Hypocritical ‘Arry Redknapp

Ah, so ‘Arry Redknapp has threatened to boycott the press if they punish him for his comments about the game at the weekend.

As I covered yesterday, he’s upset because his keeper threw the ball to the opposition and let them score. Obviously he’ll blame anyone he can rather than address the real issue, his soft headed GK.

So, presumably, by boycotting the press Harry will stop writing his Sun column. Oh, wait, he won’t at all, because that earns him money. And anyway, the Sun are ‘triffic lads, and it’s great fun blowing your horn nationally to a readership that consists of tit monkeys and chin dribblers. The fact that ‘Arry writes for the Sun, a national newspaper that prides itself on misreporting stories for headlines (remember when they decided Cesc was learning Russian to speak to Arshavin on pitch, after Arshavin said “I just shouted and he passed the ball”) tells you all you need to know about the attention seeking stroke faced wanker.

Also, without the pre/post match interview ‘Arry will be unable to tap any players up, like that ‘triffic lad from up the road that has a ‘triffic talent, an excellent workrate, course I’d love ‘im ‘ere”.

‘Arry is a character that thrives on publicity, thrives in the public eye (ironic given the fact his face is collapsing over one of his own) and uses the press more than they use him (something uncommon in the world of football soundbites). For him to suggest he’ll boycott the press is cutting his nose off to spite his face.

But how has football got to this point? Everyone suggests that player power has become too much, no player is bigger than the team. But what about manager power? Why is one manager better than the rest of the league?

The FA set a dangerous precedent when they allowed Sir Alex Baconface to boycott the BBC. His lad did some stuff he shouldn’t have, and instead of accepting that he got caught out, Baconface

threw his toys out of the pram and to this day refuses to speak to the BBC. He blames it on the BBC being disrespectful, but we all know the truth – he didn’t like it when his family got caught out.

Originally the FA had no power – back in 2007 it wasn’t part of the TV Rights contract that managers were required to speak to the press. So the FA couldn’t force him to speak to the BBC. The Champions League on the other hand makes it a requirement that the manager speaks to the rights holders after the game. If the BBC were to negotiate for Champions League football, Baconface would simply have no choice.

But the Domestic TV Contract has been renegotiated since then – why wasn’t this loophole closed? Why didn’t the bidders demand that arrogant wankers like Allardyce, Ferguson and Redknapp were forced to speak? All three managers boycotted the BBC back in 2007 with differing results. Baconface is the manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world. He can afford to pick and choose who he speaks to as he knows that his comments will still reach universal audiences.

Allardyce and Strokeface however found pretty quickly that no one gave a fuck about what they had to say anyway – no one missed them.

The point is, no manager or group of managers should be able to dictate to the FA what they do or don’t do. ‘Arry shouldn’t be trying to influence an FA Committee by blackmail, he said something inappropriate, he should take the punishment.

If the FA let this slide they’ll be once again confirming themselves to be spineless and clueless.

Presumably the League Managers Association, who hit out at Danny Murphy for “direct[ing] criticism at certain managers who are honest, professional and continue to achieve success on the field with their clubs”, will now disavow themselves from ‘Arry Redknapp for directing criticism at certain officials who are honest and professional?

Thought not.

  • Kodjo

    Excellent post Kieran…i’m trying to get the connection between boycotting the media, the refs decision and Gomez’s error???

    What has the media got to do with spurs not playing to the whistle…..

  • devday

    Excellent stuff Kieran!

  • arsenfan101

    Gareth Bale looks amazing – it is down to him that they have won today!

  • Goonerman

    I know I sound like a bitter old gooner and I do admit bale is in some amazing form bit as good as spurs where inter where amazingly bad, they couldn’t pass a ball and every player looked nervous. That was not the inter that played under mourhino! And the nice thing to know is within the next year bale won’t be playing for the spuds because for however nice the lad is I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t turn down the likes of united Chelsea and barca!

  • Goonerman

    Ohhh and I forgot do I sense a DVD coming on haha!

  • arsenfan101

    @ Goonerman:
    I am hearing that Barcelona are serious about their intentions for Bale, but forget that for the momebnt – you are right – Inter were terrible today – and it’s other dose of the Benetiz effect!

  • devday

    @ arsenfan101:
    The game today was an interesting game to say the least – more of a case of Inter Milan not turning up! They were much worse than I thought – but credit to Bale – he is taking his opportunity will both hands… Some excellent play today.