Everton 1 – Arsenal 2, Hilarious Chelsea, Bottling Villa

Yesterday was that time when I’ve said previously – I’d rather hang on to a win than salvage a draw. 3 points instead of 1 is a bigger advantage than 1 instead of 0. And those 3 points were put into sharp perspective alongside United, Chelsea and Citeh all stumbling (or in Chelsea’s chav scum place, falling flat on their big fucking faces).

For the second match in a row Fabianski helped secure the points with some outstanding saves. Only once did he look like he’d cocked it up but thankfully Yakubu was nearly in row 3 by the time he’d headed the ball. Fabianski looks like he’s been reading the internet to, beggining to kick off when someone get’s near him on a set piece. At one point I thought he was going to punch Cahills horrible face.

That’s not to say he won us the match as people seem to be suggesting this morning – you still have to score a goal or two to win, and we did, two very fine goals. Sagna scored the goal that will haunt Everton’s defence for years to come. He had enough time to perform Riverdance in its entirety before receiving the ball, reciting the entire works of Shakespeare forward and then backwards before he lashed the ball as hard as I think I’ve even seen him kick a ball ever. I’ve seen a few people criticising Howard for not doing better, but really, near post, far post, if the ball is travelling at you at 168mph from 3 yds you have approximately 0.000001 second to save it.

The second goal was a lovely piece of work, stemming from a Denilson break. I’m not always the Brazilians biggest fan, I’ll be honest, but he’s improved massively. The old Denilson would have attempted a killer ball on the break and would have likely wasted the opportunity but yesterday he held it up and made a sensible pass to keep the ball moving. Chamakh/Fabregas did the rest.

Throughout all this the ref was doing his best to fuck up every single decision he could. He ran around with his eyes closed I think. And I do mean every decision, which hurt both sides equally. In that respect I don’t think either side can feel too aggrieved as neither got preferential treatment – the ref was just flat out awful.

The two main examples that spring to mind were Squillaci who should probably have seen red and Fabregas who got a yellow card for being trodden on. Squillaci was the last defender and I’m sorry to say it but if that had have happened against us at the other end we’d be demanding retrospective punishment right now. Clichy was not a covering defender, as Clichy can’t defend. That was evidenced by Everton sticking the ball in the net, another decision that the ref got wrong. If you don’t play an advantage there, scrap the fucking rule. He did it to us too though, when an Arsenal player broke through only to be hauled back so he could have a free kick. Seriously, do referees just smoke crack before kick off?

Everton finally started to threaten and as mentioned Fabianski made a string of great saves. Keeping us in the lead. If you want to be ultra critical, you’d have expected him to make most of them, but he got behind the ball and didn’t spill it once. The save where he dropped low to his left and got a single hand to it was world class.

Call it a team effort then.

Of course, Everton did eventually score which led to a nervy final few minutes. I watched the goal a few times and I still can’t understand how a) Song let Yakubu climb all over him and b) Yakubu climbing all over Song, using him as a ladder, wasn’t an infringement. Still, I guess it evened out with the goal they should have scored after the Squillaci foul.

3 lovely points from a difficult game. Arsenal were clinical (less shot on target than the opposition) and resolute. And Fabregas/Wilshere were clearly both a little off colour. And we were missing TV and RVP.

One team who didn’t keep a two goal lead at the weekend was Aston Villa. Seriously good stuff from Villa for 75 minutes, when they should have been 4-0 up against United, but actually only had 2 goals to show for their domination and then…. they self destructed. They literally shat themselves, sat down and cried – United wasting no time in scoring two goals. Thankfully with both Nani and Vidic in the fantasy league team, it wasn’t a total fucking waste of everyone’s time.

Liverpool continued their hilarious descent into mediocrity. Seriously top stuff from the rat eaters. By all accounts they were totally dicked by Stoke. I read that Liverpool were trying to out long ball Stoke. And then I watched the highlights, well I say highlights, it was 4 minutes of Delap throwing the ball, and sure enough Liverpool just kicked it long and far. Great.

Finally who will catch Chelsea now? They’ve got the league sewn up. They might go unbeaten. They have everything, power, strength, skill. LOLOLOL. Great stuff, back to back defeats for the chav scum mean everyone is back within touching distance. Except Man City who are within booing distance. Do you remember everyone saying Chelsea had the strongest squad? That they’d be the strongest team all season? Well they were totally and utterly outplayed by Sunderland yesterday, smashed into the fucking ground. Parasite Cole even put in his best cross of the season for their third.

Sky took great pains in reminding us that they had four players out. But they still had Drogba/Malouda/Anelka upfront. How they’ll cope throughout the African Cup Of Nations I’ve no idea.

So all in all a good weekend. Chelsea to keep losing but Drogba keep scoring likewise for City/Tevez please and this could be a great season. Bring on the spuds at the weekend!

  • Yemi

    Who qualifies for MOTM ? Flappy again ?

  • Yemi

    Was indeed fabianski again !!

  • Jeff from Fulham

    we are second just 2 points behind first place.
    And yet still we are rubbish, we are useless, we are….. ??? When will some people be satisfied? Never I guess.

    Well I am a satisfied Gooner and I like it very much when we can get our points the hard way. With players not at their best like Cesc who still is looking for his best form. Imagine he gets his best form? Then we will be back on the high score line games but as long as he is not completely to his best all we can ask is 3 points. And for god sake enjoy them.

  • edison

    After our second goal went in, the gameplay turned abit sour.

    we had the majority of possession, which is always great to see.. but we werent attacking.

    the phrase ‘Sitting Duck’ comes to mind, as normally when we start not attacking , our defence falls apart. We cant hold onto the ball and keep possession – fact. Or so I thought. Yesterday it was brilliant to actually see arsenal time and time again, successfully shutting the toffs out of our goal. We were lucky to get away with conceeding one goal, considering the amount of chances everton had. But every time they attacked (bar the cahill scramble goal) we managed to defend well.. without mounting an attack.

    Very frustrating, but in the end effective. I still think it can be down to a confused mix of Nasri Wilshere and Fabregas – who have all pledged their time in that central role so far this season. You end up getting no one really taking charge of play making – there werent many attacks made from the classic arsenal passing game yesterday.

    We could have done with Bendtner I thought, it was the kind of game where if you stuck someone like him upfront with the kind of play that was going on 2nd half, he would have stuck a 3rd past Howard.

    Bring back Vermaelen, RVP, Walcott with 60 minutes gone and the Arshavin that had a passion for playing once upon a season – and we are looking at staying in the top 2 till well after christmas.

  • Kieran

    @ Jeff from Fulham:
    Jeff, who’s moaning?

  • Kieran

    @ Yemi:
    Personally I thought he was our best player – no one outfield stood out particularly, the entire team played well and were effective.

  • shubham

    y doesnt nasri get a mention in todays post?? He ws terrific yesterday and in my opinion, the best on the pitch last nite. NEVER lost possession, excellent ball control, had a wonderful run and a shot only to be blocked by the keeper in the end and ws always at the back when arsenal were defending. Infact, it ws his shot that ws deflected away by the keeper after which arshavin pounced on the loose back, gave it back to sagna and evrybody noes what happend next!!! I expected his name to be mentioned here.

  • Sam

    Great win, let’s keep it up for next couple of games as Sp#rs & Villa won’t be easy.

    @ Kieran: There no African Cup of Nations during this season, next on ewill be in 2012. So Chelsea, as shitty as they are, won’t be bothered by it.

    @ Dean: Wow, you can cut & paste!

  • dean

    Who’s that standing on our goal line
    Who’s thant standing in the pink
    Oh its Lukasz Fabianski
    He’s better known as Flappy
    And he saves us when we’re on the brink

  • Kieran

    @ Sam:
    Ah, total brain fart. I keep thinking the Euros are next year to. Bitterly disappointing.

  • fredric

    i am really atrting to get the feeling that we’re going to start winning things again, our invicibles were hated by everyone, they said that Viera and co were too dirty, but we won everything (well nearly) and now it’s aalm starting again, the media are starting to really hate us and try to undermine our new tougher character. brilliant, bring it on.

  • yemi

    @ fredric:

    Last season “we were weak” , this season, we stand up to d challenge and “we are too dirty “

  • dp

    The International injury curse strikes again – Wilshere injured this morning and sent back to Arsenal. He will not play tomorrow (which is good for Arsenal) but lets just hope he will be fit to face the Spuds on Saturday.

  • Jeffwardo

    Has anyone else noticed that our all round good away form and general league position had reduced good old Mensol to having nowt to bitch about?

    Probably keeping an eye on the spuds!

  • Kieran

    @ dev:
    Simon’s comment is copied and pasted from the online gooners forum, different name. http://www.onlinegooner.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=517768&sid=04acb3de43dcbccadbc4754c9cf51036

    Tako’s comment is copied and pasted from the guardian website, 1st comment on the article, different name.

    Francis has copied and pasted his post from the Online Gooner, I don’t think they’ll be happy.

    Can’t you ban these mindless copy/pasters? It’s theft.

  • JayJayGooner

    Wow, what’s the point?

  • devday

    Thanks Kieran for the heads up, I’ve banned those commentors from the blog!!