Gareth Bale, best player in the world! Yeah, right!

So after losing mid-week in the Champions League to Eduardo’s team, tomorrow sees us take on Newcastle at the Emirates in the Premier League. We beat them easily in the Carling Cup recently, and just like Shaktar, they will be out for revenge. Newcastle have been a mixed bag this season, and one can’t tell which team’ll turn up! Hopefully the not so good team. Regardless though, it’s a must-win game for us. We’re 5 points behind Chelsea and if we win, like United today, it’d put pressure on Chelsea playing shortly afterwards at Anfield. Really hoping Liverpool can do the business and help close the gap! We have to do our bit first, though!

Back to the Champions League, and with Sp*rs beating Benitez’s Inter (anyone else find Benitez’s quotes about milk and salt and a priest recently, very hilarious? One wonders what goes through his head sometimes! Funny guy…), the media went into overdrive concerning Gareth Bale. I think there was even some chat about him being the best player in the world! Like seriously! Yes, he scored a hat-trick against them in the San Siro and terrorised Maicon all night at White Hart Lane, but all he is a good player on form.

Before his recent performances, what he was famous for, I’m sure we all remember, is his winless streak as a Premier League player. 24 games I think it was. It’s not as if Bale suddenly popped out of nowhere- he’s been playing in the Premier League since the 2007/2008 season! He’s been great last few games, but I wouldn’t call him world-class, or dare say he’s in the same league as the likes of Messi! Ridiculous! All I see is a decent player who’s been working hard on his game, and is finally getting some reward for it. He’s not all of a sudden become the best player in the world. He’s not even the best Sp*rs player for starters! Glad to see Sp*rs being bumped down to earth by Bolton today, losing 4-2 at the Reebok stadium, the scores being 3-0 at one stage! It’s one thing beating Inter in the Champions League, and well done for doing that, but the difference between them and us is the consistency and continuity. It was blatantly obvious that they would lose today after the Inter game, as they just don’t seem to be able to cope with the demands of playing in two top competitions simultaneously. We’ve been doing it for the last 10 years at least, Sp*rs, something for you to learn from us!

Anyways, enough of the mini-rant, we’ve got Newcastle tomorrow. It’s a home game, and hopefully we’ll get a response to the Shaktar loss from the players. You’d expect a much stronger team than played in Ukraine, and we should have more than enough for Newcastle, but it’s not a given. Really looking forward to the game. Theo can’t stop scoring it seems, so long may that continue! I’d be VERY disappointed if we don’t win tomorrow, but I’m sure the boys won’t let us down. Well, they better not!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend so far, and here’s hoping it gets even better with a win tomorrow! :-)

  • Berth

    yeah Dev. Gareth my Balls.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    What makes me laugh the most is that ‘Arry slapped a 50M price tag on his head hahahaha. Cesc must be worth about 200M then.

  • dimi

    ooo my Goodd FLLLAAPPYY

  • dimi

    Arsenal need to leave nice football behind them now; football is a game, and you play to win

  • Sam

    That was a real crap performance. We now start to fight for 3rd.

  • Goonerman

    Wow I can’t even blame anyone for that performance! The goal was just a one off stupid mistake bit going forward we looked completely crap! Not one player other than fabregas tried to play forward and even he was shit today, we really have ruined it for ourselves and we have to very hard games to come in the next week!

  • dimi

    If Arsene Wenger makes a single excuse today I will be exceptionally disappointed. That was truly pathetic. We are a far better team than Newcastle, to lose at home to them is a joke. West Brom are a good side, there is almost an element of ‘fair enough, they’re a good team’ about them. Newcastle are’t a good team. This defeat is a reflection of just how bad we have been and if Wenger moans about something and doesn’t blame the players, he’ll be making a terrible mistake. After a performance that bad, you have to blame the players, otherwise they won’t learn the lessons of what was a truly shocking display. I can accept us having an off day against a genuinely decent side who play well, like West Brom, or Chelsea. Newcastle though, are a genuinely poor team. Nolan, Caroll, Ranger…these players aren’t any good! How can we possibly lose to a team containing such rubbish? Wenger has serious questions to answer.

  • Berth

    I guess the lady his been shagging is affecting his decision making and influence over the players. I fear for the worse if what NOTW says is true. I fear Wengers era is coming to a dramatic end just like Grahams. Belief me it is over folks, next chapter please.

  • simba

    I’m expecting to read alot of bile spewed by the most fickle supporters in the Premier League.

    In a week when:
    Arsenal’s reserves lost 0-2 to Villa’s youngsters.
    Arsenalcontrived to be outplayed by some European unknowns
    and Arsenal’s first teamers have lost at home to Newcastle

    perhaps we can get down from our ivory towers and realise that Arsenal, as a whole, are a good club, run very well etc. BUT they are NOT a TOP side.

    Expectations need to be lowered around here and the general patronising, condescending tone projected towards other clubs should be toned down a little. Each time I check this site out after a match there seems to be so much egg on the faces of its authors that it becomes a rather cringe-inducing, painful read.

  • Sam

    Kop doing us a favor! we could have cut Chelsea’s lead to just 2 points. We blew it, but at least we’re no further back.

  • trevor

    It’s really becoming eerie – what is it with us and the month of November? We had 8 fixtures this month and we’ve lost two out of two… and a week hasn’t even gone past! Even the players in recent good form didn’t turn up – add to that the old Fabianski has paid us a visit, and we have Koscielny out for three games! Has Fabregas played any worse in his whole career?! I feel like Wenger made the wrong decision – Fabregas should’ve been subbed instead of Wilshere – he was awful! And I think Chamakh should’ve stayed on and played up front with RvP in a 4-4-1-1 transitional formation. I guess you could say we didn’t have much luck but Newcastle actually deserved something from the game and we were poor. I don’t know why, when we’re in the position like we were in the last 10 minutes, the boys seem to lose their heads and start lumping long balls in. 10 minutes is a long time in football! We should keep true to the way we play – it’s not like we have the personnel with aerial ability to profit from it anyway, we’re just relying on luck – AND if we were going to switch to long balls, wouldn’t it have been better to have kept Chamakh on? Poor team and tactical performance, IMO. Newcastle came to our backyard and played 4-4-2 – they clearly wanted it and frankly we deserved to get beaten… and that’s never easy for me to admit! AFL

  • Berth

    there are no such things like favour if u cannot beat an average newcastle team. This group on paper seems stronger than last seasons. But after this number of matchs played, they are just mentally weak and incapable to compete. Cesc had a very bad game against westham and an even badder game against Newcastle; I do hope the Wolves game wont be his baddest.

    And whats cooking with Chamack, he seems so lost and confused since Bendtner returned from… Arshavin who thrives in confidence has lost his, Fab is still sleeping, Song and wilshere have all been above par but still dats not good enough.

    Our best shot is CC lets stick to that.

  • Josiah

    fair enough played shit, you win some you lose some but you live, season far from over, gotta just shake off the bad form now and move on, if we lose to wolves midweek then its time to worry. I think we could beat wolves, then an out of form everton at goodison, then of course we have spurs at home, if we win each and everyone of them games we will surely be back on track and ready to start another unbeaten run. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

  • Berth

    In Wengers interview, he expressed worry over our home struggle. For me its very siimple. Insteal fighting spirit in the team, make them fight.. Let the mentality be fight, fight, fight – home or away; if a player feel he doesnt have the stomach to fight drop the person and use the next. Personally I will start with Fabregas.