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Short and sweet this week – my Monday round up has hit a direct course for Monday being the first day of the week and lots of stuff left over from last week still to do. My professional life is very much like Arsenal. It’s beautifully executed, I’m hoping I win something this year, and as usual I’ve left a load of shit to the last minute.

Lovely goal though right? I keep saying I don’t like it when Song gets too far up, because it makes me nervous. Well, fuck it, let the boy play centre forward if he wants. I’ll concede it’s been most valuable, and if he continues he might just forget to pick up his customary half way line yellow in each match.

I’ll be brutal, there can’t have been many people across the land filled with much confidence when Clichey a) picked up the ball and b) turned onto his right. What the fuck was he thinking? The cross though, was a beauty, one of those I don’t think he’d be able to replicate if he tried a hundred times.

I singled out Mark Noble in the week on Twitter as being West Hams MVP at the moment. He looked capable of finding a pass all match, and I prefer him in the middle to Parker, but still Parker gets the plaudits.

Anyone remember me suggesting Sunderland could press for Europe? Not on the basis of yesterday. Not sure what the fuck happened, but it happened 5 times. Andy Carroll got me two assists, then went out and glassed a waitress, so he had a good day. Nolan will be a major player when we invite the savages to the Emirates on Sunday – lunchtime kick off, so on a scale of slightly pissed up to death by alcohol poisoning, the away fans will have only reached severe memory loss and partial blindness. None of them will be wearing coats.

It’ll be a totally different game at the weekend to our 4-0 rout in the week, be prepared for a proper fight. Newcastle have got plenty of craft in Barton and Nolan in the middle, and obviously there’s a real chance Carroll will bring a flick knife or broken bottle.

Well, time is running short, but I’m sure you all watched with glee as Spurs conceded the most ludicrous goal ever seen in the premier league. It sort of makes the European shambles we encountered previously, with that terrible quick free kick we conceded, feel less shambolic. It was great laughing at Gomes, I mean what the fuck was he thinking? Fabianski did that and got pummelled as the worst keeper in history, Gomes does it and the press blame the ref.

Be absolutely clear, for a change, the ref did nothing wrong. He didn’t give a penalty, he didn’t see the handball so he continued. When Gomes threw the ball down, the ref was saying “er what are you doing?” and shrugged his shoulders. He was as bemused as the rest of the ground.

Nani shouldn’t have handled the ball. The lino saw it and should have flagged to notify the ref. That is the lino’s job. Regardless, none of that happened, so no free kick was given. Ultimate responsibility must lie with the goalkeeper, as the ball was safely between his two hands and ended up in the goal.

Nani is a horrible diving little prick, and a childish tantruming twat, but as long as he earns me 14 points I don’t care. Hopefully he’ll have a little ‘accident’ the day before we play the rags though. I might keel over and die if he did something like that to us. It’s funny because it’s Spurs.

  • Yemi

    Nani handled the ball, the lines man saw it and tried to stop the match(or so i guess. What was he discussing with the ref ?). In all honesty, gomes should have made sure the coast was clear since he did not understand what the ref was siignalling and there was no whistle !!!

  • Kieran

    Yemi, the linesman didn’t flag until after the goal was given and Gomes ran up to him. He’s come out since saying he assumed the ref had seen the infringement which is why he didn’t flag. The ref can’t take the goal back, and rightfully decided that a) he didn’t blow his whistle to stop play and b) didn’t give a free kick, regardless of any infringment, it didn’t give Nani an advantage.

    Nani handling the ball gave him no advantage, it was Gomes that gave Nani the advantage by placing the ball down, and under the rules of the game that isn’t enough to disallow a goal.

    People keep getting confused about the ref waving play on – that wasn’t giving Spurs the advantage, he was simply signalling that he would give no penalty.

  • Yemi

    @ Kieran:
    I understand, i was just wondering why the linesman raised the flag after the goal knowing fully well that the ref did not blow to stop the match

  • Kieran

    @ Yemi:
    Ah sorry, I meant to say – he didn’t flag because he thought the ref had seen it, and then when the ref gave the goal and Gomes came hurtling towards him he thought “shit I better say something”.

    By the time he flagged for the ref though the ref couldn’t disallow the goal because Nani had not given himself the advantage, the opposition had gifted it to him – goals can only be disallowed when the attacker infringes the rules to gain an advantage. The infringement happened in a different “phase” of play.

    So the lino realised that by not flagging he had made an awful mistake and tried to correct it but it was too late.

    Something I’ve always argued is that the performance of referees is often greatly diminished by the dreadful jobs the linesmen do. Very often the ref get’s the blame when he has no help or direction from his two assistants.

    The Europa league last year shows that the extra touchline officials did one unexpected thing – it increased the accuracy of the referee decisions because he had extra help and the play was covered from both horizontal and vertical perspectives.

  • Yemi

    Good to see that Rambo is so close to return

  • trevor

    I have no doubt we will hear a lot of moaning and groaning about us ‘only’ beating rock-bottom West Ham 1-0 today but truthfully I couldn’t give a shit.

    A lot of people were expecting a cricket-score but football doesn’t always go as expected.

    Personally I think Robert Green deserves a gee-up for his performance.

    Once again he was outstanding against Arsenal. I’ve never really rated Green but for some reason he seems to turn into a brick-wall whenever he plays us.

    I think he might hate Arsenal or something.

    If Chelsea won 1-0 with a late goal then they are resilient and its a reason that they are champions.

    We win 1-0 with a late goal and we are lucky.

    See the difference?

    Who cares that it was a late winner? Who cares that we didn’t win by four?

    At the end of the day, its three points on the board and another win.

    I’m starting to feel really confident in Arsenal again. In the days when Thierry, Patrick and co were in the side I was confident that we would overcome any hurdle.

    Be it playing against side intent on putting everyone behind the ball or being 2-0 down, I’d still have the belief that Arsenal would come through.

    We have been too soft for too long and finally we are becoming strong again.

    For the last few years watching Sky Sports News during game time could be torture. Hearing a ‘goal in the Arsenal game’ made me nervous. Who scored us or them?

    Now I’m confident when Jeff Stelling utters those words WE have scored. Like I used to be.

    Grinding out results is what champions do. We cannot win by hammerings every week. Even if the opposition are bottom of the table.

    A win is a win and I will take that every time.

  • Yemi

    @ trevor:
    Not forgetting that l’pool, chelski all struggled too and cteh even lost. Spurs lost too and those are the teams being touted as contenders for the top positions. Everton too scored late

  • Kieran

    @ trevor:
    We played West Ham on Saturday, not today. I don’t think anyone has knocked Arsenal for scoring late against West Ham – the press have been universal in their praise of West Ham’s resilience and their keeper – I haven’t read a single person moaning or groaning about the result, considering we’ve scored 8 in three games, I don’t think they’d have any grounds to.

  • Kieran

    Dev – I think the comments posted by Trevor have been stolen from this blog, I doubt the blogger will be happy. I assume they’ve been stolen anyway and the person who commented didn’t provide a link back to the blog.

  • Goonerman

    Ahhhhhhhh Trevor got found out haha

  • Kodjo

    How hard is it for folks to put their own thoughts into writing…no matter how silly it comes acrosss….

    yes you can stand on the shoulders of others..and there is nothing wrong if you quote other sources….

    i am all for originality!!!

  • Yemi

    @ Kodjo:
    Hi brova; I feel you !!!
    It is Ok to quote, it is OK to copy and paste if you get something interesting from somewhere else but please you should state that it is coming from another source (You not Kodjo !!!)

  • devday

    Morning All…
    So there we have it, it’s true, it was crazy, but as Kieran said – it was the letter of the law – the referee thought it wasn’t a penalty and didn’t see the handball and didn’t give the freekick. Gomes picks up the ball and really should kick it – by throwing it on the floor, that wasn’t because he thought it was a goal kick – it was because he wanted to get greater distance on the ball. He looked to his right and saw a Man United player retreating – and probably forgot that Nani was behind him – because as soon as Nani was in front of him, he panicked, knowing he had made the mistake. It was Gomes fault – very plain & simple. I was listening to 606 on my drive out yesterday and the ref has got a lot of bad press, but Gomes seems to be the victim in all this. How silly. If the ref / linesman had seen the handball, it may have been called back – but at the end of the day, they didn’t…!!

  • Kieran

    It reminded me of Fabianksi rolling the ball to the ref for that quick free kick we conceeded in Europe, which I alluded to in the article. At the time Fabianski was slated, but now Gomes appears to be portrayed as the victim.