Cesc Speaks: Encouraging or Disappointing?

Cesc was in the press yesterday and he talked about he fact he’s not definitely leaving Arsenal. It was an interesting piece for him, because up to now, we really didn’t know how he feel, what he wanted or what his thoughts were. Now, of course, we do. What was interesting is the media reaction (in some quarters) putting a positive spin on this, with phrases like “Encouraging Words From Cesc”, or “Cesc Puts A Smile On All Gooner’s Faces”… Now, I implore you to read this and tell me what you think…

“I haven’t said that I will definitely leave Arsenal. Everything is possible. Now I have my head and my focus on the World Cup.”

When I read that, my heart sunk. By saying he hasn’t said he is definitely leaving Arsenal – what he is saying – in the same time – is that he is definitely not leaving Arsenal. Previous to this statement, I believed that Barcelona wanted him more than he wanted to move. But now it’s looking likely that he actually was “in two minds” and that is the disappointing thing which changes everything. Can a captain of a European giant such as ourselves be flirting with others club – be it his boyhood one or not – is this not the same if not worse than what Adebayor did 2 summers ago?

For me, a player of his calibre, with such a status with fans and club, should be honest and come out with what he wants – if he wants to leave, he wants to leave – if he wants to stay, he wants to stay. He has not said he wants to stay and has not said he wants to go. The statement reads “everything is possible”. I don’t know how you feel about it or how you have reacted to the comment, but all in all, it’s the closest thing he’s said about leaving – as I said earlier, you can read this statement as “I haven’t said that I will definitely be joining Barcelona. Everything is possible.”.

Cesc did continue – and this could be the flipside of the statement that keeps him at the club – he is our captain and is our leader.

“I am very proud to be captain of Arsenal and I love the club and have respect for them. It gave me such pride to be made captain.”

If Cesc does leave – he will be a loss – he is one of the best young players in the world – and to find an adequate replacement will be hard – to say the least – but do we want to keep a player who is unhappy? Do we want to keep a player who has been thinking of leaving?

Off the topic of Cesc for now and onto the topic of our new kit – our new recycled kit – and I heard about the way our kit was made earlier today but I didn’t believe it until I read it on the Arsenal.com site itself. Check this out:

“While the design is traditional, the technology is cutting edge. Every shirt is made entirely from recycled polyester, crafted from up to eight plastic water bottles as part of Nike’s ‘Considered Design’ programme, which sees discarded plastic bottles diverted from landfills  to be used in the manufacturing process”

Really, eight plastic water bottles = one new shirt? Am I going mad, did they actually say that! Indeed it’s true and it’s a credible thing to do for the club and for the environment and hat’s off to Arsenal and Nike for doing such a thing. For those of you who haven’t seen it, take a look here:

Dashing hey? Reminds me of the good old times. Theo, Alex Song and Tommy V were in the press talking about it and they all pretty much said they loved it – especially pointing out that it was comfortable and highlighting the fact it was made out of recycled bottles!

Finally, I just wanted to touch on the changes we’ve done to our youth set up and reserves – well, now there are no reserves – we’ve got all European and disbanded the reserves and of course, will not be entering the reserve league this coming season. I think it’s a great idea and it means that players don’t languish in a somewhat uncompetitive arena. The younger players will player in the under 16’s and under 18’s – and if a player is deemed good enough for first team football, then he will be loaned or fast tracked into the first team.

Ultimately, I think it’s a good vantage as it means that players over 18 will now go on loan to get first team experience before breaking into our first team – something you can’t do in the reserves and something invaluable. Another good move.

Despite what’s happening on the pitch, you always feel that – as a club – we’re moving in the right direction. The new stadium, the Arsenalisation, the personal stones outside the Emirates, the club level re-design and the kits are all light years ahead of other clubs. We can rest assure that the future is all red and white.

Til tomorrow…!

  • AJ

    What this sounds like is he wanted to leave and now that he’s seen that Wenger & the board are not prepared to sell him, he’s trying to save his relationship with the fans.

  • yemi

    @ AJ:
    agree with you. you’ll also notice that the comments have changed from what they were last season. Before – “i love it at arsenal, i want to win things at arsenal” now – “i have not said i will leave or not, anything can happen” so much for his badge kissing gestures last season

  • ny

    Ozil praises Chelsea and ManU , not Arsenal.We are not big enough for him.

  • andrew

    So how much will 8 recycled plastic bottles cost? How many pounds for the new kit?

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    as long as cesc stays for this year im happy.

  • Arsefan101

    @ AJ:
    I think his mind is in two places – not good for our captain!


    his head has obviously been turned but he knows he wont be the no1 at barca so he’s coming out with this rubbish..we need english players not these foreign lot who are gona start crying about playing for their home nation bla bla

  • Arsefan101

    @ andrew:
    The new kit costs £50.

  • devday

    @ AJ:
    Hey AJ – having read this – as a fan, my heart dropped! Knowing that he was actually considering leaving really made me upset. As I thought it was more paper-talk before.

  • devday

    @ ny:
    That’s right – he wants to move to Man U, Chelski, Real Madrid or Barcelona. Not interested in a move to Arsenal.

  • AJ

    Yeah I think he’s just trying to save himself and as mentioned, didn’t he learn from the whole Adebayor incident, I just wonder how the fans will take to him if he’s still here at the start of the season!

  • parsi

    as with all these stories, there are statements, statements and statements, many of which are made up.

    Remember Arshavin? He’s already left apparently because

    a) He hates Wenger
    b) He doesn’t like English weather
    c) He was never told that he would have to pay 50% tax
    d) He cant get used to driving on the left

    There never was any evidence that he criticised the rest of the team, it was just another newspaper story.

    So, you either think that the media prints reality about football, or you don’t. My personal view is that they don’t. Which means in the Cesc case there is no story, so nothing to write about

  • yemi

    I think we should give the young lad a little bit of break. He has been at arsenal for about 7 years and he hasn’t really achieved. You see other rival teams buying to strenghtening their teams and the lower teams playing catch up but your own team have a policy where they don’t buy or buy only one when it it glaring that there are holes in the team and those holes are not being plugged. 

You may argue that the boss gave him a break at a young age but the difference is that it didn’t take him ages to come through. How long will we wait on diaby to scale up ? how long will we wait for denilson ? How long will we keep silvestre ? How long will we cope with alumina and flappyhandski ? How long will we keep song as our only DM ? Hoping he is fit always and when he is not around make shift replacement in denilson, diaby, ramsey !!!
How long will you want to stay in a team that has B52 as the main striker, missing 9 out of 10 chances when a striker in the mould of Drogba would have taken 9 out of the 10?
There has to be a balance in the team.

Keep Sol if possible, Out with silvestre, out with gallas (Not for playing reasons, but for team unity), out with Flappy , Get a world class keeper to be number 1, alumina number 2 and Manone or szcenzy(spelling ?) as number 3 while the other goes on a on a season long, hart-like type of loan then comes in the following season with alumina Out.
Get a new CB to partner verm while djourou gets back to full fitness, and bring in nordviet (spelling?). Get a new DM, We already have a new striker so if RVP is injured, we dont need to put our hopes in B52 alone. I want to see a 4-1-2-3 formation in the mould of

Team 1

————–New GK——————-

Sagna — New CB — Verminator — Clichy

————- Song ————-

—— Cesc ———– Nasri ——

Chamakh —— RVP —— Arshavin

Team 2


Ebuoue– Djourou — Nordviet– Gibbs

————- New DM ————-

—— Rambo ———– Rosisky ——

Walcott —— B52 —— Vela

  • parsi

    He doesn’t like being on the bench and he could remain at Arsenal. It confirms that he is looking to leave, but not that he will definitely leave. I believe Vicente Del Bosque may have given Arsenal one more year of Fabregas service. Fabregas knows that at Barcelona he would have to displace Xavi or Iniesta, especially as Villa is now there as well. It’s a good opportunity for Arsenal to make an agreement with Fabregas. Give us one more season, if you still want to leave, as long as barcelona offer XX million, we will let you leave. Who knows, if the team improves he may even want to stay longer.

  • yemi

    sorry about the formatting of the post. post was from my mobile phone.

  • Nick

    And Brazil are out! WTG Oranje! Another disappointing game for RVP. Don’t feel bad. A lot of stars haven’t shined very brightly this WC.

  • Nick

    Also just read that Man City have signed Yaya Toure. Close to deal of David Silva.

    Where are our buys Arsene?

  • devday

    @ Nick:
    Indeed, Man City have splashed out £28m on Yaya Toure (how overpriced was that?) and £26m on David Silva. It’s interesting to see what is going on up north… Man City are really going for it aren’t they!!

  • RVP

    i think that cesc did not tell wenger sell me i want to leave i think he just aired his veiw that he wants to win trophies at arsenal but also that one day he wants to go back to barca as soon as the media get wind of the fact that he wants that day to be soon they immediatley start with all this nonsense that he wants to leave now and that he wants to buy out the remander if his contract.i doubt hel leave this summer beacuse barca are not prepared to offer us a reasonable amount of money(80mil) and wenger does not want cesc to be sold while he is manager.and i also think that cesc does not want to go right now.when u see him with spain it doesnt look like him and the barca players are best of friends and remember our mathc with barca where xavi was trying to get him sent off.

    i disgaree that van persie had a bad game he was isolated for much of the game and i felt he held the ball up well and linked up with the play.

    as for ozil who does this guy think he is he had a good season in bundesliga(not the greatest league in europe) and europa league(far from the champions league) and a decent couple games in the world cup and he thinks he can decide where he goes.his club will put an extravagant price tag on him and i think man city are the only team dumb enough to pay over 30mil for a player that yes has quality and potential but is yet to prove he is worth this much money.

  • Sam

    Warming the bench during the WC has been a good experience for Cesc, and I think that’s the reason for the U-turn we’re hearing from him.

    Can’t complain about RVP, he’s the most successful Gunner during this WC! He’s been in teh starting 11 for 5 games, and he’s now playing in the semi finals. That’s better than even Cesc, right?


    not being funny, I love Cesc to death but this World Cup surely should be an eye opener for him. Hasn’t started, didn’t even play the 1st game, Xavi and Iniesta have that midfield locked down. Though Xavi is getting older, what gives Cesc the idea any of this would change if he went to Barca now? Bottom line is that if he really wants to go, then fine maybe next year or year (Xavi only turned 30 in Jan so he’s hardly old)

    I get why he wants to play for them but there is no rush. Cesc is young, Barca will still be a football club in 2+ years, there is no rush. Its not like hes peaked or anything


    *or leave year after next

  • RVP

    i want cesc to stay but only if he wants to if he wants to leave let him we can use the 40+mil to buy someone as good or better – sneijder

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    sneijder great player.

  • mark

    So old baggy-eyes from down the Lane says that he has spoken to Joe Cole and has a ‘chance’ of getting the former Chelsea player. Isn’t that tapping up? I thought/heard that Joe Cole to Arsenal was a done deal?

    I dunno. All this tapping up of Arsenal players is beginning to grate with me. We’ve had it with Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona all summer and now shit head thinks he can do it to us too! What is the world coming too?

    In truth I think that Joe Cole will eventually end at up Spurs but I reckon Arsenal were his first choice, only there hasn’t been any interest from us shown to him. That may sound like bitter grapes on my part but it’s just a hunch I have.

    During the World Cup Cole would have been surrounded by Tottenham players geeing him up to join them. Bit like Fabregas in the Spanish squad with all those Barca chums of his. If people are going on in your ear-hole all day telling you how great a place/something is then eventually you are likely to believe that. Or it could just piss you off. Probably.

    Disgracefully (yeah right!) Arsenal had no players in the England World Cup squad so we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to convince him the Emirates was the place for his future. I also have no doubt that baggy-eyes spoke to him during the World Cup as well and told Cole how ‘Triffic’ it would be for him at Spurs.

    While I think that Joe Cole is a fantastic player and I admit I would have loved him at Arsenal, I’m not going to shed any tears if he joins Spurs. Sure they will think they have got one over us but have they really? How could they if Wenger had no interest in signing him anyway?

    It’s going to continue to be a crazy summer on the transfer front for Arsenal. We will be linked to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Most of these Tom, Dick and Harry’s agents are just using Arsenal’s name to win new contracts or gauge interest elsewhere so take every bit of transfer rumour with a pinch of salt. Or you will end up crazy. More crazy than William Gallas. Man I love William Gallas. He’s on a free isn’t he? Let’s get him.

  • devday

    @ Josiah:
    Sneijder was named in the team of the tournament – he does have something very special about him!!!

  • devday

    @ CON-MAN:
    When Cesc has come on in the games he’s played, he’s really done well and changed the game – which shows that he’s actually better than the likes of Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta – he’s much more forward thinking…