The Changing Face Of The Premier League…

Morning folks…

Yesterday completed the second week of the Premier League and it did start to emphasize the changing face of the league – with Man City’s newly assembled multi-million pound squad taking Liverpool apart quite comprehensively – but a key component to their victory was their goal keeper. If it wasn’t for Joe Hart, Liverpool could and would have got back into the game and despite the foray of outfield players, it goes to show that an excellent goalkeeper is much required at this level. If we had Joe Hart in goal, would Liverpool have taken the lead when we played them? Debatable. But the point is, after Joe Hart’s many saves, Man City grew stronger and stronger and eventually ran out comprehensive winners.

Down at the grove, we’ve been improving our squad and with Silvestre, Gallas and Campbell out of the club, and Djourou back from fitness, Koscielny and Squillaci brought in, I think we’re stronger at the back than we were last year – all we need is the one problem position, which is the goalkeeping position – the problem? We have only 8 days until the end of the season. I noticed that Didier Zakora (former Sp*rs player) feels that Squillaci will slot into the Premier League with ease:

“He is a very strong defender, he wins every duel. He is a very good defender because he plays for the French national side. I think if he plays for Arsenal he will play easy because Arsenal play very easy football. For him, I think it is a very good option.  He plays very simple but he wins every duel, he is a very strong defender.”

In fact, our new defender was quite vocal about his move to Arsenal last night, saying:

“If a French player receives an offer from Arsène Wenger, it’s practically impossible to turn down. It was a sensational offer for me and I was happy Sevilla let me go. It was a difficult situation but I knew I had to take this chance. I knew if I played against Braga then I would not have been able to play for Arsenal in the Champions League. Arsenal were always the team I watched out for. For any spectator like me, you had to watch a squad with [Thierry] Henry, [Robert] Pirès, [Patrick] Vieira and [William] Gallas. Now, I’m happy to have my name in the history books. For me, this is a great new challenge and I’ve gone there purely to be part of that. I don’t think my age is a problem. My experience in football is great and players of my age tend to be at the peak of their playing career.”

With Gallas nearing his 33rd year of football, and his ageing legs losing pace, a good solid centre back in Squillaci is very much welcome. With Nordtveit a reserve option for the cup games, we now have 6 centre backs if you consider Song can slot in if required. A funny video I saw about Gallas signing for Sp*rs, I have to share…

It’s hilarious and it’s basically what has happened and what is most likely going to happen down at Sp*rs now they have William on board. The main question for Sp*rs is whether he’ll start ahead of Dawson, Bassong and Woodgate (if fit), as King is a certain starter, right?

Gallas did say it was hard…

“It was not an easy decision (having played for Arsenal), but I am here now and I will give my best. What is most important to me is to play games and to give everything.

…but I don’t think it was actually that hard for him. I did say that I thought he’d end up at Sp*rs even when he was still on our books. Anyway…

Back to the keeper situation and with rumours over a failed medical and Fulham, the club who has been talking about Schwarzer constantly – Arsenal have not release a word publicly – I have the feeling that the whole this is a big smokescreen and we’re actually in for someone else. But with Arsenal, Squillaci aside, it normally takes a long time to get a player in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t have our new keeper by the Blackburn game.

And finally, for those Pro Evolution Soccer fans out there (yes, I am Pro Evo all the way!)… here’s a sneak peak of the trailer for PES 2011…

Amazing trailer, and if the game is anything like that, it will be sensational!

And finally finally finally, a massive shout out to Debs and Kieran on their latest posts, a great collection of opinions building up here on WOA… With over 100 comments a day on facebook, some on the blog and a crazy amount on twitter, WOA is growing bigger and better – and we’re only weeks away from a new redesign…!

  • Goonerman

    Lmao I have to admit that gallas video made me piss myself with laughter there’s something about the computer voice that makes the whole thing haha! Am very happy with our new man at the back he’s younger than gallas and by the sounds of what he is saying he is hungrier than ever! Finally dev pes!! Do me a favour I was once a pro evo lover untill they decided to stop improving the game lol it’s all about FIFA now, real kits real life movement your really missing out !! Aha

  • afcgoonerp

    Spurs are soon gonna be know as a ARSENAL B team with Gallas and maybe Silvestre are they gonna take all are REJECTS!!! GOONER 4 LIFE, (IN WENGER WE TRUST) its are TIME to show what we ARE and what we CAN do, AFC-KTF 4 EVER

  • devday

    @ Goonerman:
    I’ve tried fifa2010 and it was a little better than previous versions, but the off the ball play was nowhere as good as Pro – also it was too damn easy. No real skill involved.

    With Pro 2010, it wasn’t as good as it should have been, but it was still slower – and the EA development team say that fifa2011 has been built to match pro evo in terms of gameplay, so that’s saying somthing. Pro Evo 2011 is reportedly much better than it’s Fifa counterpart… so the beta testers say!

  • devday

    @ afcgoonerp:
    I’m just waiting for Young Boys to knock out Sp*rs from the Champions League tomorrow!!!!

  • Berth

    Mourinho has a dig on Arsenal again – see link,19528,11670_6333032,00.html

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    I saw the interview on SSN… his “swipe” wasn’t really a swipe, it was quite factual!! We have been very wishy washy over the last couple of years… getting close but then failing to win it. Man U, Man C and Chelsea have to be favourites…

    But I hope we prove Mourinho wrong!!

  • pad

    moanino has a point

  • pad

    a mediocre season is in store for us if we dont get a keeper i reckon. hopefully this schrwzer deal does go thru – not sure what to make of this new signing i mean 6mill on a 30 yr old – bit much dont u think?

  • devday

    @ pad:
    I think the Squillaci deal is a good one. The initial fee is £5m rising to £6.5m based on appearances. We pay £2.5m now and £2.5m later – at 30, a defender has about 3 years minimum or 4 years at best – yes I know some go further (Campbell at 37, Keown, Adams etc etc), but let’s say 33/34. Based on those figures and the fact he’s on £30k a week compared to the £100k Gallas wanted, it’s averages out to be a very good deal. Personality wise, I think Squillaci has a reputation as non confrontational, so that’s positive too.

  • Arsefan101

    @ pad:
    MOANINO!!! You’ve got to love it!!

  • devday

    Wilshere and Lansbury are in the Under 21 Squad!

  • Debs

    What Under-21 squad, Dev?

  • devday

    @ Debs:
    UEFA European Under-21 Championship Qualifying games.

    Portugal in Barcelos on Friday 3 September (kick-off 6pm), before facing Lithuania at Colchester United’s Weston Homes Community Stadium on Tuesday 7 September (kick-off 4pm)

  • devday

    @ devday:
    The full squad play on the 8th, so it looks like he’s been demoted!

  • Sam

    Is Squillaci signing confirmed?

  • ny

    who will play in the ‘hole’ next week ? Interesting to see if Arsene retains Risicky or will he go for Cesc.

  • devday

    @ Sam:
    Not yet – I’d expect it at some point today!

  • devday

    @ ny:
    He’ll definite put Cesc in the hole…

    I’d expect [DM] + Rosicky + Cesc on Sat…

    [DM] could be Song or Diaby…

  • ny

    yes dev ….that is more likely to happen

  • vj

    dn for sure will be song, im not sure whether he will play rosicky or diaby, and whether walcott will play, squllachi won’t start itll be koscielny

  • pad