprise to me that we have gone away and won at Villa without the hapless Eboue and Denilson starting the match although it was rather disappointing to see Denilson come on for the last 10 minutes or so. Chamakh continues to be a huge influence for us and appears to be making pundits or should I say critics stand up and listen, for once Shearer had something good to say on MOTD. Arshavin has finally realised the season has started and what a good display from him. Nasri who for me is the player of the season so far for us put in yet another great performance ,Wishere is improving but is still to raw for my liking. The defence behind Song are still looking a bit suspect bit if we take away the ridiculous first off side goal where Carew was clocking the keeper I think we cannot complain that much. That said I am not sure what Djourou has to do to get a run in the side but for a brief moment we were top of the league and it felt good so lets hope we can move on and start turning away form into home form.

  • yemi

    We just had to make it difficult for ourselves !!! I kinda remembered t’ham, last week and wigan last season. Seems as if 2:0 in the first ahlf is not our thing. 1:0 or scoreless in the first halfs looks better

  • Berth

    @ Yemi – sometimes being negative can be very infectious. I remember watching the Tottenham game with a fellow gunner in a pub and the guy was all panicky; saying we need to get a third goal before what happened 2 seasons ago happen again. I remained calm still did remain calm until the match ended

    Perhaps I was a bit naive to think we where comfortable with 2 or maybe the negativity was too infectious and affected the team. I did not watch the match at the Emirates but am sure when the Tots scored the first goal; the fans at our fortress panicked just like the gunner beside me.

    That aura of fear is my concern Yemi – you have echoed your fear on the Aston game; a bit of positivity will do us fans and the team a whole lot of good.

  • yemi

    @ Berth:
    I bet it affects the team the same way it affects me. When villa scored the first goal, do you think the boys did not panic ? They would have panicked also. The would have thought,” Here comes wigan/t’ham.
    All the same, i agree that a positive attitude can overcome the fear. Remember 3/4 seasons ago, boltom were our bogey team. Anytime you meet bolton, it crosses ur mind that anelka will score again, jaskelaenin won’ allow any goal in blah blah blah. We have overcome that, and we need to overcome the 2 goal problem to cos anytime we are 2 goals up and the opposing team scores, we would panic…