7 Days Until Our First Friendly…

It is officially 7 days until our annual trip to Barnet – a game in which we may see one of our two new signings – Maroune Chamakh or Laurent Koscielny – both bought from the French league, Bordeaux and Lorient respectively. There will be some bedding in and some adapting to life in the premiership for both players and the pre-season friendlies will give us a glimpse of what they’re both made of. With Johan Djourou recovered and having beefed up to a decent level since last season, there are noises that it will be Djourou and Vermaelen who get the nod for the two centre back positions with Koscielny as third choice, and youngster Nordtveit in at fourth choice.

Koscielny has publicly admitted that he will need time to adapt and advocates his main aim is to get into the team:

“I will need time to adapt. I have to earn a position in the team and play. Nothing is for sure so far. I believe I will have to work hard, doing a lot of bodybuilding exercises to resist Premier League forwards. I am not strongly built, but I make up for it with some cleverness, positioning and anticipation. I believe the manager has appreciated my state of mind, my concentration on the game.”

Part of Koscielny’s game is to play the ball to feet and start an attack from defence – something that both Djourou and Vermaelen also have. It’s Arsene’s style – his imprint. Everyone at the club should be ball playing. Anyone, anywhere – and that’s why players like Senderos didn’t end up having a future. The boy Koscielny looks good, but of course, we don’t know enough about him to comment either way. Arsene has been in the press and has been talking about signing “one more defensive” players.

Most of us probably think that it’s another central defender, especially in the context of the answer – but of course, “one more defensive player” could be a defensive midfielder or a goalkeeper. The underwhelming signing of 37 year old Mark Schwarzer could be the signing, but I’m hoping for something a little better.

Rumours about Joe Cole haven’t yet ceased and despite “ongoing talks” with Sp*rs, the ex-Chelsea player is still heavily linked with us. With Sp*rs able to offer first team football, willing to pay his astronomic wages and kind of in the Champions League – it does look like his ideal destination. As a club, we’d be unwilling to fork out sums around the £115k mark (as being touted in the press) and couldn’t possibly offer first team football with Rosicky, Nasri, Cesc and Ramsey all very similar in their style as well as other attacking midfielders such as Arshavin and Walcott on the wings.

Things are starting to hotten up in the transfer market – we’ve signed two players, and have a few loan returnees. Man United welcome Smalling and Hernandez. Chelsea have signed Benayoun and a few other players here and there and City have snapped up three in Boateng, Silva and Toure Junior. On top of that, in Europe, we’ve seen Real Madrid and Barcelona make big signings as well as movement for the likes of Eduardo the goalkeeper and other impressive players. If we are to sign more players this summer, I’d hazard a guess that it will be wrapped up by the end of July – which is good, because we’re already 10 days into the month!

Bolton boss Owen Coyle has re-iterated his desire to see Jack Wilshere at the Lancashire club next season, but personally, I’d love to see him back at the Arsenal. He’s Arsenal through and through and after his performances at Bolton next season, think he could make an immediate impact – of course, at minimum, I’d like him to be around for the friendlies to see how he could fit in if he were in and around the first team next year.

Tonight is the penultimate game of the World Cup and sees Germany take on Uruguay in what looks to be quite an exciting game.

As I write this, I understand Raoul Moat has been captured by police, but by the time you read this, we’ll have some clarity…

Til tomorrow…

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  • samir

    The stick we Gooners take from the Spuds about Arsenal hardly having any English players always makes me giggle.

    The stick we Gooners take from the Spuds about Arsenal not having any English players in the England World Cup squad always makes me laugh even more.

    I’ve even wet myself on certain occasions.

    That’s something the Spuds are very proud of. Having several players in the England squad. But not just any England squad. The World Cup squad.


    I’m actually glad Arsenal didn’t have any of our players playing for our sorry excuse of a national team in the World Cup. We were an embarrassment.

    How can the Spuds brag about it? What is there to boast about? Having a bunch of players in a side who limped through the group stage of an ‘easy’ group and then were hammered by our biggest rivals.

    It was a shambles!

    Sure, the Spuds could counter that Arsenal had a few players in the France squad who failed so miserably but the difference is we Gooners don’t brag we had several players in the French squad do we!

    What is the big deal about nationality anyway? Why do so many people moan about Arsenal having so many foreign players?

    Of course there could be a xenophobic attitude to it, that’s probably the main reason, but surely in this day and age that is almost wiped out. Or not.

    When the England national team fail we look for excuses. Why do we English always do this? We never look to ourselves, we look to blame others.

    Look at the latest shit we come out with. It was too strict under Fabio Capello at the World Cup. The players didn’t like it whereas under Sven-Goran Eriksson it was too relaxed.

    Why are we blaming others? The core of the players under both these managers is pretty much the same.

    Both times this set of players have failed yet we don’t look at them. We blame others when its clear our bunch of prima-doners have a massive opinion of themselves and aren’t really as good as they think.

    Bit like the Spuds. Bit deluded.

    That’s why I don’t give a shit about not having any England players in the World Cup. I don’t care because most English players are wankers. And the Spuds brag about it.

    That’s why England will never win the World Cup in my life. I’m 27 years old. I’ve got maybe 11-12 World Cups left in me if I’m lucky. Or unlucky.

    I won’t see England win the World Cup unless we have a major overhaul. We need to change our attitude and adopt the notions of our European cousins.

    You know, the cousins who we think we are superior to. Hmmmmm.

    The Spuds think they can take the moral high ground because they have more English players than we do. Why? It’s an English league sure but so what?

    I hope those English players did you Spuds proud. How many of them are in the World Cup final?

    How many Arsenal players are? Yes, Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie maybe ‘dirty’ foreigners but they are in a World Cup final aren’t they?

    In fact, how many Spurs players have ever played in the World Cup final?

    One has. Christian Ziege as a late sub. Arsenal could double that number tomorrow.

  • Pete

    Off topic but just to let all the UK based Gunners fans know, according to the tv listings, Arshavin is supposed to be on James Cordons World Cup show tonight on ITV 9.30pm.

  • vj

    on GK front Eduardo has signed for Genoa meaning Schwazer is back to being tthe favourite GK to come

  • vj

    bad news suarez expects to go to man u and spu*s

  • RVP


    why is that bad news?