Man City vs Arsenal – The Bumper Preview

Afternoon All…

Tomorrow is a bumper game for all Arsenal fans and it will be a bumper preview today to make sure we discuss absolutely everything to do with the game… Starting with the history of Arsenal… er… hmm… okay, let’s skip to present day…

So, it’s Man City vs Arsenal and in terms of the quality of the game, it should be an absolute cracker. Last season’s game was very fiery with ex-Arsenal player Adebayor going a little crazy with a couple of lunges on captain and vice-captain, Cesc and Van Persie, not exactly the most tasteful thing to do – of course, we ended up losing that game 4-2 and it was down to pure emotion getting the better of us that day. Things have changed, we’ve completely reshaped our whole defence – and of course, Man City have bought loads more players to shape their own side.

We have a few injuries ahead of the game, with two key players in Thomas Vermaelen and Robin Van Persie both missing. Arsene announced at the AGM that Vermaelen is suffering from a “long term injury” and we really don’t know how long he will be out. Last season, it was different when TV was injured, as our back up consisted of a 37 year old Sol Campbell and a very out of sorts Mikael Silvestre… at least this season we look to have 4 competent defenders…

So with the aformentioned players out, and with Sagna back in the squad, the line up could well be:


Sagna – Squillaci – Djourou – Clichy

Diaby – Song

Nasri – Cesc – Arshavin


Despite Rosicky’s excellent game against Shaktar, I feel Arsene wil opt for the Russian playmaker on the left – the manager seems to favour Arshavin in the big games. But if he plays like he did against Birmingham than I don’t think he’ll last too long in our team – surely Arshavin is due a good performance? Meanwhile Rosicky spoke about the game and said:

“It’s time to prove we can win those games and we have a great opportunity to do it on Sunday. But I’m not surprised to see City are second in the table – if you have their power, you can buy almost whoever you want, so I’m not surprised. They are tactically very good – sometimes they are not so entertaining, but they are similar to Chelsea, very solid at the back, so we will need to be clinical.”

And he’s bang on the money – we need to be as clinical as possible. Man City have a better keeper in Joe Hart and a better defence with their recent additions, so we need to ensure, when we get a chance, we take it!

Adebayor has had an indifferent start to the season up at Man City and has only got into the squad more recently, having been left out for the most of this season. He did talk about his row with Mancini affecting his chances – but he looks primed to start tomorrow against us.

The Man City line up could well be:


Boateng – Kompany – Lescott – Bridge

Barry – De Jong

Silva –  Tevez – Milner


As you can see by the line up – both Toure’s are out of tomorrow’s game. Both teams look strong, and all the betting shops have Man City down as favourites – a change of the tide, but considering the home fixture, the positions in the league and the game last season, of course, you can understand where the bookies are coming from.

Tomorrow is a game we need to win, with Chelsea beating Wolves and going 8 points clear of us, even so early in the season, we’re on catch up! We have it in the locker, and we are totally aware of what City are all about. I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s game… but then again, I always do!

  • vj

    great blog devday, no mention of walcott, i wouldn’t be suprised if he started and nasri moved back to the middle, but i think ur lineup is better, walcott can be used as an impact sub if we are down. I really want to win this game, we haven’t won a big game in a long time as this could be one to silence our critics. Chelsea seem to be building a huge gap. I expect man u to also start winning games now that rooney’s tantrum is over. Cmon Arshavin score a hatrick

  • devday

    With Nasri in fine form this season, for me, he’ll have to start… and Diaby’s last few games have proved much better than the WBA game. With Wilshere out, I think he’ll slot in Diaby next to Song as he’ll have the defensive awareness too.

    I think you’re right with Walcott being used as an impact sub, he hasn’t had much football in the last month, so it would be wise for him to ease himself back in.

  • Berth

    Its going to be difficult to win. Looks like City will snatch this with a 2-1 win. I desperately want to be proved wrong though.

  • Sam

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          Coach                                              Nationality   Score

    1. Arsène Wenger France 142

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    4. Guus Hiddink Nederland 112

    5. Fabio Capello Italia 106

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  • devday

    @ Berth:
    Come on Berth! Where is the positive mental attitude!??!

  • vitus

    Oh, boy
    if we oops we are under west brom in the table……….. NO!

  • Berth

    Like Sam Allardyce said, its not about perception but reality. And belief me Dev am being real here.

  • edison

    Nasri – Cesc – Arshavin


    Silva – Tevez – Milner

    Those attacking lines are quite evenly matched i reckon. Ours is that little bit more together and cohesive though, where as MANC is 4 seperate stars trying to prove themselves.

    Either way its going to be a battle of defences! who is going to slip up first.

    Im not keen on Diaby starting against MANC – I think at some point in the game Nasri might get dropped back with Song and then bring in Walcott on the right.

  • GermanGunner

    We are 5th in the table… ouch!!!!

  • devday

    @ edison:
    I thought the same thing about the front four, Ade, Tevez, Silva and Milner aren’t rubbish – they are good. But our 4 players in Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin & Chamakh are more team orientated players. When Nasri, Cesc & Arshavin are fired up and playing to the maximum of their ability, then they are much better… Am very excited!

  • arsefan101

    LOL Berth – you are quoting Sam Allardyce! What does he know!!!

  • Berth

    Yeah guys. Dev Andy Townsend of Daly mail barely gets his prediction wrong. Am really scared it could happen especially without Vermelean and Van the man playing

  • ZimGooner01

    We are bound for great and unfortunate things. This match will prove that we have the mental & physical strength to be top dogs in the game. I just read a depressing articles that shows that we’ve only won 17% of the games against the top 3 teams since 2008. However I’ve got a good feeling about today’s match. I always do!

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    I’m not convinced by Andy Townsend… Ultimately I think it’s down to the mentality of the players – and like we did in the Carling Cup + at home, we will dominate the game and play them off the park!

  • devday

    @ ZimGooner01:
    Yes, previous to the last 3 years – we had a very good record – but in the last three years, it’s been much different – interesting that we have had more possession in those games, but lost them – maybe because the opposition has fewer chances and therefore become more clinical?

  • ZimGooner01

    My dream line up for today:


    Sagna – Djourou – Gibbs – Clichy

    Diaby – Song

    Walcott – Cesc – Nasri


    Squillaci (suspect since Drogba score)
    Arshavin (troubleshooting needs to reallign his boot – may be good impact player)
    Eboue (good impact player – attacking defence)

  • devday

    Line up for us is:
    Fabianski, Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Clichy, Song, Nasri, Denilson, Fabregas, Arshavin, Chamakh

    Diaby injured in warm up!

  • Tm17

    Arsenal arsenal arsenaaaaaaal !!!!!!!!!!
    Feels good !!!!!!!!!!

  • ZimGooner01

    We bought him to replace Pires… Nasri, Nasri
    He scored more goals than Anderson… Nasri, Nasri
    He broke his leg but he’ll be back
    Anderson will still be crap
    Samir Nasri… Arsenal’s number 8
    la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la..
    Samir Nasri… Arsenal’s number 8

  • Sam

    Perfect, simply perfect.
    Fabianski was totally awesome, a 9 performance.

  • ZimGooner01

    @ Sam:
    Absolutely fantastic..

  • ZimGooner01

    “Don’t let the negativity given to you by the world disempower you. Instead give to yourself that which empowers you.”- Les Brown


  • Berth

    Good game folks.

  • Kodjo

    @ Sam:

    Finally someone has recognized and given Fabianski praises..good show Sam, at least you are one of the few objective one’s out there.

    I am happy for the boy (Fabianski) good conc and solid performance…needs to keep it up…he is getting the breaks now…pls folks go easy on him cos he will still make a few and there. I hope he has a solid season !!!

    I wonder how folks will view Cesc’s miss cos it came at a crucial time….I’d imagine if it was another player he’d have been slaughtered!!!! For once i just thought that Nasri sh’d have taken the spot kick… and this was not in hindsight…..

    Djourou is still rough around the edges …doesn’t know when to be on the outside of a player as opposed to the inside…Tevez & Silva skinned him ….nearly gave away 2 goals in first 10 mins…but to his credit made the necessary adjustments cos Clichy was being caught high up most of the time in the first 20 mins…with the lazy Arshavin not bothering to track back except for 1 crucial intervention…

    Opposing teams have figured out that our weak area is on the left side of midfield and defence during transition esp when we loose possession cos most of the time Clichy is high up offering width to the mid field. Silva and Tevez exploited that area very well..even Micah Richards had a go!

    All in all a good win and we got most of the breaks….credit to ref Clattenburg for his courage in showing the red card so early in the game. Most refs w’d have wavered under the intense pressure.

  • Sam

    Must admit, I was so pissed with AW for not selling Fabianski during the summer, but now he looks like a real capable keeper.

  • Sam

    Interesting headline;
    Arsene Wenger admits Lukasz Fabianski could displace Manuel Almunia as Arsenal’s first-choice goalkeeper…

  • tyoung

    I thought Denilson did well. I would prefer him to partner Song rather than Diaby but both behind Wiltshire in ranking. i hope he Rosiky eboue and Benther start on Wed.