The Remy Chase Heats Up… And Loads More Rumours…

Morning all…

Sometimes I just don’t have a clue how to cram in all that has happened in the previous day into a summary and give you guys all the comments and opinions I have on all the stories that are happening. But nevertheless, I will try and try and try. I often sit back after writing a blog and wonder how I failed to touch upon this subject and that subject – alas, the WOA readers always come to the rescue and there were some very interesting comments on yesterday’s blog about a few players.

The ongoing WOA debate of the merits of Diaby and Denilson continued and having read the comments by regular commentators, RVP, Kodjo, Flamez and Berth amongst others were in the thick of the action. We have two players whom have showed at times that they can be very good. Denilson topped Xabi Alonso the season before last in the passing accuracy charts, but failed to live up to the form he showed the previous season with some lacklustre performances last season, where that stat went up in smoke. Denilson joined us in August 2006, so it’s been 4 years now, and he’s had roughly 2 and a half seasons in the first team. There is a debate that if he hasn’t performed at the level required so far, what is giving him another season in the first team going to acheive? The flip-side is that if we have put so much time and effort into playing Denilson, then we should be the ones reaping the benefits when he eventually turns into an Alex Song and makes the position his own.

The same synopsis applies for Diaby, who – when he arrived – did look the part. I think we all know he can be immense going forward, can dribble well – but he makes a lot of mistakes in his decision making and defensively, he isn’t consistent. But what would you do with either of them? They do both seem like they’re on the verge of greatness and that this could be their season, but have they lost the confidence of the fans? I for one, would prefer Nasri or Ramsey in next to Song and Cesc – Nasri has definitely been more consistent and I fear that his natural position is inside, so when he’s on the wings, he does drift in more than he should. With Ramsey, he was hitting top form before he got injured and could be the one for the future. In this day and age, you do need a squad of players and Denilson and Diaby do add something to the squad – neither should be first choice right now though.

Onto another topic and Eduardo is virtually gone now with the deal with Shakhtar Donetsk agreed and it should be announced in the next couple of days. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t make it at Arsenal, and before his injury, I do believe we had one hell of a player on our hands. Good luck to him over in Donetsk and me, like all Gooners, I’m sure will always keep an eye out for him. That leaves us with a striking berth of 1) our new number ten, Van Persie, 2) our new number 11, Carlos Vela 3) Our new signing Maroune Chamakh and of course, then 4) our Danish star, Niklas Bendtner. Are these 4 strikers enough for us to go into the season with? Considering we play with one up top and have the likes of Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott supporting – on paper, it sounds like it should.

We have been linked with Loric Remy and if you consider Vela a winger in the 4-3-3, then the fourth striking berth is still to be filled – as is the number 9 shirt and the number 12 shirt. Could Remy be on his way to the Emirates? Liverpool and West Ham have been fighting it out for Remy with the fee around £12m. But Remy’s agent revealed this yesterday:

“A major club from the Premier League have contacted me about Loic. I have a meeting with the club tomorrow [Wednesday] and we will see what happens. Whatever happens Loic will be leaving Nice this summer and he has his heart set on England.”

Sky Sports New reckon that that mystery club is Arsenal, especially with Eduardo leaving. There have been some comments about reverting to the 4-4-2 formation, especially with the expectation to see 2 strikers play – but I really don’t see it happening after the 4-3-3 has been played throughout the club, through the academy and of course the reserves. We will see through the friendlies, starting later today what formation and who will play where.

There are also rumours that Juventus prospect Sebastian Giovinco is on the way out of Turin revealing that his agent will reveal his destination in the next couple of days – the boy is now 23 and he’s been linked with a move to us on several previous occasions.

We’re starting to get into the groove of things as far as pre-season is concerned and let’s hope Arsene can wrap up his involvement in the transfer window sooner rather than later – he has said that he is planning on strengthening further…

Tonight’s game kicks off at 6pm and is on ATVO – of course, I’ll be tweeting away as normal throughout the day, if you’re not already following, do so!

Til later…

  • Berth

    I would prefer giovinco to Remy – Gio reminds me of schnieder’s agility. For the formation 433 or 442 which ever one lets try to be flexible with it.

  • Flamez

    if we dont buy either of those or ne other players for that matter id like 2 see us start with these 2 sides as our main 22


    sagna-Kos-Tommy V-Clichy







    players like diaby, flappy and almunia can go and free up positions at a club there just not good enough for.

  • Kieran Delaney

    Flamez, you would get rid of Diaby but keep Walcott? Both are inconsistant and have failed to build on early promise – at least Diaby is capable of passing the ball!

    I agree with all your other picks though, except Frimpong – Eastmond is above him, having both premier league and champions league experience.


    This daily speculation about Fabregas, mainly fuelled from the media, is becoming tiresome, and added to that every player at Barcelona is being literally forced to give an opinion by the media, and nearly all of the time,as per usual it is taken out of context.Of course Barcelona know full well that Cesc is under a lengthy contract, and their behaviour is despicable to such a degree that regardless if Cesc stays or not, the authorities should step in, for literally tapping up, but of course not being an English club, nothing will be said.In a perfect situation it would be nice to see Cesc come out and publicly state that his future is firmly planted at Arsenal, but all we here is that he is leaving it all to Wenger. That can be interpreted in several ways, and it is not rocket science that he will go back to Barcelona,most probably in another year or so.My take on it is that at this moment of time Barca can’t afford him unless they sell first, and for this coming season he would only be a bit part player if he joined them.We have had 7 seasons watching him mature to being one of the finest young players in the world, and please don’t forget he is only 23.If he goes or if he stays,as a club we will survive and with Ramsey and Wilshere waiting in the wings and another season to gain more experience, our future is in safe hands.

  • yemi

    @ Flamez:
Cut diaby some slack. He is a good lad, just add consistency to his game and he becomes a star . Although he hold on to the ball too much for my liking !!!

When are we getting a goalkeeper ? Whats the 411 on gallas, silvestre, alumina, flappy?

and someone should pls put up a link for the match


    on another note i want to take this opportunity to say well done Martin Taylor you big fucking sop.

    I don’t give a shit that Taylor was ‘devastated’ or ‘didn’t mean to hurt Eduardo’ because he isn’t ‘that type of player’.

    Talk is cheap.

    The biggest fact is that lanky lump has single-handily ruined Eduardo’s Arsenal career.

    By all accounts Eduardo, our little Crozillian, is set to leave the Arse and I think that it is a real shame.

    It’s been clear for a while that Premiership football has become too much for Eduardo ever since he had his leg busted.

    To be fair, its even amazing that he came back into football after suffering that ‘assault’ from a talentless wanker who without doubt was told to get stuck into Arsenal because ‘they don’t like it up ’em’.

    See, that’s the attitude mugs like Ryan Shawcross and Martin Taylor have. Get stuck in and break some fucking bones.

    I don’t actually mind sides getting stuck in, what I do mind is career-threatening tackles that players like Eduardo and Aaron Ramsey have suffered.

    What makes me laugh is the World Cup final commentary team, people like Alan Hansen, going mental at Holland being more than brutal and not agreeing with it. That’s fair enough.

    But the same wankers like Hansen sit on Match Of The Day and watch teams kick the shit out of Arsenal week-in week-out and say its the only way to play against us.

    Sure, a bit of rough is fine but damn right GBH is not. If Eduardo suffered that tackle on the street Taylor would be looking at 5 years eating porridge.

    Because of this twat Arsenal are seeing a talented player leave the club and English football.

    I reckon had Eduardo not suffered that injury he would have become the Premierships leading scorer within two seasons. That’s how highly I rated him.

    I’m gutted he is leaving us but to be fair it’s probably best for Eduardo.

    Get a fresh start and put the nightmare of English football behind him.

    I’ll always look out for Eduardo, a class act and a class player, and I wish him well.

    I hope he score 30 goals next season.

  • Arsefan101

    @ Kieran Delaney:
    Eastmond is more experienced, but Frimpong looks the piece BIG time, looks like a carbon copy of Song!

  • Flamez

    @Yemi Im more inclined to cut flappy slack than i am diaby, the guy is a liability, he loses ball far 2 easy for some1 his size and his inconsistancy is showing no signs of improving, hes got real good talent behind him in pecking order and all he does by keeping him is give us yet another incosistant season and stilfle the talent behind him, dont get me wrong, great player on his day, but they come round like birthdays and xmas!

    @kieran The only thing that saves walcott from that for me is the media pressure he has suffered just by being english from a very young age, but id say this is his do or die season. i like eastmond 2 but i just see something in frimpong that makes me think he’ll jump eastmond for a 1st team spot

  • Berth

    @ Glondon: Good piece of writing.

  • Berth

    Just checking if Frimpong is English. I know his Ghanian but has he got a British passport?

  • vj

    all who are worried about chamakh playing up front, i remind people we started the season with B52 playing alongside RVP, plus i think wenger has created real competition for many positions
    GK four choices, almunia, mannone, fabianski, schezny, maybe a new GK
    CB, between koscielny, djourou, and a new CB
    CM, denilson, diaby, wilshere, ramsey, nasri
    RW, chamakh, B52, walcott, nasri, rosicky

    this allows for rotation ans as u can see we quality eveywhere i just think a new CB for sure, and a new GK if fabianski, mannone, or schezny cant step up

  • Flamez

    hes played as a teen for us but wants to play for ghana

  • Flamez

    @VJ u know something about cesc we dont? hes not on ur list

  • Gooner Get Ya

    6m for Dudu…that is a bargain. This is a sad day, I am gutted!!!

    I am actually starting to despise a host of teams (mainly northern) in the premier league, the knuckle dragging neanderthals that think they can only compete buy using bully boy tactics.

    The funny thing is that Arsenal players get labeled a whiners as they look desperately at the referee for some kind of justice and get greeted with a waving arm telling them to get up!!!


    It’s the first day back at training after the World Cup, and thankfully everyone came back fit. The players are chatting about their WC experiences, while Vela and Theo play in their giant Ferrari pedal cars they bought with their pocket money.

    Someone walks onto the training ground surrounded by a cloud of smoke and gradually the squad recognise the face of Wilshere, swigging from a can of Stella. It is difficult to tell at first who it is, as one of his eyes is half-shut, and dark purple and blue in colour, and the recently broken nose is still taped up.

    Wenger looks up and curses under his breath, instantly regretting letting Wilshere spend the summer with his new Bolton team-mates.

    Wilshere swaggers over to the players – his gold chain bouncing on his chest. His new tattoos on his arms are healing nicely. He greets his team mates and they all try to ignore his farting – although theo giggles a bit.

    Wilshere kicks his empty can at the goal and Almunia tries to catch it, but the can hits his left eye, the trainer has a quick look and says he will be out for 2 weeks. Wilshere pulls a fresh 6 pack from his large kit bag and offers them around. Wenger slaps Theo as he tries to grab one and takes advantage of a Wilshere coughing fit to grab the beer and kit bag from his hands. A couple of spliffs fall out but luckily only Eboue seems to recognise what they are, and he swiftly palms them.

    Wenger steps over the pile of fresh green pleghm and tries to resore some calm by starting the training session.

    Can we start with some elbowing asks Wilshere eagerly, and TV gives him the thumbs up. Wenger asks what he means and Wilshere demonstrates on TV, who falls to the ground in agony. As he is carried off Wilshere explains its part of the basic warmup at Bolton, to be used in the penalty box against the opposition.

    Wenger holds his head in his hands and mutters something to himself. What about basic ankle techniques then? Before Wenger has a chance to respond, Wilshere throws the ball at the feet of Chamakh and then dives in with his studs showing.

    As Chamakh screams and falls to the ground,Diaby is about to complain to Wenger that it’s HIS job to injure his team mates in training. But by this time Wenger is screaming at the coach to get security, vowing he will never let players go on loan north of Watford ever again. Wilshere decks two of the security staff before they eventually restrain him.

    After 10 minutes of ranting Wenger appears to have calmed down. But now there is a strange look in his eyes, one that frightens Theo and Vela, who scoot behind the bigger players to hide. Wenger walks slowly away, over to the car park, ignoring the shouts from his players. He pulls the shotgun from the boot of his car and sets the sat-nav for Burnden Way, Bolton – someone is going to pay for this.

  • Berth

    LMAO.Very Inventive Glondon. I like the part where Diaby claimed it was his duty to break team mates leg during training.


    Part two to follow after a few days… 😉

  • Arsefan101

    @ GLONDON:

  • Tom

    @ Berth:
    Hmm not sure GLomdon wrote it… its been over the internet for a few months now, google a short sentance from it…

  • tom

    Oops i meant days not months.. excuse the spelling mistakes too!

  • mason

    Look what we have got rid of so far this season, Mikael Silvestre, Kerrea Gilbert, Luke Ayling,Sol Campbell, Francis Coquelin, James Dunne, Luke Freeman, William Gallas, Rhema Obed, Philippe Senderos,Fran Merida, Alie Sesay, Sam Byles. We are definitely having a clear out with the usual youngsters not making it but also players like Silvestre, Campbell, Gallas, Senderos falling away. I think only a fool would believe that Wenger has no intention of buying in another CB with experience (we have atcually lost 5 with first team experience) and a keeper but for all the other positions I feel we have enough possibilities in the ranks to have a decent young squad set up to compliment what is fast becoming a very experienced first team for the new season. If we loaned a couple of the other possibles for a season or a half then that would do no harm either. Is it possible to top the squad up throughout teh season? If we have the squad numbers and they say 2 get injured are we able to replace them or is it simply one squad for the entire season? Any ideas?

  • mason

    ps – glondon- superb stuff

  • Nick

    I was reading earlier that Arsenal have offered Schwarzer a player/coach deal. Any other word on this?

  • Flamez

    @mason you can change the 25 man squad during the jan window

  • Yemi

    why can’t these barca players keep shut about cesc ? Xavi now its villa. Is that part of the initiation he gets ?plssssss

  • Mehedi

    I cant believe I am saying this but i don’t want cesc anymore at Arsenal.

    This is getting to desrespectfull

    I don’t want this type of rant to continue

    I am already scared of how it will effect next season

  • RVP

    if i ever see xavi i will kill him is he dum how can he say we have cesc fabregas on ‘loan’ he needs a good slap and i hope mourinho gives it to him when madrid lift la liga fucking shit overrated cunt i dont kno why hes soo keen for cesc to join him at barca becuase it wont be long b4 guardiola reaalise cesc is there ebst cm and xavi gets dropped.

    fuck xavi
    fuck barca

  • vj

    @ Flamez:
    i meant people who ar competitng for places in our line up, sagna vermaelen, clichy, fabregas, song, arshavin and RVP are all starters for sure

  • Goonerman

    shakhtar donetsk have offically announced the signing of eduardo! goodbye eddy cheers for the effot you put in and i hope you start banging in the goals again for your new club.
    i dont really think wenger was expecting a striker departure so there is surely a possibility for a new one to come in but only time will tell and i agree with most that defensive additions ar way more important.

    this is random but i saw an article earlier about villa and newcastle being interested in a 5 million signing, guess who FLAMINI, we are being linked with people like melo who are valued at 15 to 20 million when we could have flamini back probably for under 10m i mean i know its impossible becuase people cant forgive and forget but he was turning into such a class midfielder when he made the biggest mistake of his life and left for a bunch of old grandads, i went onto watch some of his performances in his last season for us when we so nearly got the title and to be honest he is the missing link we need, its so sad that he made that one bad decision not to sign that contract offered!!

  • RVP

    also like to say if i ever see j.cole i will slap him how can he say liverpool are the best team in the world LOOOOOL there not even top 6 in england so glad we didnt buy such a idiot

  • Flamez

    Team Vs Sturm Graz

    Team news is in. This is how Arsenal line up: Fabianski, Nordtveit, Vermaelen, Djourou, Traore, Nasri, Wilshere, Frimpong, Walcott, Arshavin, Chamakh

  • Yemi

    any link for the game ?

  • Flamez

    im watchin on ATVO dunno if u can use the link

  • Flamez

    1-0 Samir Nasri, lovely finish!

  • Flamez

    our away keeper kit is bloody hidious, pink and black FFS sort it out

  • Flamez

    2-0 Nasri again, free kick what a goal, he looks like hes rdy 4 the new season now!

  • Flamez

    3-0 henri lansbury