Cram The Headlines: Henry, Cesc, Eduardo + More

Morning fellow Gooners…

Firstly a massive thank you to Debs and JAT for their blogs in my absence, covering the lead up and aftermath of the Barnet game. An interesting game, which saw Jack Wilshere back in action and the friendly debuts of Koscielny and Chamakh. We also saw the return of Djourou and Gibbs, so overall, quite promising. Outside of the game there has been so much news, I don’t know where to start… but start somewhere I will have to, so let’s get straight onto Eduardo.

Eduardo about to sign for Shakhtar Donetsk

Yes, it’s now on the verge of happening – our much loved striker, Eduardo, could very much be on his way out. It’s a strange one, because he is on the verge of coming back to full fitness (or so I think), but is now moving on. Of course, with the signing of Chamakh, we now have five out and out forwards (RvP, Bendtner and Vela ahead of Eduardo in the pecking order), so it was always possible that one of them would leave – to be honest, I thought Vela would go on loan to another Premiership team, but it looks like Eduardo is on the way out.

Arsene did say at the end of last season that he’d sit down with the player and let him decide:

“We extended his contract because we believe in him. He is very important but I will assess that situation and sit down with him before the end of the season, you want to see as well how he feels. He is 27 years old he wants to play.”

It’s unfortunate that things between Eduardo and Arsenal didn’t work out – when he got into the first team, he was so impressive, and his injury was so unlucky. At the time of writing this, the news was that he had signed a contract and the club has agreed a £6m deal. Further news has also emerged that he’s passed a medical in London last night. After the Taylor incident and of course, the Shawcross repeat on Ramsey, Eduardo may feel his time is up… If he does go, then I’d like to thank him for his performances and desire to perform and wear the Arsenal shirt and of course, wish him luck…

Henry craves return to Arsenal

If you ask 100 people who their favourite Premiership player was, I’d be surprised if at least half of them didn’t name Thierry Henry as the man that captured their hearts, their imagination and was a joy to watch. We were all upset to see Henry leave, but we all understood that due to personal reasons and the desire to win the Champions League, he felt he had to move. His tenure at Barcelona wasn’t exactly covered in glory despite his achievement of finally winning the CL… he’s recently signed for the New York Red Bulls and retired from France – but there is one thing that Thierry wants more than anything.

“When I retire, I don’t know how, I want to come back to Arsenal. I have just come to New York to play and to compete and win another title,” added Henry, who left Arsenal in 2007 for Barcelona. After everything is done then I will think about it. But whatever it is, I want to come back to Arsenal – maybe as a water boy – just love this club.”

And I do hope that Henry blossoms into a coach and eventually does come back to Arsenal. His aura oozes what Arsenal is all about and he’s a Gooner through and through…

A Cescy Update

It’s incredible that before the world cup, we were talking about Cesc and even now after the World Cup, we are still talking about Cesc. Barcelona manager Guardiola (for the first time) came out and said that it may not be possible for Barcelona to sign Cesc  – the words “duh” and “duh” come to mind. It’s funny because, coupled with Cesc’s statements over the summer and of course Arsene’s recent statement, why don’t Barcelona just leave us alone?

Arsene spoke on the situation and it’s pretty clear:

“There was too much talk. I always said that we are really, really wanting him to stay as he is such an important player for us. He’s our captain, we want to keep him and that’s why we are not listening to any offers. It just was not a problem of money, just the desire to keep him at the club. It is stopped (the talk). We never wanted to start anyway.”

Arsene also added that he had spoken to Cesc and how big a club Arsenal are…

“I have spoken to him, of course, but I never come out publicly with what we talk about. There was a lot of unneeded talk that was not helpful for Arsenal Football Club and that’s why I don’t think we have to add anything to that. I know what is important for us. Arsenal Football Club is a massive club and what is important is that everybody focuses on being successful next season.”

It’s funny… because the papers are now running with the story of “Cesc puts in transfer request” as Arsenal won’t let him go… the media hey?

The Rest of the Rest

In other news, the team have left for the Austrian tour now and will be playing SK Sturm Graz tomorrow (live on ATVO if you’ve got it)… and our prodigy goalkeeper Szczesny is very much touting himself for the number one shirt down at the Arsenal despite his tender age…

My internet connection seems to be affected by the flyng ants we’re seeing all over the place now, so I will post what I’ve written now and continue tomorrow… til then mes amigos… til then…

  • devday

    Reading the news and quotes from today, the Eduardo move looks done and dusted!

    Bilic said: ‘I spoke with Eduardo. He was very pleased with the move to Shakhtar. He is going to a strong league. This season they will once again play in the Champions League, have many difficult matches and this is excellent for the national team.

  • devday

    Arsenal squad in Austria:

    Manuel Almunia
    Abou Diaby
    Bacary Sagna
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Tomas Rosicky
    Samir Nasri
    Laurent Koscielny
    Carlos Vela
    Theo Walcott
    Alex Song
    Jack Wilshere
    Johan Djourou
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Gael Clichy
    Andrey Arshavin
    Vito Mannone
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Kieran Gibbs
    Marouane Chamakh
    Armand Traore
    Wojciech Szczesny
    Craig Eastmond
    Emmanuel Frimpong
    Conor Henderson
    Henri Lansbury
    Jay Emmanuel-Thomas
    Havard Nordtveit

  • Goonerman

    Nice official announced today that a major premier league club have entered the race for remy and will have a meeting tomorrow! I know it’s just speculation but surely there could be a huge chance we are the new interested club because our French scout did publicly reccomend him to wenger and with eddy looking likey to be out the door it all adds up! It would be a welcome addition and for the 12 to 13 million being said as a realistic price it could be possible. What does everyone think?

  • Berth

    What I think is we should cover our ass where it is most needed. I am tried of s**t like this. You see we have obvious problems which are more pressing. We lack in defence and GK position, we should focus on that. I always scoff when I look at what mess Wenger will create for his own team if he does not do the necessary obvious things. Remy my A**.

  • devday

    @ Goonerman:
    With Eduardo off to Shaktar and Vela a possibility in midfield, could Remy be our new number 9?

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    I would welcome Remy, and a DM, central defender and a GK.
    If Arsene can sell Eduardo, Almunia, Diaby and recover £15m odd then could be a good summer… Time running out though?

  • Berth

    Edu,Senderos,Gallas,Silvestre and possibly Campbell gone so far (And we fetched just 6 million)that is not good for business.It shows that the club has too many quantity players, trial and error players and of cause lack of foresight in a way. But that is what you get being stingy when you try to substitute quality with quantity. A good club shouldn’t allow that much go in a season; but again looking at the players leaving you could say well they are passed there prime or they are not good enough for the club.

    @ Dev. I will so much want Diaby and Alumnia to leave, that will make my dream come through. Ths 2 players is a classic case of Arsenal over recent years, having quantity rather than quality – these two guys where bought on the cheap, they have had there times here and could still have more time. In the long time you will find out that their value is worthless, because they will end up costing us wages and heart – break ( no trophies).

    I need me a central defender, a good goal keeper and an enterprising midfielder to support Song, (though I heard Frimpong is good but what experience has he got) but you see the quantity in the club will always blind us – Diaby, Denilson, Eastmond,Flapianski, mannone, Vela and co.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    No Denilson in the Austria squad!!! Could that mean anything. Oh and Goonerman I have heard it is Liverpool in for Remy but nothing concrete.

  • Kodjo

    i hope that diaby will silence a lot of detractors just like song has done…i remember song being branded as useless…today he is our lynch pin in midfield

    pls cut diaby some slack!!!!!

    apart from Denilson, the rest being Eastmond,Mannone, Vela have not been given the chnace…a full season to stake thier claim.

    i can understand your concerns about fabianski…..

    arsene may be stubborn but he is not stupid


    Dev: C’mon lets be realistic now – wenger will bring in 1player max and keep the dross that is diaby and denilson. Man i wish those 2 misfits were shipped out along with our 2 goalkeepers. Mark my words only one player will come thru the door – i really hope i am proved wrong.
    this season is gona be tough boys

  • yemi

    @ Berth:
In as much as i agree with you on diaby and alumina oh and flappyhandski, I don’t think Vela, eastmond and denilson fall in that category. Stats have shown that denilson is one of the best midfielders in the premiership. The only thing is that if you try to use him in the holding role, he is not OK. Vela is very Good. 
As for frimpong, I dont think what you need is really experience, where will he get the experience if you dont play him ? Look at players like Nani, Macheda, evans coming thru at man u and even our onw gibbs, ramsey,wilshire and even song. Give them the chance and they will perform. We already have a loaded midfield, Attacking that is. We need a DM, a tough CB and a goal keeper. No more forwards. For those who have been given chances upon chances and failed to perform, off with them. Diaby and flappy fall into that category unfortunately.

  • yemi

    We are humans are there is a tendency to make mistakes. Silvestre was a mistake in my opinion, diaby is turning out to be a mistake(although like my brova kodjo said, we all know diaby has not had an injury free season but based on his performance so far, i rate denilson above him), flappy is a mistake, but was gallas a mistake? Senderos we all know was good but he never seemed to get his confidence thereby making some costly mistakes!!!. We all saw the germans at the WC, We saw the ghanians, youth can prevail. Even the spanish team consists of a lot of youth. What i dont suscribe to is 80% of the team being green horns.

  • Berth

    @ Yemi: Youth cannot prevail. It did prevail once; that was with Ajax and probably manu back in the days but times have changed, clubs buy quality now rather than youth; everyone wants success so bad that relying on youth will not get you results. We desperately need trophies now and to rely on Frimpong and Eastmond will undermine our ambition.

    The way forward for our club is to make a statement by buying bold and not dropping Chamack, after 2 months you drop Laurent Koscielny and sale Edu like trade-by-batter. Arsene has never been bold and he is scared of being bold after Reyes and Madam Wiltord flops. He needs to find confidence from somewhere to make this bold decisions maybe he needs a helping hand which unfortunately his not getting ( Alas Gazidi)

    @ Kodjo: Diaby will silence his critics in 3 months and in another 3 months give them room to attack him from all angle. My opinion on the guy still remains straight, he ain’t worthy of an Arsenal shirt, same goes to Alumnia and Flapianski; I can tolerate Denilson but not these three. If we can get rid of Edu why not them three.

  • Arsefan101

    @ Gooner Get Ya:
    I think Denilson and Bazerate are both injured

  • vj

    guys lets not forget how much players like ramsey song gibbs stepped up last season maybe denilson and diaby can do the same we must trust arsene, as for the GK maybe arsene has decided to give all 4 GKs a chance and see how they do before we sign another one, as for a CB its the same it depends whther sol stays and how nordveit plays we will have to be patient


    How the Fnn heck can denilson still be injured? WTF is wrong with him now? Whoops sorry a bit OTT. Seems Eduardo is defo a goner check out the comments in the mail sport section – Billic has convinced him to go. I am happy that he will go on to a league where your legs will not be broken. Sol will sign for newcastle because they will pay him silly money for 2 years, Now Wenger who are you bringing in for those long cold nights we have in December?????

  • Arsefan101

    @ GLONDON: Denilson is so injury prone!!

  • dp

    Good to see RVP inheriting Dennis’s number 10 shirt as well – never liked Gallas in it.

  • Berth

    I rate Denilson higher than Diaby. He is more of a Xabi Alonso styled midfielder and still returns to break up play, But against a team like Chelsea I think we need more physical players – I don’t know that Frimpong well. Can someone please give me a low down on Frimpong and how good or terrible he is.

  • edison

    WE NEED A GOAL KEEPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flamez

    @berth Frimpong is a young song, gd tackle gd pass and a great work rate, but thats from playin barnet need 2 see him against better opposition, but the kids got a future as song’s number 2 and i think he will fill that roll a bit this season if he impresses enough in austria and emirates cup.

    i dont think this is gonna be our year for the league so id like 2 see wenger make a really bold move, get rid of almunia and flappy and replace them with mannone and shezney, i say mannone first coz i rate him higher. also get rid of diaby and maybe denilson + vela too and use frimpong whilshire and jay simpson 2 fill there gaps, give them the full season 2 become experianced and establish themself’s

  • Berth

    @ FlameZ: Glad someone supports my view. But getting rid of Denilson and Vela could lead to far too many exits and Diaby should be tried just this one more time; Wenger should let him know he can’t tolerate inconsistency from him – Just a bit of man management is what he needs but boy the lad is so indisciplined.

  • Kodjo

    Honestly i do not know why you guys are getting mad with Denilson…..physically i agree he is not imposing and will never be….but he is one of the most technically sound midfielders in the team…he just lacks phycial power

    Wenger is not stupid!!!!! he knows which games not to play him in…denilson has had to feature in certain games bcos of injury and still played on with injury cos there were no replacements at that time

    guys please be circumspect… the team has to be balanced and we play different teams with different styles and qualities..hence the need for players like denilson

    i accept he is a useful squad player…wenger has to get his player combinations in midfield right to field him

    the guy is effective in what he does….pls do not judge the guy based on physical attributes alone….

  • Berth

    @ Kodjo: We get at Denilson so much because the success level has been under par. Remember he started off the DMF position before Song yet the improvement has been marginal. The league demands physical attributes so he should stop being lazy and build himself or f**k off.

  • RVP

    how can people say denilson needs to toughrn up or fuck off when im sure these same people think walcott and wilshere are brilliant im not saying there not because i think wilshere and walcott will shine this coming season but lay off denilson ok hes the best footballer and hes not good enough for our first 11 but he knows taht and so does wenger he is a good squad player he can come in when theres injuries and do a job his passing success is top notch and he can crack them in from anywhere!

  • Flamez

    Denilson is a good player, but hes had plenty of chances to establish himself and hasnt taken them, diaby even more so, and i think its time too let the younger talent (whilshire frimpong, JET etc) have a chance rather than stifle young talents that look more promising at 17-18 than diaby or denilson ever really have

  • RVP

    a deal for giovinco this summer is becoming more likely his agent has confirmed he wants to leave juve.

  • Kodjo

    @ Berth

    i guess you could say the same for walcott too…get your act to togther or get out of town…right??? wrong!

    denilson first came in as an advanced midfielder paired with gilberto…playing slightly forward and not in the strict midfield role that hes assumed in the last couple of seasons

    yes he has not endeared himself to fans but …critically he has done everything that he hs been told to do…but has been limited by his lack of physique and power

    he is not a super athlete so you wont get that from him…he has a geat engine but is not and will not be song.

    denilson is not lazy he has ben asked play in a position where unfortunately he does not have the brawn to match with the brains…a technically sound player he is.

  • RVP

    i also think we are the new mystery club coming in for loic remy.liverpool and west ham were strongly linked last week now his agent has said another top english club have made an enquiry and hes meeting them tomorrow given the fact weve been linked before and remy has said he would like to play to us there is a strong possibility it is us.and alos givng the timing aswell eduardo’s departure has been near enough confirmed and then remys agent reveals another club are interested.

  • RVP

    watching videos of eduardo makes me realise how much i hate martin taylor that tackle ruined his career and eduardo had the potential to score 100+ goals for arsenal being only 27 he still would have had 3 yrs at the top.he was such a clinical finisher and his positioning was always great.i wish him all the best of luck at shaktar

  • Flamez

    @RVP Sky Sports News pundit said he thinks were the mystery club aswell, makes some sense with edu off but with 5 strikers are we headed back to a 4-4-2?

  • Kieran Delaney

    I loved Eduardo but he only ever played a full 90 minutes in 5 premier league games for us, all pre injury.

    It’s such a shame for such a technically gifted player.

    But hey, it’s all fine, Taylor is English and Eduardo is not right?

  • RVP

    i dont give a fuck if taylor is english arsenal over england all day long i mean look how embarrasing england are