Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal: Different day, same result…

Evening All…

And what an entertaining game of football that was today. I know we lost 2-0, but in all honesty, I don’t feel too upset about our performance. We played well and pretty much dominating the game and it’s not the first time we’ve said that having left a ground on the losing end.

The line up today was:


Sagna – Squillaci – Koscielny – Clichy

Diaby – Song

Nasri – Wilshere – Arshavin


With a bench of Szcznesy, Eboue, Djourou, Denilson, Rosicky, Vela and JET…

Although we started this way, Wilshere played deep and Diaby and Song tended to go forward. I’m not sure if Song has been told to go forward, but it’s not preferable as his role in front of the back four is important – especially when our full backs go forward.

We did start the match the better team, creating chances immediately – and one golden opportunity in the first half dropping to Koscielny who headed over from about 2 yards – and there were many chances. At one point, I was wondering how we were missing all of these chances and a part of JAT’s blog yesterday came back to my mind:

Can we beat Chelsea? Of course we can. However I believe the key to our being successful against them is taking every goal scoring opportunity that comes our way as it is unlikely there will be many.

And that’s exactly what we didn’t do. Drogba scored the first with an audacious flick thing, and despite our efforts, Alex thumped in the second just before the end of the game. I’m sure Kieran D will give you his take tomorrow, but today was all about missed chances. Chamakh
will definitely be wondering how he didn’t score. More possession, more passing accuracy and more domination counts for nothing – it’s the results that counts…

Arsene summed up the game:

“I just think we have made a demonstration that you can play well and lose the game. The game should have been over before we started it – we had the first two chances in the first minute and I don’t know how we managed to miss the header from six yards. At that level you get punished.

“I think we were a bit unfortunate as well because the first goal was a foul on Song from Ramieres – 100 per cent foul. After that we made a mistake that should not happen at the near post and Drogba took advantage of it. After the second half it was one-way traffic and in the last 10 to 15 minutes Chelsea were counter-attacking. But we missed too many chances at that level and in the final third you need to be more clinical offensively and defensively. We had a great team performance and great energy.

“You could see that Chelsea finished with cramps because they had to run a lot, so I give credit to my team. But we have to be more clinical to win titles – we can’t lose a game like that.”

And that’s a wrap… Kieran D will be back tomorrow with his views as we all try to move on… 7 points behind Chelsea and 5 points ahead of Liverpool, we’re 4th now – we have the talent, but we need to start getting points, points and more points…

Til tomorrrow…

  • Berth


  • devday

    Berth, today’s performance was much much better than last week – turning up to Chelsea without RvP, Cesc, TV5 and other key players, such as Walcott was obviously going to reduce our ability to be clinical.

    I think the question is about how we bounce back…

  • Berth

    Dev I know all that.but check this statistics we have won Chelsea and Manu just 6 times out of the 33 meetings we have had since 2004 unbeaten season. That is very poor for a club of our own quality; it’s shocking and makes me want to weep blood.

  • Yemi

    from last post

    @ Goonerman:
    “I know a loss is a loss but the performance is not represented by the result, we out played them for most of the game and we missed at least 3 great chances”

    I totally disagree with you, This has always been our problem. Why can’t chamack use his legs ? he had a great chance that he fired across goal and not at goal.

    Our attack needs a little more bite. We have need a very dominating on-point striker like drogba, bent etc. ALl possesion and no end product !!! If you dont take your chances, you get punished. We deserved a draw from that game, but how will you get a draw when you dont take ur chances and ur opponent takes theirs?

    @ Kodjo:
    I fell you bro.
    @ Josiah:
    How do we finish as runner up if we can’t beat WB at the emirates?, or take a draw from S.bridge ? or even win at anfield (ask blackpool)?

    I am not not a prophet of doom, i will always love and support my arsenal, but if we are not careful, even man city will overtake us this season.

  • Yemi

    @ devday:
    “, but in all honesty, I don’t feel too upset about our performance. We played well and pretty much dominating the game”

    If you are not upset, i am. We usually dominate but don’t take our chances !!!
    The 4:2 loss to city last season, we dominated , the hit us on the break. When you dominate and dont take ur chance, ur get hit. I fear for us !!

  • syah

    we will bounce back. i think the past two games we were just unlucky. if we take away all the positives we had in both games i dont see why we cant go on winning the league. that said this is where we should be behind the team giving them our fullest support.

    anyways liverpool???? haha.

  • Yemi

    @ syah:
    If and only IF we take the positives

  • devday

    @ syah:
    It’s funny we laugh at Liverpool – they lost to Blackpool at home – whereas we lost to West Brom at home. Both teams got thumped by Chelsea. There are only 5 points between us and Liverpool now too, so it’s interesting to see the comparisons.

  • tyoung

    The depressing part were the 2 central defenders. I’m sorry, just not championship winning quality. And Diaby as usual, really ineffective in the forward role. AA should have stepped into the gap left by Malouda in the wall. Elementary stuff!

  • detriot09

    All the old chestnuts are out on today ahead of the Chavs game.

    Wenger – Sunday will show our title strength

    Wenger – Strength is not all-important

    ‘I’d welcome new financial rules tomorrow’

    Some of my favourite snippets from the articles

    “What for you is physical strength?” asked the Arsenal manager at his pre-match press conference.
    The answer almost certainly doesn’t involve having Carlos Vela to come off the bench as the only available partner for Chamakh mate. I would also say it more likely lies with a striker who has scored 12 in 10 against us

    “How can you explain how Spain won the World Cup and Barcelona beat Chelsea in the Champions League? Football is not only down to physique. It’s down to intelligence, technique, mobility. There is not one way. That’s what makes it interesting”

    Hmmmm – if you want to copy Spain so badly, I would suggest that having two of the best strikers in world football, three of the best passers of the ball who rarely switch off and give the ball away at key moments and an abundance of riches in the goalkeeping position might have helped them win the biggest prize. Still, if pale imitations of Villa, Torres, Casillas & Reina, Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta are what you mean just keep on sleepwalking in the same direction

    “Did Didier Drogba score last week?” added Wenger. “No he didn’t, he played against Kolo Toure. When Toure played here you said he could not handle him. Suddenly when he moves to Manchester City he’s stronger.”

    True and nor is he likely to score a goal that allows him to run virtually unchallenged from the halfway line against anyone else this season either, or profit from situations where a full back and winger double up so easily on a full back allowing him endless supply from the flanks. Sort your life out mate – Stevie Wonder spotted the flaws in the formation ages ago

    “If you are committed to contracts of three or four years, you cannot reduce the wages from one year to the next just because UEFA has kicked in some new rules. To get rid of the players will be impossible because nobody else will pay the wages so this rule would have to come in gradually.”

    Errr…..pot and kettle. Or should that be Lukasz and Carlos. Exactly what length contracts were they awarded ahead of having achieved diddly for us. Not sure there will be a long orderly queue wishing to take on their wages after the prove themselves inadequate again

    We’ve heard all this fucking shit before – stop harping on about “intelligence” over strength and financial inequality because it exists in football all over the world. Just send a fucking team out that can adapt tactically to difficult situations and show a bit of fucking bottle against the Big Guns. We have no divine right to beat Chelsea but an improvement on last season’s collapses is what we need. Only you can deliver it – not UEFA or some God of Justice that exists in Arsene’s world. Time to stand up and deliver


    Berth wrote:

    Dev I know all that.but check this statistics we have won Chelsea and Manu just 6 times out of the 33 meetings we have had since 2004 unbeaten season. That is very poor for a club of our own quality; it’s shocking and makes me want to weep blood.

    fully agree. granted we were missing a host of players but still very annoying. Only way losing to chelsea, man utd etc is not such a big deal is if we beat teams such as west brom, sunderland etc. No excuses, just need to be more physical

  • devday

    Con man, I’ve outlined the reasons why we lost to Chelsea:

  • http://worldofarsenal hassan

    it doesnt matter if we lost away 2-0 still fantastic peformance then again we got our revenge at home 3-1 even better results than chelsea hopefully well win the premier league title this eason and the next season as well