Double Standards

Evening All…

As you’ve all been well aware, Match of the Day showed Cesc Fabregas’s challenge on Wolves defender Ward was highlighted. It was singled out by the show and both Alan Hansen and Lee Dixon took time out to talk about it. Both certain that the tackle was so bad that it warranted a red. In fact, the journalists that interviewed both Arsene and Mick McCarthy… Arsene even spoken about the incident in his post match conference:

“I think it was accidental. That’s what Cesc told me – that he touched him but he wanted to play the ball. He went to the dressing room and apologised to the player. I haven’t seen the tackle yet, it was very difficult to see because the linesman was in front of me. He said it was completely accidental.”

But, why on earth was this challenge highlighted so much? It wasn’t that bad, it was a block. Maybe because it was an Arsenal player… but that wasn’t the only challenge of the game, if you haven’t seen this tackle from Karl Henry on Arshavin, then take a look:

Thanks to @TallDAH for the video link…

Absolutely ludicrous that Cesc’s challenge got so much coverage and MOTD failed to mention that challenge completely.

Double standards, hey?

  • vj

    my team for tommorow


    Sagna Squillaci Djourou Clichy

    Song Fabregas Wilshere/Denilson

    Nasri Chamakh/Van Persie Walcott/Arshavin

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I agree Dev Carl Henrys’ tackle was far worse than the cesc challenge. I can’t remember who said this on here but I have noticed cesc is getting very angry recently, what is up with him??

  • devday

    It’s basically his desire to win and the fact he’s been out injured for sooo long!

  • devday

    Bumper Everton preview on it’s way!

  • simba

    Are we going to see a different season? And by this I don’t mean just Arsenal but also how our rivals are doing this season so far.

    To try and answer this I suggest that we start with the league table as it is now (after the Wolves game) and compare it with the league table as it was last season after the first 12 games.

    Chelsea are top with 28 points and this is the same number as they had after 12 games last season. So a status quo one could say. Last season they had a goal difference of 32 goals and this season is is down to 23. After some impressive wins in the first games the results don’t come as easy for the moment.

    In second place we have United with 24 points and last season they had the same number as Chelsea (28) so this means that they have 4 points less compared to last season. Their goal difference was 17 then and now 11. So both in points and goals they have gone backwards.

    Arsenal are in third place and last season after 12 games we had 23 points and we were in 4th place. This season after 12 games we also have 23 points but are in third place. This season our goal difference is 13 and last season it was 11. So slightly better but not much. And I would like to point out that United has conceded more goals than Arsenal so far. And I must say this surprises me a bit.

    In fourth place we find Manchester City with 21 points and last season they also had 21 points. So much money spent once again and still only the same amount of points. But a better place in the league table is something one cannot deny. Last season they had a goal difference of 13 goals and this season only 5. Again, so much money spent and not much improvement.

    In fifth we have Newcastle United with 17 points. I will leave them out as they are new this season and I cannot compare them.

    In sixth place we have…. Bolton Wanderers with 16 points and that is the same amount as last season in points. And this 16 points was good for 11th place last season. So an important improvement in the league place but not in points. And a positive goal difference of 1 (one) goal.

    And in seventh place we find our friendly neighbours from the Lane. They also have 16 points so far. But if you compare this with the 27 points and the third place they occupied last season you don’t need to have a high IQ to come to the conclusion that they are doing not as good as last season. Dropped 11 (eleven) points compared to last season. And their goal difference which was +7 last season has turned in to a negative of 1 goal. I think for the moment they are starting to realize and maybe we should also keep in mind that playing in the CL and competing at the top of the EPL is not an easy thing to do.

    Sunderland have also 16 points and last season they had 18 points so they also have got not as many points as last season.

    And in 9th place we find Liverpool who also have 16 points and last season they had 19 points so this is also not as good as last season. And also their goal difference is bad compared to last season when they had +10 and now -2.

    The same story goes for Aston Villa who also had 19 last season and this season 16. Their goal difference is the same -3.

    Next we find WBA but no material to compare them but like Newcastle they have made a very bright start. As we have found out if I may add.

    In 12th place we find Everton with 15 points and last season they had 23 points. So this is an 8 point deficit compared to last season. Last season they had a positive goal difference of 10 goals and this season it is 2. Also note that last season they were in 5th position with the same amount of points as Arsenal. So one could say that together with Tottenham they had a bad start of the season.

    In 13th place we find Blackburn with 15 points and last season they were in 8th place with 19 points. So also not as good as last season.

    Next team is Blackpool which I cannot compare but they also are not doing too bad I think.

    Fulham in 15th place with 13 points and last season were in 16th place with 12 points.

    Next are Stoke and they have the same amount of points as last season and I not going to talk any more about them. The same goes for Birmingham who are 17th with 12 points compared to the 13 points and place they had last season. Good to see those kicking teams low in the table.

    Next is Wigan with 11 points and that is the same as last season. Wolverhampton have 9 points and last season had 12 so they are in trouble. And at the bottom of the league we find West Ham with 8 points and that is the same amount as last year but then they managed to survive.

    So in general we can say that only a handful of teams have the same amount of points as last season: Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City if you allow me to focus on the top teams only.

    All the other teams have less points and some of them really have a lot of points less like Tottenham and Everton.

    Overall one could say that the league has become more difficult. A feeling I had before I started my research and which is being confirmed with the actual numbers. It could also mean that the champion will have not as many points at the end as last season. But we have to wait another 26 games to know that for sure.