Quick Saturday Hello (Arsenal 6-0!)… Debs will blog tomorrow!

Debs will be writing up a proper match report tomorrow, but for now, I’ll just briefly touch on todays game – 6-0 to the Arsenal, with Theo Walcott scoring a hattrick. Having not seen the game or the highlights yet, I can’t really comment, but the line up today was:


Sagna – Song – Vermaelen – Clichy

Diaby – Wilshere

Walcott – Rosicky – Arshavin


With the Diaby, Walcott and Arshavin being replaced with Cesc, Vela and Van Persie.

Arsene spoke on the result and took time out to praise Walcott…:

“He is more electric than he has been to date because he is sharp. I like today the fact he mixed well the final ball and the finishing. That is always a sign that the player is always more mature. Let’s not forget that what he does is at a very high pace so it’s not always easy to make the right decision but today I think he got many

decisions in the final third right.”

And with players like Schwarzer, Given, Squillaci and other players linked Arsene said:

“I am confident we will add at least one, maybe one plus one. It is difficult to predict because the market is very quiet but I know that in the last five days it gets crazy and then it gets completely mad.”

Specifically on Schwarzer, the boss said:

“It’s important we do not start saying what we do and they say what they [Fulham] do. I believe it has to be as quiet as possible. We always respect the decision of the clubs if they don’t want to sell. They do not need to come out in the press with that. If they don’t want to sell they say that and we respect that. It’s the same with anybody.”

And more detailed analysis will be with you tomorrow morning via our esteemed match writer, Debs, so stay tuned…!

Adios for now…

  • afcgoonerp

    We were top of the league for halfhour, Things can only get better? AFC-KTF 4 life (in Arsen i trust)

  • yemi

    i hope the team knows they should score as many goals as possible, they were quite wasteful in the final 20minutes. now chelsea have scored 12 in 2 games. the goals will come in handy later.

  • Berth

    Guys lets focus on points first.

  • Berth

    Rosicky was key today. His movement, sudden turn and awareness is much better than Nasri and that was the key for us today.

  • Nick

    Undoubtedly Theo was man of the match. He was brilliant with only a few WTF moments. Arshavin and Chamakh struggled to keep up with his speed at times and others just the result of poorly weighted passes. They looked up for it today and should keep this momentum going. It was good to see Cesc and RVP on for ~30 minutes. Cesc looked great and had a few very nice chances he created. I was disappointed that Arshavin didn’t score a brace. He really should’ve burried the volley he took from Theo. Chamakh should’ve scored on the sitter he had and Jack should’ve converted the chance he had where he completely missed the strike. All in all we should’ve won at least 9-0.

  • Sam

    6-0 is very impressive!
    We must remember that Chelski have now played two of their easiest games, so no worries…

  • tyoung

    Agree with Berth. Rosicky v impressive today.

  • andrew

    very easy on the eyes.

    obviously Blackpool were always going to struggle with our pace and quality; however, i did notice that the things we struggle with still managed to show themselves in such an “easy” game.

    the one clear chance that blackpool had, came as the result of a wide open header at the far post. how many times has that happened to us. our boys can’t seem to defend the aerial threats very well, and Alumunia is always a bit shaky coming for balls in the air.

    it was good to see Chamahk score finally. he had plenty of opportunities and created the penalty as well. i’m not sure how he missed that sitter in front of goal but i’m thankful this was not a game in which we came to rue our missed opportunities.

    i really appreciated Theo getting a good run out and support from the fans. he certainly created a lot of problems with his speed but there were at least three times where i thought it was clear he should shoot but he passed and where he shot when it seemed obvious to drag the ball across the box for arshavin or chamahk.

    even so, his good performance can only go on to give him confidence and improve the squad as a whole.

    how did we already lose Nasri and Frimpong?

    we were lucky this was an easy matchup cause i don’t like seeing Song as a central defender with no real holding midfielder. diaby and wilshere were fine in a game like this but not good enough to play the holding midfielder roll with Song in defence. hopefully, there will not be many more games with Song at the back.

  • ny

    Rosicky is the MoM.Cesc should understand he became a superstar bcos he is allowed to play in that possition by Arsenal.Rosicky showed today that there are better players for that post.

  • Berth

    @ NY: Rosicky was good yesterday but dat does not make him better than Fab. Sometimes we get carried away by small success. Rosi can only be an alternative to fab, cos with Fab u get goals, inch perfect pass – any way u want it u get it from him. He is our best player and the only world cup winner in the team, that brings a feeling of invincibility. That been said, Rosicky is more than good and deserves credit considering the injury his had in the past.

    But lets not forget we still need a defender and a GK – Wenger and the fans might want to ignore the fact that we need these players but we seriously do.