Pre-Season = Dry

Happy Friday to you.

I have to say I’m always delighted to write for Dev when he goes away. However I’m really struggling to bring you any news as there isn’t any. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I’m not the type to go on about far-fetched transfer rumours because they rarely materialise. There’s clearly something going on with Mark Schwarzer but the last I heard was that Fulham rejected a £3m bid. As far as I’m concerned that’s where our interest should end as it’s not worth paying any more than that for a 37 year old.

In one of my World Cup posts I addressed the ‘keeper situation at the club and the bottom line was that we really need a new one. Heaven help us if we go for another season with Almunia and Fabianski as our 1 and 2. I’m also very concerned about our defensive line-up. Are we happy with Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou, and a relatively unknown Nordveidt as our CB’s? I don’t think we are.

I don’t expect us to sign any players in other positions (even though I’d like us to) but a new goalkeeper and a CB are absolutely vital if we are to mount a serious challenge on all fronts next season. I’ve always defended Manuel Almunia but his chance to prove his worth has been and gone and some of the crucial goals we conceded last season were so painfully weak that we really need to address the obvious goalkeeping frailties. Our defence has very limited Premier League experience in it – Vermaelen 1 year, Djourou the occassional bit-part role when fit, and Nordveidt and Koscielny have nothing. Quite terrifying when you break it down like that but if I’ve managed to work that out then surely Arsene has also. We can only assume/pray that he has a few ideas in mind.

Barcelona declared their remaining transfer kitty this summer as being little over £40m. That ends the Cesc saga then.

We play Barnet tomorrow in our first pre-season friendly. I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing all week about whether to head down to Underhill for this one. Ultimately I reckon my disliking of non-competitive Arsenal games will prevail but there are usually a few first-teamers who feature in this fixture and at the very least it will be good to have commenced the programme for the 2010-2011 season. The World Cup was a total saviour in terms of withdrawal and I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way. But now we’re back to what matters most – the mighty Arsenal. It’s good to have ’em back.

That’s pretty much it for today, if anyone finds anything interesting please keep us all in the loop in the comments section below. Til tomorrow…

  • Francis

    Dear Arsenal

    I Followed this club since seventies,i think Mr. Wenger give Mannone a real chance because he proved himself before, and if fabregas want to go so let him do it because i don’t think he will play in mood (my idea),sell Almunia,Fabianeski and let the manager do what he thinks is right.
    Thanks to Mr. Wenger for his efforts

  • vj

    so much for joe cole all gone quiet on that front, i thouhgt that we would definitely have signed him and our GK by now but the papers say that joe cole will be sorted next week, most likely heading to tottenham, Swhazer looks to be our GK unfortunately, and we still nedd another CB, god its going to be a busy August

  • Flamez

    Barca’s 40mil statement stinks like a lil boy goin 2 the shop for his comic with only half the money and hoping he’ll still get what he’s after, maybe @40 mil they want diaby? lol


    maybe Gallas comes back? he played quite well last season

    and if anyone has any links for the barnet game please put them up here, dont think i’ll be making the trip

    and on a final note anyone going to the emirates cup this year?


    JCole is not worth the risk IMO. His wage demands are stupid and we don’t need him – let him go to spuds. Why do you think chavski or utd haven’t bothered with him? Begs the question doesnt it when only spurs are your only hope 😉


    con-mam: pls see below

    Ps im going to the em’s cup

  • Gooner Get Ya

    2 more signings and we will be set for the season. GK and one more CB. Realistic targets would be Sebastian Frey and Per Mertersaker 20m max for the pair. sell Almunia for 5m.

    I would be a happy gooner if this happens!!

    When does the transfer window close?

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    man city are 3rd favourites to win the title and we are 4th, anybody agree?


    To be honest i think we’ll see one playe come in – & as much as i like to be optimistic for the season i just cant see us being there. last season GOD KNOWS How we did it…just see teams like citeh and spuds getting stronger

  • edison

    With Man Citeh and Chelsea snapping up more defenders than us – it looks more than likely that gallas will have to stay put. Good thing though, as Gallas and tommy gun have plenty of experience playing next to eachother. Then we have Koscielny and Djourou as back up and even Alex Song as a 3rd choice if things start getting really desperate.

    The Man Citeh squad has become rediculous, with Mancini stating that hes going to focus heavily on rotation this coming season – You’d think he would have to, to keep all of their egos happy.

    Schwarzer isnt ideal IF we do actually end up signing him, but I think a new keeper who can deal with the big pressure matches is sure to help Arsenal out – with schwarzer signed surely some silverware is finally in reach ? (think what he did for fulham in europa)

  • Gunnersaurus

    I saw Joe Cole at Las Palmas airport in Mallorca last Monday night/Tuesday morning – we were both late for our plane back to London and I bumped into him at the check-in desk. Funnily enough, he had no bags to check in and said he was on holiday with his missus, but she was nowhere to be seen. After a bit of general banter, I asked him if ‘arry had been on the phone (since that seems to be the biggest rumour in the papers) and if he was on the way back to London to sign a deal with someone, but he looked as though he didn’t know what I was talking about and claimed that nothing has been decided yet. I then explained to him ‘arry was a boyhood Arsenal fan and that he should do him a favour and come to the emirates! All of these signs point to him coming back to London to sort a deal out so keep your ears open in the next couple of weeks to who he signs for.