Random topic: If we could sign one player from Man City…

First of all, a big thank you and well done to Kieran Delaney, the newest WOA writer. Between Kieran, Debs, JAT, Will and myself, there is quite a significant team of writers on board all who have one thing in common – their love for the game and their love for Arsenal. With only 5 weeks left in the transfer window closes, the squads are starting to shape themselves. Down at the Grove, we’ve got a goalkeeper and a defender to add to the squad – most likely the re-signing of Sol Campbell and the signing Mark Schwarzer. And pretty much that will be our quota of players.

There is a massive problem down at Man City, and it’s obviously going to be a problem for them – I think, when the count was made, they had 39 players on their books – after the signing of their left back. If Bolletelli signs, it would make it a round 40. Now, that means that there is a whopping 15 players available or somehow, if Man City manage to include a player here or there, at least 10 players… which got me thinking, who would like to have down at the Grove next season…?

In the goalkeeping department, last season, I really wanted Joe Hart and thought he would be available, but with Given’s injury, it looks like Hart will start the season as number one, so any sort of acquisition is not going to happen… which leads me to the defence, and with the exception of new recruit Jerome Boateng, the rest are distinctively average. One player who will be out is Wayne Bridge, destination likely to be Sunderland, Newcastle or Liverpool, the latter don’t actually have any left backs.

But there is one defender who happens to have some England caps under his belt and is a Gooner – yes you’ve guessed it, Micah Richards – who has fallen way down the pecking order – would be a decent shout as backup for Vermaelen / Djourou…

The defensive midfield position is an interesting one – Citeh

have just signed Yaya Toure and put him on £220k a week – ludicrious, hey? And you can throw in Patrick Vieira, Gareth Barry, Michael Johnson, Stephen Ireland and Nigel De Jong… now don’t the last two look like two players who could be very useful in our squad… well, either player could slot in next to Song and Cesc in our three man field. I really do feel sorry for Stephen Ireland – he was immense a couple of years ago, but ever since Man City started buying anything that moves, he’s had less and less game time – I really think he has a lot of potential and could make it – if not down at Arsenal, down anywhere but Man City.

Onto the wings and strikers, an area which City have strengthened no end, there are just too many players and when you hear Mancini talk about signing two or three MORE strikers, then you can understand the mentality of the club. I would love a player like Robinho, as despite his attitude and pay packet, he is a seriously talented footballer. Apparently he is speaking to a few clubs in Germany over his next move – but before signed for Real Madrid, when we were heavily interested – if we did sign him, he would be surely talked about in the same breath as Messi…

But other than that, they do have a long list of distinctly average players in Adebayor, Santa Cruz, Bellamy, Jo, Benjani, Caicedo, Nimely – although the signing of David Silva is some quality – but what on earth are they going to do with 7, 8 or 9 strikers. Doesn’t Platini or Blatter have anything to say about this? Well, we’ll see what happens when they have to choose their 25…

So there we have it… in order of preference, if we could sign one player from Man City, it would be:

  1. Joe Hart
  2. Nigel De Jong (can play in both defence and midfield)
  3. Stephen Ireland
  4. Micah Richards

Who would be yours?

  • Karen Senoo

    If we could sign one player from Man City that would definetely be Joe Hart. His last season at Birmingham was amazing, solid performances with great saves (one of them makins us go home with only one point). But I’m still not sure if he would be my first GK choice. I watched Man City pre-season in NY and must say he made some mistakes there. About De Jong and Richards they are very strong and all, but don’t think they woulf fit in our squad. Ireland would be my second choice.

  • Goonerman

    As I think getting hart would be completely impossible because I’m sure city want him to become their number 1 i would definatley take de jong. I know we have song but de jong is a different kind of player as he literally never stops running at the opposition and basically biting at their ankles which for the opposition I’m sure is very annoying were as song positions himself well, intercepts and sets off an attack by passing to the likes of fabregas and nasri, I’d definetley like de Jong alongside song and cesc I think it would definatley give us a bit more of that much needed grit!!

  • andrew

    Agreed. De Jong it is. He’s got that tenacity and willingness to mix it up that we need. someone who wants contact, not someone who shies away from it. he’d put a bit of steel in the arsenal spine.

  • http://www.mutsafletchermagadah.wordpress.com Mutsa Magadah

    1. Hart
    2. Robinho
    3. Onouha
    4. Ireland/De Jong

    I can’t believe Onouha hasn’t been given a mention. He’s more solid that Micah Richards. When Richards first burst on the scene I would have said him all day over Onouha, but over the years he’s gone off the boil and OnOnouha has gradually improved. I think Onouha is a dark horse to be a future England CB

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I would prefer Micah over Ireland as we have much better midfielders than him already but the top 2 are spot on.

    I keep hearing snippets that we wil go for Per Mertersaker if we can’t land Jagielka…I would like either of these players. I thing I dont get is the time it takes us to buy a player.

    Place offer to club (1 day)
    price negotiations (up to 1 week)
    Agree player terms (2 days)
    Medical (1 day)

    2 weeks max …why do we take so damn long?

  • sec

    i would have to say de jong, after seeing his ninja high kick on xabi alonso. He would obviously add some steel to arsenal’s midfield

  • vj

    man city are so screwed i dont know how theyre going to find 8 home grown players, currently they have only 4 in their squad, same with chelsea they are also struggling to find enough home-grown players, arsenal can only really make like 2 more signings and with sol set to leave to newcastle i think wenger will bring in a defender, hopefully jagielka so that he can count as an home-grown player and then we sign a goal keeper. Can’t wait till emirates cup starts

  • Kieran

    @ vj:
    Homegrown players can be ‘homegrown’ anywhere, they do bot have to be homegrown at that specific club. In that case City have more than four homegrown players. They have at least 11.

    Lescott, Barry, A.Johnson, M.Johnson, Hart, SWP, Bridge, Richards, Given, Bellamy and Ireland all spent at least three years in the FA (or Welsh) leagues before the age of 21.

    Coupled with the fact that they can have as many under 21’s as they like to supplement the squad of 25, they actually don’t have to get rid of many players at all – those they do can easily be loaned out should they wish.

    Add to that players like Wiess who is under 21 now, and will have been in England for more than 3 years by his 21st birthday and you see another homegrown player in the wings.

  • Kieran

    Forgot Onuha, Ethuhu as well are homegrown, but young enough to be loaned out.

  • Nick

    1. Joe Hart, we need a #1 bad!
    2. De Jong
    3. Ireland

  • Arsefan101

    Definitely JOE HART!!!
    But I always have liked Given too, I would take either goalkeeper – that is my worry.

    From a defender point of view, I don’t think Richards or Onouha are good enough – we have a crop of inexperienced defenders already – I would definitely prefer someone with more experience like Nigel De Jong. He could play in both defence and midfield, and considering the amount of DM’s they have – is he realistic?

  • JTGunner

    I think you have missed out a player that we could definetly use!Vincent Kompany!!!he can play as a defensive midfielder and as a centre back.i actually think a midfield of song-konpamy-cesc would be pretty solid!i think he is better than de jong as hes got that added physical presence which we really miss and hes a better passer of the ball!

    1) Hart
    2) Kompany
    3) Richards
    4) De Jong
    5) Ireland

  • JTGunner

    Arsefan101……ive never seen de jong play in defence.personally i would not feel comfortable if we lined up with him in our defence.city paid £16mil i think for him and only £6mil for kompany!kompany can provide cover for song and can even for a 3man midfield with song and cesc.as well as that he can play as a very good centre back!

  • devday

    @ JTGunner:
    I remember that Arsene had scouted Kompany quite a few times and had always not go in for him in the end – I’m not sure why, but maybe it was down to position. When Kompany joined Man City, he was playing in midfield, but he ended up playing in defence – I think he was moved back because a) Lescott was injured b) other players were more mobile than Kompany – the latter being something I noticed a lot at the beginning of last season – if we did go for Kompany, I think he’d suit the defence rather then the midfield. For me though, De Jong seems like he has got more going forward and more reassured on the ball.

  • mason

    http://bit.ly/aHTqmC A mate sent me this picture asking if I knew ‘The Head’ pub on holloway road. I’m normally in the Bailey or the Herbert so couldn’t tell him if this was true. Anybody recognise it or is it just boll0x??

  • devday

    I honestly don’t know… let me tweet it and find out…

  • devday

    @ mason:
    Twitter replies:

    @worldofarsenal it’s real but a year old.

    @worldofarsenal photoshopped to high heaven.

  • vj

    @ Kieran:
    either way Kieran they can only have 17 foreign players (ie not home-grown) so they will have to trim theyre squad whatever, on a side note news coming in that Federico Marchetti has left Cagliari and the president of the club has stated that Arsenal are the only club that are chasing for his signature. Marchetti played for Italy in goal at the world cup. In my mind he looks pretty good and would be a decent free signing

  • tom G
  • mason

    hmm wishful thinking eh

  • Arsefan101

    @ vj:
    Has he left? As in, is he available on a free?

  • vj

    yeah thats what skysports said

  • Kieran

    @ vj:
    That’s simply not true! They can have as many players as they like, whatever the nationality, under the age of 21.

    The rules are:
    Limit of 25 players over 21.
    At least 8 must be homegrown.
    Unlimited players under 21, homegrown or not.

    You said they only have 4 homegrown players which is untrue!

    Sure they can’t register them all to play in the premier league, but I expect they’ll keep a few to play in the domestic cups, sell one or two and loan the surplus out.

    It’s not like they need the money from selling players! 😀