SunderlOh FFS.

Morning Afternoon, what a day! This morning, I opened up a document and my computer said “Word” so I was all like ‘Yo!’. I’ve been busy as you can tell. Anyway… Dev was away, Debs didn’t catch the game, and I’m here later than usual in the standard “OH GOD I HATE MONDAYS SO MUCH” slot.  So you’ll have to put up with me for all your weekend catch up goodness and a (limited) match review.

I’ve read quite a few people moaning about the timing of Sunderland’s goal and just want to say this: the timing of the goal doesn’t matter at all. You play to the whistle. If Sunderland had of scored early on in the first half, most of us would have been relieved to finish 1-1, so in balance, the fact that they scored on the cusp of injury time is irrelevant. They scored. We scored.

Face it, we did the same to them in this fixture two seasons ago, what goes around comes around. And in any case last season we lost at Sunderland, they’re a decent team and it’s a tough place to go, so I would have taken a point before the match. That we finished the game with a point having played a large chunk of it with ten men is a testament to the teams strength and will.

Before anybody gets shirty, I’m not saying I’m happy with a draw overall, we had the chances to win the match and we failed to take them. Of course that hurts. But we didn’t lose and with 10 men, a point at Sunderland is a respectable result.

It was great to see Rosicky take the captains responsibility and step up, but why he didn’t let one of the other players take it I’ll never know. Maybe he’s got himself in his fantasy league team and needed the points? If so, it backfired, missing a penalty is like -5pts. Just ask Darren Bent, he cost me loads last season. Blasting the ball over the bar, maybe Rosicky got the wrong end of the stick after hearing the boss’s rugby comments and decided to play a bit himself. No conversion, no goal, waste. But otherwise Rosicky had a good game when he came on, so let’s not be too harsh on him, at least he took the penalty. He also indirectly gave us all a good laugh, as Waddle proclaimed “he’s hit that too well”. Fucking cabbage. How he has a job in TV I’ll never know.

Sunderland pressed, and for most of the match they were like the big bad wolf and the brick house. They huffed and they puffed but seriously lacked a cutting edge in the final third. Obviously they scored, but even that was a direct result of Clichey panicking. I bet Rosicky doesn’t have our French left back in his fantasy team. He’s a walking accident. Ball bounces, PANICPANICLASHITOUTOHFUCKPANICPANIC. It’s at total odds with the rest of the back line at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s exceptional on the interception, get’s forward and is great at putting crosses into the arses of defenders, but at set pieces or prolonged attacks he sort of loses all discipline and ends up spectacularly self destructing. Personally, I’d like to see Gibbs get a chance. He’s young and he’ll make mistakes, but we’ve already got mistakes occuring in that position so I can’t see any harm in it.

Otherwise the entire back unit looked great. Almunia was a beast again, shouting, punching crosses and generally acting the bastard. At one point he jumped on Bent who looked terrified. That’s exactly what I want to see from Almunia. He’s a good shot stopper, with great reflexes, but he is seriously error prone and nervy for crosses and corners. So far this season he’s been imposing himself on the box like Lehman used to (thankfully he’s not pissed behind the goal yet) and I think it’s really helping the back line. They know what he will do and can play without panicking. I suppose all this “we need a new keeper” posturing from the boss has had the desired affect. He’s playing for his place in the squad, not just the team.

Squillaci and Koscielny were incredible – so solid, crosses were cleared and they took nothing from the attackers. Kos in particular just looks totally at ease. Previous mistakes aside (entirely down to the steep learning curve I’m sure) he reads the game well, never panics and passes the ball around with ease. Squillaci made a few great challenges and showed his experience by easing out Bent several times. Poor Darren took a tumble at one point and Squillaci didn’t even turn to look. Excellent work.

I don’t want to dwell on Song’s dismissal, I’d have given him the second yellow myself – the first was harsh, even for dissent it came directly from an incident where Song didn’t touch the player. However, he was lucky to escape a booking shortly before. You can’t have many complaints about the eventual decision. Maybe he’ll sit and think about that, the obstruction was needless and cost him dearly.

One thing though, I’ve read quite a bit in the media and on message boards about how it is ironic that Wenger moans about challenges and then we get a player sent off. Wenger was speaking out about thuggery and career ending challenges. Song got sent off for dissent and obstruction. Hardly dangerous play. So not ironic in any way then?

Anyway, not much else to say that you haven’t probably read 1,000 times already since Saturday. In the end it was up to us to win the match and we didn’t capitalise on our chances. It’s not the end of the world, it could have been worse. Move on.

Speaking of moving on and sending off’s – did anyone watch the Barca match yesterday? Turns out England isn’t the only league were horrible clogging cunts turn out to wreck careers (see left). Messi appears to not have broken anything, but I’m not sure how. This challenge took place minutes before the end of the match – utter thuggery. Apparently Stoke and Blackburn have launched emergency bids for the perpetrator as he’ll fit in quite nicely with their teams of gladiators.

I don’t like Barca, obviously, but its a sad indication of the utter twattery creeping into the game internationally. We’re not the only league that suffers from cold calculated assaults.

Chap got a straight red, deservedly, but in England’s ‘Premier League’ I’m almost certain the ref would have given him a yellow. And then at the end of the match high fived him, given him a cuddle and shared a good joke.

So Chelsea kept up their winning streak, a streak that includes beating 5 shit teams in a row. Top class. I don’t know if any of you watched it, but Drogba basically flounced around for 90 minutes crying when his team mates didn’t pass to him. Great show from the captain. As great as he is to watch on the ball, I can’t wait until he retires. It was cringe worthy when he shook hands with the ref at the end, and hugged him. I don’t want my refs to be friends with the players, I don’t want the ref to call him Didier. I want him to say “fuck off and stop diving you moany cheaty twat bag”.

I’m nearly out of time, but obviously I can’t let Fat Sam and his Fat Mouth escape. I know the guy loves his guff, but proclaiming he could easily manage teams like Madrid was piss your pants funny. This is a guy who made “a step up to a big team” in Newcastle and was so hilariously bad he lasted about 17 days. Can you imagine the team talks?

“No Kaka, stop the short passes, launch it into the box. No I don’t give a flying fuck if you have options. Oi Ozil, get the fuck in the box, stop calling for the ball in your own half, christ, is this sunday league or what? Pepe, Marcelo, you’re defenders, what are you doing in your own half? GET IN THE OTHER TEAMS BOX.”


  • devday

    “Maybe he’s got himself in his fantasy league team and needed the points?”

    Another classic line from KD!

  • devday

    Seriously – Rosicky should be a penalty taker anyway considering he can hit the ball so well…!

  • devday

    Cameron from the “absence” post…

    cameron says on September 20th, 2010 at 12:20 pm :
    at Liverpool it felt like a win and now like a loss. It still is the same amount of points won/lost.

    Last season we got 0 (zero) points from the away games at Blackburn and Sunderland and now 4. So that is not that bad as it felt just after the final whistle when it finaly came.

  • Pete

    Good stuff Kieran. Our very own Charlie Brooker at WOA 😀

    Did you hear the Blackpool chants at the Chelsea game yesterday?

    “You’re not as good as Arsenal! You’re not as good as Arsenal!”.

    Made me smile at the time lol.