Belly Laughs

Jesus Christ. I’ve already said a full strength Newcastle would be a different beast to the team we beat comfortably in the Carling Cup, but then in my heart of hearts I knew we’d also be ringing the changes and reverting to a full strength team. Before yesterday I was slightly nervous, having watched Newcastle bully and outplay Chelsea, Everton, Villa and West Ham – but I had hope that however far they stepped up, we’d reach one step higher.

It wasn’t to be.

We conceded a shitty goal, from a shitty mistake, to a massive (but awesome, it has to be said) shit. Carroll played well all game, I’m not surprised he won man of the match. His hold up play was excellent and largely seemed to unsettle Koscielny.

I don’t want to dwell too much on the game except to say I didn’t think we were all that bad. We certainly weren’t great and we didn’t create much at all, but on a different day Fabianski would have stayed on his line and Nasri’s shot would have gone in the net and we’d all be saying how good it was to see Arsenal grind out a win.

A couple of players had off games, Chamakh (whom I rate v. highly) and Fabregas (obviously not fit) were most notable, but equally Song needs to learn that he’s not the new Steven Gerrard (seriously now, Wilshere is far more creative and skilled and yet Song was further forward than him for most of the match).

As for Wilshere, he was our best player and we took him off. Both Song and Fabregas were poor in comparison, and somehow…. I just don’t get it.

Still, I said yesterday during the game and I’ll repeat it here, I’d rather score a late goal in another game that converts a draw into a win (+2pts) than equalise to gain a draw (+1pt).

Manchester United are unbeaten, and yet they are only 3 points ahead of us (and we’ve lost 3). It just goes to show what a feckless result is, a draw. 1pt is only 1pt more than a loss. The real money is in the win. Or something.

So Fabianski made another mistake, but it wasn’t the mistake itself that upset me, it was the nature of it. Fabianski hesitated, and wasn’t 100% committed and that’s what led to the error. Can you imagine Lehmen do that? He’s have punched Carroll’s cock head of his cock shoulders. It’s fine missing the ball, in my book, mistakes happen, but shit me look like you want to win it.

I thats where Sscgxgxgfehfejfje would excel. He doesn’t appear to take prisoners. Like ironically we saw in the first few minutes against Newcastle when he came rampaging off his line trying to kill the Newcastle forward, Lone Ranger. That was still a mistake (he could well have been sent off) but he looked 100% committed to fucking the player up.

Anyway – as those of you who follow me on Twitter (@kieran_delaney) will have noticed this tweet, retweeted by the delightful @Orbinho. If you don’t already, follow him. He’s like OptaJoe but more Arsenal orientated.

Liverpool (who have had an awful season & are in crisis) will go level on points with world-beaters Spurs, if they win today. (via @Orbinho)

And he was right, they would have done. And they did. It just goes to show what a load of bollocks we get spouted at us by the media. Liverpool went through a shit patch but (unfortunately) they’ll bounce back. Hopefully no higher than 8th. And Spurs are no world beaters.

Equally, Chelsea, a team who will walk away with the league, who are untouchable, showed they are quite frail when their luck doesn’t hold. Torres second goal was fantasticly well struck, but the defending was awful, they invited him in the box and John Terry pointed Torres in the direction of the goal before stepping aside for the shot.

Lovely to see mind, in the papers, that Chelsea missed key personnel. Fuck off did they! Drogba (for 45)/Anelka/Malouda, first choice defence, #1 goalkeeper. They even had Ramires and Mikel in the middle, two players most of you will know I rate very highly indeed. This team was beaten by 11 players that included such luminaries as Konchesky, Lucas and Kelly. For fucks sake, we should peddle that excuse – Tommy V out, RVP coming back from injury, Fabregas injured, and a painted helium balloon in goal.

And Manchester United? Still despicable wankers.

  • Berth

    Good post Kerian; but we really should have done better even with the goal we conceded. Remember this goal came in the first half – it was not like the Westbrom game. And at this stage draw is valuable, we all know when a draw does not count is towards the squeaky-bum time.

  • Goonerman

    A few blogs are slating fabregas but throughout the game he constantly was feeling and stretching his hamstring, I dont think there’s any lack of commitment but just the fact that he knows going all out could cause a set back and what hood isit if he is out for another month. Finally although he has been quality it seemed every ball chamackh got yesterday he layed it off backwards or to his side! Wolves is a big game mostly because mick Mcarthy and his team are a bunch of scumbags!!

  • trevor

    It seems Wenger thinks we were unlucky today. Is there any more proof needed that this clown is completely deluded. The next thing is he will be telling us that we can still win the PL and Arsenal will rule the world in 3 years ‘e iz convized’. The reason we lost is because Wenger picked the wrong players, chose the wrong formation and used the wrong tactics. Why do the apologists love losing, red_optics seems to thrive on it. Can one of the apologists tell me why they love losing, why have they embraced failure for so long. If Wenger stopped running up to every pressman he sees and start talking to them at every opportunity telling them the ‘Gospel According to Wenger’. How he has the nerve to criticise the way other teams play given Arsenal’s disciplinary record. He acts as if he is the great moral judge of everything and yet he’s off to France to work for French TV whenever he can, at least that’s what he tells his wife. Does he ever do any scouting, it doesn’t look like it, not in this country anyway. Newcastle outmuscled us today, they were stronger, more committed and they deserved to win. It’s time Wenger shut his mouth about other teams and other managers, minded his own business and got on with the job that he is paid £5million a year to do. I am sick of his incompetence, sick of his hypocricy, sick of his lies. Start doing the job you are supposed to do Wenger because this failure has gone on long enough. And will one of the apologist tell us why they embrace failure, why do you love losing red_optics. Surely if you had Arsenal’s best interests at heart you would want a manager who was a winner. Obviously not.

  • theusualsuspect

    Well it was like being in a funeral in the pub after the game. Newcastle did us no complaints. We only had one shot from open play in the first half! I always like to think that lessons will be learnt from defeats. For me the key points are. 1) Flapianski has shown he cannot cope with aerial strongmen and he is just not good enough. Today was a day when that old cliche a good GK can give you 10 points a season comes to mind. Yep – Flappy cannot make a difference in a game and cannot earn us points. 2) Walcott cannot start a game. He is an impact player as a sub. Today he was back to his old ways of playing on the flank and he got very little. Bascially we dont have a plan B when we go behind to a half decent team. It was too easy for Newcastle. We need 10 passes to get the ball up to the an attacking position. Plenty of time for Newcastle to regroup and defend. Lessons for me – or more pointedly Mr Wenger; buy a GK and DM in January and sort out these tactics that leave us so one-dimensional. I was at the end where the sending off happened. It looked a tame foul but if he was last man then he had to go off. Not sure Ranger was in a goal scoring position though. Miserable day, feels like we are still going round in circles and Cesc looks disinterested. Is this to be expected if he doesnt want to be here? We better be up for it at Wolves! I wonder if Wenger will be sleeping in spare room eh!
    Everyone in the league is capable of giving us a game currently and that can only mean one thing: My prediction of becoming a mid-table team has finally come to fruition. We go into every game looking fragile and unassured like a Spud team. Gone are the days when a decent Arsenal fan do not have to worry about banana skins. Now I’m looking at the Wolves game with much scrutiny and with as much confidence of 3 points as I have of winning the weekly lottery. No I don’t deserve any credit for being a sage predicting all these. It’s real easy with Arsenal really since 5 years ago if you think with your head and not with your heart. The apologists/wengerites should give it a try. And no I don’t mind eating humble pie if Arsenal can prove me wrong with current their below-par capabilities. Humble pies will taste great for my heart and I don’t mind at all eating them. Problem is I ordered for one 5 years ago but the restaurant manager named Wenger has been putting me on hold ever since because apparently he’s busy squeezing the restaurant performer/rapper from Paris that I finally realised only last week. A toast to November. You did it again with the consistency that this team desperately need for their football lives. The last two games have put serious doubt in me that we can win anything this season. Van Persie, Bendtner, Arshavin, Fabianski are players that have put us in this sorry state. Van Persie is injury prone and unless referee protect him and opponents show mercy may not do better than he did yeterday. Bendtner is lazy, not skillful and does not pose any attacking threat to meaningful opponents. Arshavin is highly overrated and like his compatroit put it recently can not make impact in big games. This leaves us with Chamakh who at present is full of 18 yd box side passes, as instructed by Wenger, and Walcott who does not know whether to play from the right or from the middle of the pack. Then there is Fabianski who has cemented his fame as a faulty keeper. Wenger in the interim, insist that Van Persie and Bendtner gets to 100% fitness before playing for us or for their countries as we do not urgently need them. In the medium term look to bring in a decent striker in the January transfer window and in the long term review your footballing philosophy as other teams seem to get better players than us yet we claim to have good scouting network. That defeat at Emirates by Newcastle is one too many and should not happen again this season!

  • goonerman

    to be fair trevor we did hit the bar about 4 times, nasri’s shot was pretty unstoppable but somehow krul got some fingers on it and the one and only shot on targer newcastle had they scored, there is no excuse but that does show that luck is not completley on your side!

    one other think is that i find it completley amazing how every goalkeeper whether they are good or completley crap seems to have the performance of their life or at least pull off one wonder save when they play at the emirates!

  • simba

    It isnt surprising that this team sometimes lacks belief. That comes with experience. I grew up in Canada during the late-70′s, early 80′s and watched the great Edmonton Oilers team of that time develop. It was amazing to watch. They had a slew of future all-time greats in the team, all teenagers. Wayne Gretzky (the greatest ever), Mark Messier (in the top 5 of greatest ever), Paul Coffey (one of the greatest defenders ever), Jari Kurri (one of the greatest pure goalscorers ever), Grant Fuhr (the best pressure ‘keeper of his era), Glenn Anderson, Kevin Lowe (both hall of famers). It was a remarkable team. It took that team, one of the greatest ever, years to learn how to win. The first year they all came through they didnt even make the playoffs. The next year they made the playoffs, upset the defending champion, but lost rudely in the next round, the next year they had the best regular season record but lost in the 1st round of the playoffs. The next year they made the Final. It was 1984 before they finally won, when Gretzky, the greatest ever player, won his first Stanley Cup. They won 4 out of the next 5 years until Gretzky was traded because the Oilers owner needed cash.

    That team had some of the greatest hockey players that have ever walked the earth and it still took them 5 years to win. They needed to grow up.

    Cesc is 23. Jack is 18. Samir is 22. Theo is 21. Song is 23. Denilson 22. Ramsey 19. Kos, Djourou and TV are all 25 or under. This team is still growing. They will have growing pains along the way. But to expect a team of youngsters to challenge an experienced and battle-hardened Chelsea side is expecting a lot.

  • goonerman

    I find it amazing how huddlestone got away yet again after his stamp against bolton, he has allready got away with a disgusting elbow in the champions league!

  • goonerman

    Thinks its funny how everyone jumps on the ‘same old arsenal, to soft to win anything’ band wagon! Bad day at the office nothing more nothing less! Long way to go yet and we will be back stronger on wednesday!

    from wilsheres’s twitter, as long as they give it their all on wednesday il be happy!

  • Yemi

    @ goonerman:
    I am with you all the way, If we had won, we wouldn’t have been saying they are young. They might be young in age but not in experience many of them having played 3 years or more.

    It was just a bad day at the office

  • Yemi

    Or lets say the employees did not show up at the office

  • Berth

    @ Yemi – I understand your saying that it was a bad day for us but you should know if thunder strikes twice in a place then there is a problem. It seems this rookie coaches like Matteo and Houghton have all spotted a weakness and surprisingly they are not afraid to take us on; it wont be long and other teams will follow suit.

    Personally I expect more home looses to other teams lower than us, but the amount I don’t know. We could win Wolves, but the assurance required to contend is lacking in a massive scale.

  • edison

    what? we stuck 4 goals past newcastle just over a week ago. there is no weakness spotted, just bad decisions by our players.

    by the way – a rediculous amount of attack on the pitch on sunday ? i couldnt believe it.

    at one point Bendtner, Fabregas , Van Persie, Arshavin and Walcott were all on the field at the same time – when was the last time you saw all those forwards on the pitch together ?!
    No wonder we had no clear cut chances. too many cooks, far too many attackers that left everything to an unfit fabregas to figure out. mental.

  • goonerman

    I seriously cant belive kozza can be given 2 matches for a tug on a shirt and tom huddlestone can get away with nothing for stramping on a player, there has to be something wrong with the game if theose kind of comparisions can be made, i dont want to hear any were unlucky crap from tottenham because their team is full of scumags and cheats!

    Onto kozza, i think he is a quality cb and could be really good in a couple of years but he has made a few big mistakes and also got himself a couple of red cards, considering vermaelen could be out for a lengthy spell after his setback today which is a real shame i think the first choice parining has to be squillaci and djourou. Djourou just offers something totally different to kozza hes big pacey and strong and im pretty sure big CF’s would rather have koscielny up against them, obviously we have to play SS and JD but even when koscileny comes back i think hes gonna have to sit it out on the bench!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Why did we even appeal the red card knowing that TV is out injured, is it worth the risk? No. We now have only got JD and SS left available???