Theo Sidelined Until November…

12 matches happen from now, the 9th of September until the 30th of October. 12 matches of which we have 2 Champions league, 2 Carling cup and a whopping 8 Premier League games. Unfortunately for us, our player of August, Theo Walcott will miss all those games…

In case you’re not sure, Theo will miss the following games:

  1. Bolton Wanderers (Home)
  2. Braga (Home)
  3. Sunderland (Away)
  4. Sp*rs (Away) – CC
  5. West Brom (Home)
  6. Partizan (Away)
  7. Chelsea (Away)
  8. Birmingham (Home)
  9. Shaktar (Home)
  10. Man City (Away)
  11. Carling Cup 4th round
  12. West Ham (Home)

That is a huge amount of game and the annoying thing about it, is that Robin Van Persie will miss those set of games too, and reported on he will also be out for a similar period. Without Robin Van Persie and Theo Walcott, we are the team that we could be. With Robin and Bendtner out, Chamakh will play all of those games listed above. A lot to ask for any player. With Walcott out, you’ll probably see Eboue play more on the right and right now, Walcott is more effective that the Ivorian. Nasri is back and if he does deputise for Theo, it will be in a position which is not his best.

Nasri’s excellent pre-season form did come when he was deployed as a central midfielder and pushing him to the right means we won’t have him playing in his favoured position – but I am very glad that Nasri is back, because regardless of whether he is on the right or central, he is a quality player and come in and do a serious job for us. Arsene spoke on Theo:

“The tackle looked quite bad. When you see how it turned his ankle I thought it would be three or four days or it would be four to six weeks. Unfortunately it will be four to six weeks. We had some good news about the scan because at some stage we were scared it could be worse. But overall it is a question of patience and rehabilitation.”

The good thing is that we do have Carlos Vela fit and raring to go and if Arsene does put his faith in the little Mexican, he can share the load with the likes of Chamakh and Arshavin – and of course, we have Rosicky around who, again, more suited to a central position – can also play on the left or right if required. There has been some debate on the likes of Walcott and Van Persie – a lot of people on twitter, facebook and the comments have suggested that both players are injury prone and cannot be relied on, and additionally commenting on why Arsene “always seems to buy injury prone players”.

In response to that, I wouldn’t say Arsene buys injury prone players – did Eduardo or Van Persie have any major or even minor injuries before they joined the Arsenal. Well none that I have been made aware of – Eduardo never recovered, and ultimately moved on, but Van Persie was playing some of his best football yesterday before the injury… But people say that we don’t have backup, well – record signing (£15.8m), Samir Nasri is one hell of a backup to Theo Walcott – a player like Carlos Vela can definitely come in and do a job if Arshavin is available.

Yes, we have more injury problems that others, but other clubs do have injuries – as Kieran pointed out the other day…

…Chelsea and United players never get injured – incredible facts, it’s difficult to argue with you. I mean, when united played Fulham and had so many injuries their back four consisted of two central midfiedlers and two 18 year olds, they definitely weren’t suffering from injuries. The fact that Cole missed 2 months of the season and Essien missed nearly the entire season wasn’t down to injury. They just wanted a holiday. Torres is never injured for Liverpool, he just doesn’t like playing football really, and hides in the boot cupboard before kickoff…

Last season, the key injuries to the defence were probably our main issue in our collapse – playing Silvestre and Campbell for the last chunk of the season wasn’t part of the season plan at the beginning of the season.

Back to injuries and I’ll carry on with Arsene’s comments on Van Persie.

“That is bad news. At the start we were optimistic. Maybe a bit too much, thinking it would be one or two weeks. But the damage was bigger than expected and he will be four to six weeks.”

And it’s so damn unfortunate for RvP to continually have this injury problems. From Arsene’s point of view, he knows what a good player RvP can be, but the poor lad keeps on getting random and innocuous injuries. That’s why we’ve got Chamakh and Vela of course though, right?

Anyhow… Owen Coyle and his Bolton team travel down to the Emirates for the clash of the weekend and it will be my first foray to the Emirates this season – after missing the Emirates Cup and the Blackpool game…

A big bumper preview coming tomorrow!

[Update: The Liverpool FC twitter has announced that the club is talks over going into administration and potentially being docked points] – I’ll do my best to update you via twitter.

  • Goonerman

    I know it unlikey and Theo and van persie will most likely miss the next 5 to 6 weeks but maybe wenger is just being over cautious and saying 6 weeks because if somehow they come pack in 3 weeks the team would get a lift and the medical team would look look amazing! like I say I doubt it bit look how wick nasri got back!

  • vj

    Honestly, guys the injuries problems are because of the people we choose to play for us are those kind of players that get into those tight positions that can lead to inguries. Pace, fast feet, delicate touches, all these factors enhances the risk of injuries. Anyway i belive rosicky should play more on the wing. He used to play there for us when flamini and cesc were in the middle and Hleb was on the wing, he is our best crosser i think, remember, liverpool at the emirates last season, and against wolves, and he is in good form. I also confident that if vela plays he will do well. these are the sort of periods where a champions squad shows it real grit and metal. Fabregas vermaelen almunia chamakh arshavin need to step up and dominate games. If we can get through this period without dropping more than 5 points we stand a great chance

  • sharpgunner

    Let us be patient. Injuries are not our sole property even though they seem to hit us harder than others. RvP and Theo will be fine. Bendtner too. Good luck.

  • goonerman

    your exactly right probably 80% of our injuries are becuase we have players that can get out of any situation and so many of our players are so technically good were the ball is stuck to their feet they are constantly getting challanges flying in through pure frustration and just the fact the other team can not get the ball, we all moan about or injury prone players but when you think of steeley players they are half the players we have who get injured now and then

    all i know is that id rather have our amazing fragile players than some muppets that lump the ball up the pitch and hope for a donkey striker to hold the ball and wait for the rest of the team to follow!

  • devday

    @ Goonerman:
    Really? You think the club are lying about it and Walcott will be back in 2/3 weeks – I really hope so, but knowing our assessments and especially RvP’s assessment, I am hoping it’s not longer!

  • devday

    @ vj:
    I agree with some of those points! But not all!

    The same can be said for Barcelona, but I don’t think the likes of Xavi, Messi etc have had many serious injuries – I know Iniesta had an injury last season.

    It’s funny because, the major injury to Robin last season and Theo this season were at International games – where they don’t play like they do at Arsenal.

    The Ramsey and Eduardo injuries were definitely one of those where the player was technically better.

  • devday

    @ goonerman:
    Indeed my friend, we were the most foulest team against – but also the team with the highest foul to card ratio. In one particular game last season (I can’t remember which one), we had 6 fouls, 4 yellows and the opposition team had 35 fouls and only 3 yellows..!

  • Tom

    Uh oh Vermaelen is out tomorrow too… Hmmm

  • Tom

    I dont think it’s really necessary to have Rooneys mug on the homepage of the arsenal site either..

  • dean

    So here we have it again with the Cesc DNA and move to Barceloanus.

    And this time it would have been Vermaelen who has said something. But has he really said something? I will try to find out. I’m not going to say that I am going to prove it because in fact you cannot prove that someone has not said something. But I will try to see if there could be anything in this quote.

    The news came out on Tuesday 7 September. Suddenly all kind of sites mentioned that Vermaelen had said something about Cesc and his DNA.

    When I tried to look at the various reports no one actually is saying where they get it from. On no serious news site there is any mention of a full interview with Vermaelen. One could expect that if a player has a long interview with a serious newspaper that he would have said more than just those few sentences.

    And that this newspaper or media would publish the full interview, with the quotes in it. But nothing of that kind. No, just claims that “he had said it”.

    I have taken a look at the articles and web sites and only on one site I can see someone who has said where they got the news from. On the site they tell in their article: “He is quoted as saying by talkSPORT:” and then they go on with the article.

    So I went to this site talksport and this is the article. Please don’t go to that site and give them hits to check it. I have just copied it from their site:

    “Thomas Vermaelen admits that Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has Barcelona ‘in his DNA’ and says the Gunners skipper was ‘determined’ to move to the Spanish giants during the summer.

    blah blah blah………

    But defender Vermaelen, who joined the Gunners last summer, revealed that Fabregas had made no secret of his desire to rejoin his boyhood club.

    “Cesc carries Barcelona in the heart, in his DNA,” said Vermaelen. “Therefore it is impossible for him to forget about them.

    “He was determined to go to Barça last summer, he more or less confessed it in the dressing room. But that is passed history.

    “Now is 100 per cent ready to put his all in to a great season with Arsenal.”

    Nowhere in this article (can you call a make up an article?) is there anywhere a possible link to where and when Vermaelen would have said it. Let us say for example: “When talking to the Belgium newspaper “X” Vermaelen said and then the quote. So I could check this newspaper but I can’t check it as there is no such thing in the article.

    But another most interesting thing about this is the fact that it came out on Tuesday 7 September. Because at that day Thomas Vermaelen was in Turkey with the Belgium national team. So he was nowhere near England and he was in the Belgian team where he only was talking about the Belgium team as they have their own troubles.

    As I have total access to the Belgium media I would have thought that if Vermaelen by any chance would have talked about Arsenal, which he has not, as far as I have seen him on TV and press conferences and on interviews after the game, I would have seen it. And also the media would have reported it. Vermaelen is a big news story in Belgium.

    But I can assure you that the media in Belgium have said nothing about anything that Vermaelen has or would have said about Cesc. So this “rumour” came not from the Belgium media and the Belgium press. And remember Vermaelen was in Belgium since the start of last week and has only been in touch with the Belgium media who haven’t reported anything about Thomas saying anything about Cesc.

    But one site starts the rumour and the other reprints it and gives it credibility by repeating it. But so far no one has said when Vermaelen would have said it. And without this I cannot believe those things.

    Another thing is that Vermaelen is not a stupid guy. People who have met him, people who have worked with him have said that he is a smart young man with both feet on the ground. He was made captain of Ajax and was praised for the way he was someone who could build up the team. He was known as someone who was bringing peace when there was some internal troubles. And all this with not jumping on the table and shouting but with calm talks with his team mates.

    Yes, there could be a possibility that Vermaelen took his phone, dialled the number of talksport and said: “hey do you know what I think Cesc has Barelona DNA. Just write it down, will you?” With the way I know Vermaelen and the way we all have seen him in his first year at Arsenal I think it is fair to say that this scenario is not likely to happen. Vermaelen is not the man to attract attention on his person as some players like to do. He just isn’t that type of person.

    My conclusion is: Thomas hasn’t said anything. If you look at the words in the rubbish article it just is a mix of old quotes (from Xavi) and they just have put another name (Vermaelen) in the article to make it sound as if it is something new.

    So let us just forget about this rubbish media and press hyenas who have to fill their pages with non existing news and who just make things up. Let us not fall in their traps. It’s just another way on trying do disrupt Arsenal and us, the fans and to make us feel uncomfortable.

  • vj

    my team

    Sagna Squllici Koscielny Clichy

    Fabregas Song Nasri

    Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin


    well defoe is out for 3 months…there is a God after all

  • Berth

    Wengr ha some work to do with the defence. We don’t seem happy to defend and that is shame.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Where’s all the comments? Only saw the highlights and we played pretty damn good, Cesc was back to his best setting up most of the goals. The only minor blip was The failed header by Kos that lead to their goal. A big plus is that Man Utd, Man C and the Yids all drew. Happy days!!!!

  • Sam

    Just wanted to say: NICE WIN!!!

  • Jeffo

    watched the whole game on sky last night thought it was a good performance, ok bit of a fuck up for the goal but all in all tidy and smashing 4 past a bogey club is what we need to do.

    Cesc was good but i thought Rosicky was excellent and looks back to his best.

    Probably for his tackle on Walcott last season but Robinson the bolton right back seems to be on a one man mission to prove himself as twat of the season, what a prick!

  • Flamez

    good win yesterday, and good results al around, fab was fantastic yesterday, proves his commitment is still there even if it is his last year

    really interesting article i just found (yeah i know usually chat a lot of bollocks) but maybe the doubters are starting to be convinced 2