Walcott Watch (Switzerland 1 – 3 England) – Robin’s Injuries – Vermaelen’s Revelations…

At the time of starting to write this, Theo Walcott was just stretchered off for England. After a really good start in which he was probably the most threatening player on the pitch – a few good turns and a some brilliant pace – the first goal was all about him. An excellent piece of skill followed by the quality and ability to find Johnson out wide before making another run taking defenders away and then kind of dummying for Rooney – well a dummy is what I thought it was until I saw the replay.

In the build up to the goal, the block challenge came in and you can see that Theo’s ankle turns over…

(picture courtesy of @arseblog / twitter)

News broke later in the evening that Walcott was actually taken to hospital…

Seriously bad news for all Arsenal fans – Theo has been a shining light in our squad this season – and it’s tragic to see that both Theo and Van Persie have suddenly been lost for what looks like the next 2 months – with Bendtner not back until the new year, it looks like it’s just Chamakh up front as the only out and out striker. I know that Vela and Arshavin could probably play up top if required, but we are down to the bare bones and even on the wings we’re looking low on options.

[Update: News coming in that Theo will be back in 2 weeks courtesy of Fabio Capello – “I spoke with Theo. I asked him: ‘Two weeks?’ He said: ‘Less'”]

I’d expect to see a front three of Arshavin – Chamakh – Vela (or Eboue) for the weekend’s game – obviously it’s a home game against Bolton – which means it’s a chance for Eboue to get a run out… which is probably what will happen as the gaffer does prefer Eboue to Vela… although we’ll have to wait and see until weekend to know who’s fit and available.

So back to injury problems and news filtering through yesterday is that Robin Van Persie is injured until mid-October and will miss October away. It’s a crazy old world out there when you consider that Robin played the full World Cup for Holland but gets injured with his first game for Arsenal and then is out for 2 months.

I’ve got a lot more to post on a new separate blog for tomorrow about so I’ll leave it at that for now… I’ll just finish off with a little statement from Tommy V:

“Cesc carries Barcelona in the heart, in his DNA…therefore it is impossible for him to forget about them. He was determined to go to Barca last summer, he more or less confessed it in the dressing room. But that is past history. Now he is 100 per cent ready to put his all in to a great season with Arsenal.”

Yes, you heard it right, our player – Tommy Vermaelen – and NOT Xavi said that… yes, the “Cesc has Barcelona DNA” phrase has infiltrated into common wordage – I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the dictionary in the near future… interestingly TV said Cesc was “determined” and that’s an annoying little statement – it’s not great to hear, especially when it’s all been pushed under the carpet for the season… it’s now all been aired again – and why? Why now? Not great timing from Vermaelen… but the more and more I hear, the more it sounds like it’s his last season at the Emirates…

Okay, I’m not going to think about that for now…

Til tomorrow…

  • arsefan101

    2 weeks? That is the best news I’ve heard all day!!

  • devday

    Indeed… Thank God…

    It will affect Theo of course, as his excellent start to the season is now suddenly halted, but at least he’ll be back sooner rather than later!!!

  • Berth

    2 weeks is about 4 for Arsenal Physios.

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    That’s what we’re waiting for – normally it’s all honky dory and then bing, the club announced the player is out for absolutely ages…

    Bendtner is supposedly out until January now!!

  • Samira

    @ devday:
    Wengere said he will be back by the end of September,so im quite confused. Have things changed since Wengers statement on this matter?

  • http://transforawesome.blogspot.com/ azh

    i want to see JET !!!


    and whose f’ng fault is that? that stupid idiot of a boss that we have…so get ready for the excuses early boys…we have had injuries blah blah – you had the chance to strengthen yet the fool didnt and now who the heck is going to play? what a know of a manager we have got

  • Berth

    @ Glondon: We all in a way agreed we don’t need strengthened the attack, there is no point in criticizing – don’t forget Nasri is back, we still have rosicky, Ebuoe and Vela – they can all replace Theo.

  • sandip

    As bad as the next 4-6 weeks will be (2-3 weeks? He’s an Arsenal player – hah!) Maybe this will convince him to stay away from Capello’s side awhile.

    I didn’t see today – thank heaven for small mercies – but watching friday its clear that while Arsene Wenger wants to encourage Theo be the player he can be Capello wants him to remain a decoy out wide who just scares people with his pace and does very little more, and that can only hurt his progress which has been impressive since summer.

    Capello wants the Theo of last saseaon -and the season beofre and the season before that – I fear not the Theo we had seen so far this season.

    Get well really soon, lad – you have no choice – I mean We have no choice !

  • theusualsuspect

    Theo and RVP both out before the end of September, well i never saw that coming…..

  • theusualsuspect

    Just signed some Japanese boy who has, as we speak, got a broken leg

    RVP and Bendtner were injured well before window shut

    None of the remaining forwards, other than Chamakh, can cut it in the premiership

  • devday

    @ Samira:
    Yes, it was realised on the site that Van Persie is out for another 4-6 weeks from now :-(

  • devday

    @ Berth, @ Glondon:
    If we look at our three striking positions…
    We have Bendtner, Van Persie and Chamakh for the main striker, on the left we have Arshavin, Vela on the right, we have Walcott and Eboue – but Rosicky and Nasri can both come in as backups. With JET as another potential option – numbers wise we are fine….

    BUT… the curse of the injury has struck again…

    I’ve feel like I’ve said this before, Arsenal without Van Persie, Bendtner and Walcott is like Chelsea without Malouda, Anelka and Drogba, like Man U without Rooney, Berbatov and Nani… the Gods don’t look favourably on us do they!?

  • devday

    @ sandip:
    Theo excels in a 4-3-3 with Arsenal, that’s true – he effectiveness against Blackpool (versuss Bulgaria was clear to see!)

  • andy

    Honestly I’m not sure this is such a huge loss… Yep he did well in two games but there was never any guarantee he was gonna keep up that level of performance (maybe he would have, but no guarantee). We are talking about a bloke that’s had more false starts than mrgnu has had wanks!

    Still, I’m gutted for him and obviously wish it hadn’t happened as we have a small enough squad as is. Typical internationals bollocks…

  • andy

    And that I think is one of the main points. You look at the van Persie/Bendtner injuries. Ok, we have Chamakh. But we have 3 games a week now, and I’m sure Wenger will want to rotate so who goes in there? Squad size is vital nowdays. And ours is thin on the ground – no thanks to our petty manager who did not add when he had the chance…I sincerely believe he needs to walk if we dont win anything @ the end of this season…and NO the Carlin CUP DOES NOT SATISFY US!!

  • devday

    @ andy:
    Walcott has been star of the show this season and without Cesc and Van Persie, he has become quite a focal point.

    We now need someone else, such as Cesc or Arshavin or the fit again Nasri to give us that extra dimension… it’s not like we don’t have other players, but it’s a shame as Walcott has been playing very well…!!!

  • devday

    theusualsuspect wrote:

    Theo and RVP both out before the end of September, well i never saw that coming…

    Bendtner injured until January is the one that I didn’t see coming… Denmark basically played him when he was injured and knocked him out of action for 6 months!

  • andy

    @dev – How often are those players at chelsea and united injured? They dont employ injury prone players in important positions where as we do…. Bad luck can only be blamed for so long until it becomes bad judgement by the powers that be…. Arsene knows

  • andy

    just let the twat sod off to barca and wenger should never ever buy a player from Spain AGAIN. Otherwise a few good season and we know who’ll come knocking & in that event nothing can ward them off and our imbecile manager will let the player go for cut down prices

  • Kieran

    Andy, I was going to reply to your messages but there is probably no point as you’ve already stated that Chelsea and United players never get injured – incredible facts, it’s difficult to argue with you.

    I mean, when united played Fulham and had so many injuries their back four consisted of two central midfiedlers and two 18 year olds, they definitely weren’t suffering from injuries.

    The fact that Cole missed 2 months of the season and Essien missed nearly the entire season wasn’t down to injury. They just wanted a holiday.

    Torres is never injured for Liverpool, he just doesn’t like playing football really, and hides in the boot cupboard before kickoff.

    Seriously fella, not sure what planet you’re on.

    Good to see you fully supporting Cesc though, lovely attitude to have. Top bloke.

  • devday

    @ andy:
    To be honest, Eduardo wasn’t injured for more than a few weeks ever before he came to Arsenal. Same with Van Persie – he wasn’t an injury prone player before he joined!

  • andy

    If you get a few injuries in a season it could be descibed as bad luck, if this happens season after season you really have to look at the type of players you have and if need be do something about it. There has been a failure to react to our “bad luck”.

  • devday

    @ andy:
    But it’s a tough one as a player who has an injury may never have another one again for a while. So it’s a gamble – just because a player is injured once, it doesn’t mean he will remain injured.

    Arsene thought Eduardo was injury prone and not able to achieve his level, and as a result moved him on.

    Van Persie has actually got better despite his injuries.

    Overmars is a prime example of a player who was rarely injured for us after being out for a while.

    So I can understand the conundrum for Arsene – RvP and Walcott weren’t injury prone, they now are (I suppose)…

    The injury to RvP and Walcott could have happened to anyone!

  • Berth

    @ Dev: “The injury to RvP and Walcott could have happened to anyone!” – this guys re too fragile for the premier league.

  • gary

    I’m losing patience with Cesc Fabregas – fast. I don’t care how good the lad is – NO player is bigger than the club. An increasingly big part of me is wishing we had sold him and the whole pathetic, ego-inflated, greed driven madness would be over. I live for Arsenal, but I swear I wouldn’t care if ultimately this club never won another trophy ever again – while I go to The Emirates I want to see players running out in the red and white (NEVER MIND WITH THE CAPTAIN’S ARMBAND ON AS WELL) TRULY WANTING to play for Arsenal Football Club. Players like Annelka, Cole and Adebayor can be laughed at, but when you have Cesc Fabregas acting like the screaming kid at the check-out in the supermarket, lines have to be drawn. Fabregas is gifted, of that there’s no question, but this latest snivelling and pinning is beyond comprehension for the actions of a supposed adult. The guy, along with many others in our game need to man-up and grow-up. In a world where every second a third-world child dies of malnutrition, they get paid handsomely for kicking a bag of air about in the name of sport. Uncomfortable as that may read, it’s a fact. And I’m getting just a tad sick of these modern professional footballers behaving like spoilt brats. If I sound like a moany old duffer it’s too bad. It’s about time we had Men in the game, not boys.

  • Sam

    Cesc is a free man, he can make a choice for his life. How would you feel if a million other people thought they can decide for your life? He has served Arsenal very well for so many years, but players come & go. He cost us next to nothing, and it’ll be a nice piece of business when he leaves for 35 or 40 million next summer.
    If you love someone, set them free!

  • andy

    @sam – what a load of tosh! He has a contract with arsenal till 2014 – he’s one of the highest paid players, Arsenal made him not the other way round – he has a obligation to fulfil his contract with us and not flirt around or wet himself over Batca – To be honest I dont think we will ever see this mong play properly until he sods off to Barca…I really hope Barca sign in the Jan window so we can be rrid of this pest

  • dean

    It seems recently that the internet world involving Arsenal has descended into madness. We are inundated with reactionary pieces spawned by sensationalised and generally unfounded rumour. It is enough to drive even the most staunch supporter insane.

    The ridiculous part of the problem though is that Arsenal supporters, for the most part, inflict it upon themselves. Here are a few survival guidelines to reduce your stress and enhance your calm.


    Online publications of the mainstream media survive on advertising revenues. The amount that they can charge for advertising depends largely upon their hit-rate, that is to say the number of people that they can get to click on their articles. As a result of this, they have a deliberate policy of publishing sensationalised pieces designed to attract somebody into clicking on their story.

    The problem is that so many Arsenal supporters take the bait so often, that this has become a very lucrative operation for all concerned. Arsenal fans need to take on board what is going on here. YOU are their hitrate. If they consistently publish materials that upset or offend you DO NOT CLICK on their site again. If the type of articles they are running with receive very little traffic, they will be forced to rethink what it is they print about our club.

    It is Arsenal supporters who perpetuate these types of articles by clicking on them if only to argue the point which in turn leads to debate and even more traffic for the offending site.

    STOP giving them traffic. Deny them air and you will find that they will in turn change their policy.

    IF the articles that they write about Arsenal are being ignored by Arsenal supporters they will have no choice but to contribute articles that are not offensive and will draw the traffic back.


    Time and time again our supporters fall for the old misquote trick. An article is printed painting our club in a bad light using an alleged quote from on of our players and everybody accepts it as fact! How gullible are you? The source is almost always from a foreign publication in a foreign language which is then run through a translation matrix of convenience.

    In other words a publication can write what they like and attribute it to one of our players because nobody is going to be able to trace it back and then translate it and even if they do, they will find it hard to be heard above the deafening chorus of the media inches already allotted to the story.

    If you see an article headlining an upsetting quote by one of our players DON’T believe it and even better as above DON’T click on it!

    The worst culprits of this are actually some Arsenal blogs themselves. In the absence of anything to write of their own, they simply replicate these types of stories because they are not Arsenal supporter blogs but rather hit-rate whores on newsnow and goonernews. They don’t care about our club or our fans only their potential advertising revenues.

    Last season it was Arshavin and this season it will be Fabregas.


    We all get hooked during the transfer windows on a sniff of a potential signing and it is our club in particular that is vulnerable to this type of post because we rarely hear about a real transfer from Arsenal until all the i’s and t’s are dotted and crossed. ” Arsenal face transfer battle with blah blah blah for new teenage sensation blah blah blah”.

    Sound familiar?

    Save yourself the time and resist the temptation to click on these kind of rubbish articles. They are never correct EVER, and that’s 2 minutes of your life that you will never have back. Add those up over a transfer window and that is an entire day wasted in all likelihood.

    As long as you keep clicking on this crap they will keeping writing this crap. By clicking on it YOU replicate it and YOU perpetuate it.


    There are many Arsenal blogs out there some producing daily and others less regularly. If you do not agree with the on-going viewpoints of a certain blog or set of blogs, for the love of God stop clicking on their articles. If you click on them you are supporting them and supporting their obtuse, negative and sometimes racist views.

    Most of the time these kind of blogs gain the majority of their readership from those who disagree with them and very often are abused by them when they comment. Simply refuse to CLICK on their crap no matter the temptation or provocation. They are not stupid. They will realise that their hit-rate goes up significantly when they post something offensive.


    Rise above their ignorance and let their bile pass by unread and more importantly unclicked. If you click on them you give them credibility, encouragement and revenue. Starve them of readership until all they have left are the throwbacks to the National Front that revel in abuse and hatred.

    The time you spend arguing with these idiots making their blog more successful could be better spent having an intelligent debate on other blogs that actually support the club.

    There are many great blogs out there. Arseblog with the Arsecast is never a wasted visit. ACLF, Goonerholic, Eastlower, Arsenal Insider, Ladyarse, Clockenders are all worth a visit and comprised of genuine supporter sentiment all with different slants towards the same destination.

    Stay away from the haters. they will only depress you and bring down the general tone of your week. They are malcontented in their own lives and only wish to take it out on others. Leave them to stew in their own misery.