Harry Redknapped.

Hi guys, just a quickie, I’m not due to post but couldn’t wait to share this with you.

Harry Redknapp, 20th September 2010:

Arsenal have good kids, but there are not too many

Arsenal Football Club, 21st September 2010:

Come again Harry? Our three English lads can’t hear you, they’re too busy celebrating Lansbury’s goal.

  • Pete


  • devday

    Loving that Kieran, I really am!

  • Yemi

    Someone is feeling the Stoke bone crushing attack too !!!
    Nice to know someone else (Not wenger)has a taste

    “If Mousa has avoided serious injury, then he is a very lucky boy considering the tackle. His career could have been put at risk. I just don’t know what the Stoke player was thinking about at that stage of the game. There is supposed to be a certain code of conduct in such circumstances. With the result of the match assured, you should look after the wellbeing of fellow pros and protect them. Instead we saw an absolutely ridiculous challenge, utterly unnecessary and possibly placing Mousa’s entire career at risk.” – No, it is not another anti-Stoke rant from Arsene Wenger but from Fulham boss Mark Hughes this time who was furious with Andy Wilkinson’s late challenge on Mousa Dembele, which could leave the Belgian on the sidelines for a lengthy period alongside fellow striker Bobby Zamora.

  • Kieran

    Yemi, that just makes Mark Hughes a hypocrite. He’s always defended the physical approach in games – remember his Blackburn setup? Two injuries later and he’s whining. Brillo headed prick he is.

  • jeffvip

    good 1

  • Tom

    aww good news for gibbs!
    lets just hope it wasnt a dutch doctor who gave this prognosis…