Aren’t you glad we’re not Liverpool…?

First of all – a massive shout out to Kieran’s article yesterday – it had me laughing throughout it – some hilarious one liners… especially about super kid, Gibbs:

The frightening thing is, Gibbs looks ready to take his place but it seems like Gibbs can’t play more than 10 seconds without his foot dissolving – maybe it’s entirely due to the water on the pitch and the fact that he has feet made of dispersible aspirin, but if he gets his chance I fully expect it to last less than 90 minutes before he’s stretchered off and taken to the corned beef factory.

Excellent stuff Kieran – and for those of you have not read it… do so now!

Onto the main subject of today’s blog and the questions you have to ask yourself is aren’t you glad we’re not Liverpool. The mess up in Merseyside is amazing considering how well the club has been run historically. In fact, before the likes of Arsene Wenger, and the rest of the guys – which includes David Dein, despite he default years later – we could have been headed in the same direction. However, thanks to great management and even better forward thinking and financial planning, we have done all the things we set out to do, the stadium, the squad, the training ground and above all, the financial stability and debt management that has seen us shoot up the rich club list and see us spiral down the debt amounts owed.

Peter Hill Wood (our chairman) said this:

“What’s happened at Liverpool is a football tragedy. They were always a model for how a club should be run. Now they have got themselves in a terrible muddle. I really hope it gets sorted out because I have so much respect for Liverpool.”

But more importantly for all Gooners, continued with this:

“We don’t have an owner who has saddled the club with £250 million worth of debt. The way Arsenal is run at the moment, what has happened at Liverpool could not possibly happen here. We are aware of who our shareholders are and we have a view on their suitability. And the majority of shareholders feel the same way as the board.”

And with fanshare kicking in – where more fans can own the club – in the next five years, we’ll be owned by more and more people, rather than just one owner, whose only asset is the club. The recent bid from Singapore billionaire, Lim, for Liverpool is a whopping £320m, and he promises not to saddle the club with debt – but regardless of the size of the wealth, why would anyone invest any money anywhere – if not to be an ultimate profit maker. The £320m Lim is putting in is key to generate him the £500m he wants in 10 years time – but surely this just shifts the debt from one person to another?

At Liverpool, the sell-outs were the previous board and owners, the Rick Parry’s and the rest of them, who are sitting on a nice tidy sum of cash without doing the proper research on who was taking control of their club. That’s a clear case of money before passion, love and the right thing to do.

I am personally so damn glad we’re not Liverpool and never will be. We are Arsenal, one of the best run clubs in the land, and long may it continue.

Meanwhile, in other news… the International break has taken out Bacary Sagna for a month, which sees an injured XI of:


Sagna – Nordtveit – Vermaelen – Gibbs

Ramsey – Frimpong

Walcott – Cesc – Van Persie


And that is quite a good team!

With a whole load of people involved tonight, let’s hope that we come through with enough players to play on Saturday…

I’ll leave you with some title-race talk from Jack Wilshere… who else?

“It’s still early days, we’re definitely still in it. I know we are seven points behind, but I think Chelsea will definitely drop points and we’ve just got to capitalise when they do. Hopefully there aren’t too many injuries [ahead for us] but if there are we’ve got a big squad and we can cope.”

Come on you Gooners… til tomorrow…

  • devday

    Lukaku would be a good signing, but I would think this would be addition to our exiting injured squad rather than a replacement…!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    In a way I hope Liverpool lose 9pts as it may convince Reina to move to us. I would welcome Reina to Arsenal, he is a class GK and has EPL experience.

  • Kodjo

    @ Dev

    what’s the low down with the Lukaku rumours?? any substance to it?

  • Berth

    I like Wilshere’s attitude TBH. But in terms of football ability and maturity I do fancy Ramsey more.

  • kevin

    we play lovely football which is a joy to watch, we dominate possession, but ultimately against the likes of Chelski and Manure (and sometimes teams we should beat comfortably) we come up short and lose the game. We have to have more of a cutting edge, put chances away clinically and most crucially of all be able to defend. This seems obvious to all except Monsieur Wenger. I am so fed up with the post match guff he comes out with that I cannot bare to listen anymore. He is fast becoming a cracked record.

    I for one am not advocating plunging in to the transfer market spending vast amounts of money on player after player and I think most of the anti-Wenger brigade would agree. What we want is some evidence that Wenger has recognised that the team has weaknesses and to see him trying to do something about them. Our goalkeeping situation is a joke, we are defensively naïve and still do not posses a 25 goals a season striker. Even if Wenger had gone some way to rectify these weaknesses I would have been happier. Instead we have to endure ‘Groundhog Day’ season after season with lessons not learnt and talk of potential and what might be next season.

    I love the club but have now been reduced to such a level of frustration with Wenger that I have no hope at all for this season and cannot get excited over performances like the 6 – 0 thrashing of Braga because there will be a ‘West Brom’ to follow as sure as eggs are eggs. Also progressing to the latter stages of the CL (which I would dearly love to see us win) would usually fill me with childish hope and anticipation but I am afraid not anymore as I know we will ultimately fail because we are just not good enough. We have a very healthy balance sheet and a smug board, but as far as I can see no footballing ambition to be the best anymore.

  • dp

    Has any one seen the pictures of Rambo on

    Not only is it great to see him up and running but Gibbs, Walcott and Bendtner are with him!

    Might have a few people to pick from soon………….fingers crossed.

  • Berth

    @ DP: just saw the pictures. Now we are in business

  • vj

    seriously guys whos back after international break, the returns in training are, fabregas, ramsey, walcott, gibbs, bentdner, vermaelen, if all those are back this week and available for the city game, then maybe we can string some wins together

  • devday

    Sorry for my absence guys, this week has been mega-busy… but am back now… just in time :-)

  • Goonerman

    Wenger on injuries:

    “We have some good news because for a while we’ve had only bad news,” he said. “Nicklas Bendtner is back in the squad and Kieran Gibbs is back too.

    “Let’s not forget that since last November Nicklas has produced here and there but never had a consistent presence because of his injuries.

    “Apart from the fact he went to the World Cup we have not seen the real Nicklas Bendtner for a long, long time. He is the closest he has been to his best for a while. He was really, really handicapped by groin problems but they have gone now.

    “Theo might be involved on Saturday as well. He has normal training tomorrow. I might put him in the squad. I will see how he is but he looks very, very sharp. The only uncertainty is his ankle but he might be involved.

    “Cesc is very, very short and unlikely to be involved [on Saturday]. He has a little chance for Tuesday.

    “Sagna is ten days, Vermaelen is ten days, Almunia is a question of days but Van Persie looks to be a bit longer.”

    So bendtner and gibbs are definatley in the squad and theo has a good chance of also being involved, vermaelen and sagna could maybe be back for the city game i suppose if everything goes to plan.

    you have got to question how fabregas is not fit im thinking maybe he is just bluffing a bit and then will have him on the bench becuase cesc personally said over a week ago he was ready to play so surely a week on from that he would be more than ready! i suppose we will see on saturday what players are realy ready to play.

    you have to admit though after weeks of injuries and setbacks it really does look like the injuries could be clearing up, lets all hope everything goes to plan.