Ah, OdemOH NO NO NO.

I’m all shouted out, back at work with the horsiest of throats. You can thank the chaps on Saturday for that.


Etc, for 90 minutes. It’s no wonder I’m still having trouble breathing, let alone talking.

I think what hurts is not they we played badly, (I mean, have you even seen Manchester United this season?) but that we were unable to rouse ourselves and get back into the game whilst we were still a goal down. Or two. That we had to concede three goals before we started playing football is terrible.

I’m still on Clichey’s back. The chap cannot defend. It’s glaring. He needs one of those dog leads, you know the ones that are a bit springy with the button on them that winds the lead in when you’re dog is being a badly positioned shit. So that when he goes mental and bombs forward, immediately after he loses possession he pings straight back into defense ready to defend. Seriously, opposition teams must look at our left and think “Arshavin/Clichey… let’s have a go on that side”. Arshavin did look moderately more interested to be fair, elevating his effort level from one hand on hip to two hands. Two hands!

It’s all been said anyway, hasn’t it. We were poor in the middle, they capitalised on that and they took their chances. It’s disingenuous to blame the keeper, or the defense, or the midfield though. I’ve said countless times, if Arshavin (or any other forward) doesn’t needlessly concede possession there is no break, if Song makes a challenge there is no pressure, if the defense stop the cross and clear there is no shot and if the keeper has a decent chance he’ll save it. When all of those things break down, you’ll concede goals.

That isn’t to say the second goal wasn’t anything other than Almunias fault entirely. Those shots should be saved – I guess no one will persist with the lie that either of our main keepers are good shot stoppers, what with Flappyhandski juggling it into his own net midweek and Almunia playing volleyball.

My point is United’s middle and defense have been poor of late, and they’ve started conceding goals, regardless of the perceived quality of the keeper. A great keeper will give you a better chance when everything else falls down, but no one is 8ft wide and made of bricks.

My point from pre-season still stands – United have been looking for a replacement for an aging EVDS for two years and so far haven’t found one. Schwarzer has been terrible for Fulham so far this season, also punching the ball into his own net a couple of times – criticise Almunia all you want, but the fact remains there wasn’t a sensible replacement in the summer, so we’re stuck with the moron. You just have have to hope the other parts of the team don’t self destruct like they did at the weekend.

At least there was plenty of good stuff elsewhere this weekend. Spurs only losing by one goal at West Ham a particular highlight. What kind of moron says “it wasn’t a bad result” when you lose to a team who previously had just 1pt. That’s a terrible result.

Lovely Darren Bent as well, continuing his one man crusade against Liverpool, made me smile. Lovely to see him try desperately to ruin his penalty but somehow still get it in. That’s how you rub it in their faces. I’m waiting to see the next Darren Bent penalty where he’ll run up, slip over, headbutt the ball accidentally, and see it bounce not just off the post, but off the other post, the crossbar and then into the goal off the happless keepers back. It’ll probably be against us at the Emirates on the 5th of March.

Speaking of that game, Atwell is a fucking disgrace. Stevie G escaped with a yellow when he should have had a red for self defending someones face with his elbows, and Torres/Sloth From The Goonies scoring the most farcical goal ever in the history of football (minor exaggeration maybe).

The best thing is, people keep suggesting Attwell should not referee in the premier league. Where do you put him? The suggestion is the Championship. Derby and Forest won’t like that. As Hitler said, he’s a silly boy with a whistle who has the refereeing skills of roadkill.

Keep smiling.

  • Arsefan101

    Kieran – I think Schwarzer had a blinding game for Fulham this weekend.

  • Kieran

    @ Arsefan101:
    Yeah he wasn’t bad at all. But it is the first game this season. He had a terrible game in the tin point cup, beaten to two crosses and spilled the ball into his own net a few weeks ago.

    My point is, he is clearly capable of playing well and being a good keeper, but he is also capable of making mistakes and losing his team points and a place in the Carling cup.

    He’s no better than Almunia.

  • Berth

    Kieran – I feel those games he did not play well was to get at the Fulham team for not letting him go. I still expect him to get on and off days

  • Kieran

    @ Berth:
    I agree completely, every keeper has bad days and good days. Which is exactly what I am saying. Every keeper makes mistakes, including Almunia.

    I think we would both prefer a keeper that makes less mistakes, and so far Schwarzer is not that keeper.

    As for him not playing well to upset Fulham, if that is really the case I don’t ever want a player at Arsenal who will deliberately play badly if he doesn’t get his own way.

  • arseneKnows


    Apparently Almunia injured his elbow during the penalty save at the weekend. Isn’t this a Wengerism??

    Hasn’t Wnger done this before?
    To try to ‘save face’, Wenger invents an injury so that he can actually drop a player who is under-performing but doesn’t want to buckle under the growing pressure to drop his ‘No. 1’

    What d’you think people?
    If Flapianski has an “INJURY” then Wenger will have to use our young polish wizz or young Italian wizz!!


  • Arsefan101

    @ Kieran:
    I think you’ll see better performances from Schwarzer from now on than Almunia!

    Almunia is now injured, so everything is doomed!

  • Arsefan101

    @ arseneKnows:
    Please please please Fabianski get injured!

  • devday

    Saturday’s game was a stark return to normality where we didn’t defend well as a team and our GK department let us down again.

    Almunia and Fabianski will most likely lose us points throughout the season, which we need to resolve. I am starting to think that Arsene is giving the GK department another chance, but it looks like it’s backfired.

    Looking to Jan for a big GK to come in?

  • Kodjo

    Yep its an open secret that arsenal are weak on the left side of their setup…thanks to a lazy asharvin who thinks tracking back and helping out in defense is not part of his job description

    sure this guy can create goals but the number misplaced passes and the lack desire is all too apparent

    well its wenger’s job to get things straigthened out

    this puts extra pressure on Clichy though i must admit his form has been bad …didnt bother to track back after he had been nutmegged in the build for the 2nd goal.

    sagna positioning for the 1st goal was just woeful…he’s had bad days but saturday’s was a definite stinker!!!

    i hope its a blip…and fielding fabianski in a pressure cooker champions league game will have wenger scratching his head…but then what are his options…field sczesny or mannone …two unfinished products???

  • JDD

    fabianski played shit against spurs and then almunia plays shit against west brom in the process getting ‘injured’ so who comes in for him tomorrow ? fabianksi ???? i have and always will have faith in Wenger but he seriously doesnt know about goalkeepers surely mannone or szcesny should be playing.i think we can beat chelsea because there looking poor and our attack can easily break down there defence but i fear that any shot on target or cross with almunia or fabianksi in goal could lead to a goal.szcesny or mannone have to play

  • Bonathan

    well, we all knew the goal keeping department was a weak spot for us going into the season, and already we are seeing the all to familiar mistakes being made. It will be interesting to see what wenger does if fabianski has a good game midweek. He must be due one accdording to the law of averages. Would anyone really feel confidant with him between the sticks against chelsea at the wkend??

    As bad as he was at the weekend, we need almunia back for that one.

    Manuel. Wow, what a shocker he had. The second goal was plane terrible goalkeeping which, as bad as it was, i could probably put it down to a one off and let him off. The penalty he gave away and his running around like a headless chicken act for the 3rd goal however had almunia written all over them. The guy will never learn when it comes to decision making and coming off his line. It has always been, and i am now convinced will always be, his major downfall.

    Good penalty saver though!

    I just hope we can stay in the race till january and hopefully sign a nice keeper. It’s going to be tight at the top this year.

  • Yemi

    @ Kodjo:
    Nice to see ur post after a long while.