The World Cup Final… (And the futures of Wilshere, Eduardo and Almunia)…

Morning Fellow Gooners,

Today is a historic moment in the World of Football, and of course The World of Arsenal. It’s the first time we’ve had a captain and a vice-captain play the World Cup final against each other. Most Arsenal fans I’ve spoken to are supporting Holland today, favouring the loyal Gooner, Robin Van Persie and double Arsenal connection with ex Gooner Gio  Van Bronckhorst captaining the side. With Spain filled with so many Barcelona players, it is quite easy to hope they lose… of course, it would be different is a) Barcelona weren’t stalking Cesc b) Cesc would actually start! Even though we’d all probably like to see Holland win, Spain have to be the favourites – especially after their demolition of Germany.

Onto Arsenal news, and there is renewed speculation that Eduardo could be on his way out of the club – either permanently or on loan, after coach Boro Primorac spoke about the possibility of him leaving,s saying:

“I do not know what will happen to Dudu. Preparations are just beginning and I do not know whether he will go or stay. He just has to decide.”

It’s clear that Van Persie, Maroune Chamakh and Niklas Bendter will be the first three strikers in the pecking order and Carlos Vela seems to edge it ahead of Eduardo for the 4th choice striker, so it may be a good idea for Eduardo to go out on loan – at least until December. It will give him some time to try and get back to full fitness and form, and then come back for the run in?

Talking about strikers, Van Persie has been in the news and declared his intentions on remaining fit next season and to start showing the world that Arsene was right to have so much faith in him – Arsene did talk about Van Persie at the end of the season in regards to his potential and that he could be as good as the likes of Ronaldo and Messi… but it’s all about keeping fit and that fact that Van Persie has made it through so many games in the World Cup is a good sign!

“When I came back from my long injury back in the spring, Arsene Wenger told me that people will soon be talking about me in the same breath as they speak about Messi. I’m sure that would already be the case if I was not injured so often. I can feel that the manager has faith in me, but I must remain lucid. I am clearly not in the same league as Leo. Moreover, I am injured too often. I’m dreaming about a season with 30 goals and 20 assists. Wenger knows that I can do it, but my body will have to hold on. My final objective is to be in the same class as Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney, but Leo above all because he is a giant.”

With Van Persie leading the line and Cesc in midfield, with new recruit Maroune Chamakh and maybe Jack Wilshere coming back, we do have a busy midfield but despite that, the papers have linked us with both Yohan Gourcuff (whose birthday it is today) and the German wonderkid, Ozil – maybe they have in case Cesc goes, but reports coming out of the Ozil camp is that he will honour his contract at Weder
Bremen and I think that’s a good thing for Ozil and Bremen. You really shouldn’t sign a player based on a decent World Cup, Ozil will have the eyes of all the top clubs on him for the next season and be available on a free next summer, should he maintain his excellent showing. The Gourcuff rumours have been scuppered by Arsene’s recent comments about not being interested in him, despite thinking he is an attractive proposition:

“We are not interested. I like Gourcuff a lot, but we already have sufficient cover in midfield.”

There is still a massive debate going on whether Jack Wilshere should return to Arsenal. Many people think if he says at Bolton then he will get more playing time, and don’ t think he should come back to Arsenal unless Cesc leaves. Jack’s best position is behind the striker, in front of a midfield, similarly to how Cesc plays. If Arsene did want him back, then would he dispose Nasri, Walcott or Arshavin whom would all seem to be ahead of him in the pecking order. But then again, there are rumours that Walcott should go on loan too, to get some experience, as he’s not cutting it down at the Emirates at the moment. Personally, I’d like to see Cesc, Wilshere and Song as the midfield trio and see Van Persie, Arshavin and Nasri deployed in the three attacking roles – if we stick to 433. I don’t see why Wilshere couldn’t come in instead of Denilson or Diaby who lack consistency. I do prefer Nasri over Walcott to start and Walcott as an impact sub and also think Ramsey is a future first teamer. We saw when Diaby marshalled the France midfield, that he just isn’t good enough – how many chances can Arsene give him?

There are also massive rumours circulating that Almunia is off to Athletico Madrid in a £4m deal – I thought originally that the noise was purely paper talk but the noise is increasing – as is the noise linking us with taking Mark Schwarzer to the Emirates for a year with Fabianski as second choice and Almunia moving on. The two younger keepers to be promoted in and around the first team. No concrete noise yet, but Athletico could be on the verge of selling David De Gea, their young keeper, meaning backup would be needed. The rumours regarding Schwarzer actually make it sound like a done deal, but at 37, I’m not sure if it’s a good option, considering the mistakes he’s made for Fulham and Australia recently. There are a lot of people talking about Shay Given be demoted to second choice behind Joe Hart and if that’s the case, I’d rather spend £5m on him that Schwarzer – let’s see what happens on that one…

Finally, Sol Campbell has now apparently talked to Celtic, Sunderland and West Ham – all three clubs willing to offer him a 2 year contract, which means we probably won’t any more of him in an Arsenal shirt – raising questions about whether we need another central defender…

Okay, time to get in the zone for the World Cup… come on Van Persie, do it for the Arsenal (and the millions of Dutch fans)…

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  • Zaheer Shah

    No offense but it seems to me that your the type to only give credit to those who show up in the spotlight, what i am referring to is your incredibly harsh statement on Diaby, not good enough? Did you see how he played in the middle of the season? He was incredible, he compliments our midfield so much in the sense that he combines the attributes of Song and Fabregas, he works hard and the stats show he covers a lot of ground. He is one of our best counter attackers, he has his faults but he has worked really hard over the summer and this season has been his best due to it, he will continue to improve next season and I would start him over Denilson most weeks.

  • Flamez

    Should Cesc’s assist for goal in final add 20mil to his value? lol, just glad torniments over as now fab can come back 2 the club and hopefully get the barca nonsense out of his head

  • Kodjo

    howard webb got some key decisions wrong…yes it was a difficult match to officiate… if it had been another ref from another continent hell would have broken loose.

    iniesta shouldnt have been on the field for lashing out at van bommel…that is not to say van bommel is a saint…

    puyol should have also been sent off for pulling robben back

    heitinger’s sending off was very soft

    you could also argue that spain deserved a penalty after heitinger put his foot between the ball and xavi’s foot

  • Kodjo

    iniesta should have been sent off


    first off gutted holland didnt win

    back to arsenal, i dont think walcott will go on loan, maybe eduardo should, especially until xmas, he wont get a regular run in at arsenal and also he needs consistent games just to get back to form.

    Again no point bringing in schwarzer for almunia, especially if just for a season or 2. Might as well keep almunia or just promote our young polish keeper right away.

    and as for wilshere, I mean honestly he might as well go on loan again for the 1st half of the season. Im beginning to tire of Walcott and would love to see wilshere get a chance in the side, but realisitically I dont think he does barring injury. Getting the odd 10 minutes at the end of games isnt enought when he could be at bolton/west brom type teams play week in week out and hone his craft.

  • RVP

    i dont see how people can say spain deserved to win becuase they played football correctly.1-yes holland were aggressive but football is a contact sport 2-spain players went down under every challenge like they had been shot in particular busquets and iniesta.howard webb was shit as he usually is in the prem.holland should have won.

  • andrew

    wow, the ref was shiiiiiiittttt. sorry, but he was. i know spain were probably the better team but it was a tough game to watch. certainly the dutch did foul a fair bit but i thought the spanish got quite a benefit overall from the referee. oh, well, at least the arsenal captain (for now still with the gunners) got the assist.

    on to the gunners upcoming campaign…

  • Kodjo

    @ andrew & rvp

    yes i agree with you howard webb got all the big decisions wrong…spain were given the benefit of the doubt for all the key moments

    i remember what happened to the south american and african officials….when they got certain calls wrong…ahem!!!!

  • Sam

    Captain Fab was on the pitch for a short time, but he made his presence by assissting Iniesta’s goal. Our captain is now a WC winner, let’s hope he stays!

  • vj

    hmm xavi combinig with cesc and iniesta with villa involved in that goal makes me worry about barca’s team next season buskets xavi iniesta pedro villa and fabregas, not to forget messi and ibrahimovic and henry

  • parksy

    Ahh the world cup is over. At the beginning of the tournament I loved Spain and wanted them or Holland to win, but as the tournament progressed and Xavi etc continued to talk about Cesc, I started to feel it wasn’t Spain I was watching but Barcelona, and Barcelona are a team I loathe at the moment. Even as the goal was scored I could picture the two of them in Blue and Purple celebrating, and it made my skin crawl. I just feel that it’s a shame that a team with such amazing quality can act in such a shameful manner, and in turn put me off a nation that fully deserve to win this world cup. So although I say congratulations Spain, it is aimed at Casillas, Capdevila, Ramos and of course our main man Cesc, you are the ones that have made your nation proud!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Cesc after the world cup win:

    All I can say is that this world cup is for all the Arsenal players and fans, they are a world class club”

    “I am Arsenal player and proud to be”

    Does that sound like someone who is leaving?


    Can someone help me out here please. The commentators on the WC final were furious at the way Holland were kicking Spain all over the park. Why is it that when teams do that to Arsenal, the same commentators just say that everyone has to play to their own stengths and we need to toughen up?

  • vj

    massive agreement GLONDON commentaters keep going on bout how arsenal need to change the way they play, its arsenals fault the way bimingham and stoke play against us, well i think untill we win a trophy all this chatter wont go away, win the league and the commentators shut up

  • gooner1

    GLONDON: Very true mtey

  • Nick

    I was more annoyed with the commentators talking about Cesc wanting to go to Barcelona after he was introduced and going on about how he’s from Barcelona and everything. They mentioned Arsenal and Wenger maybe twice.

  • vj

    now that i think of it guys getting joe cole doesnt really make much sense, quality though he and id love to have him, but assuming cesc stays, weve got nasri arshavin rosicky wilshere and theo who all that creative attacking wide or central mid/att getting another one doesnt really make that much difference, hell go to spu*s with harry

  • andrew

    i agree, vj, i don’t think we NEED Cole, BUT for once I’d like us to bring in a great player just to provide some depth like the other big two clubs. and it would be even better to see him on our bench than winning games with the Sp*rs.